The first 5 steps to make a good Google Adwords campaign

Sometimes it can be intimidating to start a Google Adwords campaign when it is a small business or one that is just starting and you do not have any experience with the tool. Many would say that you have to hire a professional to do it, but sometimes this is not possible because the budget is not enough.

In this one minute review we will see some tips for small businesses to schedule their first Adwords ad.

Adwords is a tool that has a learning curve that is exceeded very slowly, it requires a lot of study to understand the tool well and even more to be up to date with all the updates that it incorporates. This does not mean that it is complicated, but simply, you need to study and understand what is being done.

As we understand that not everyone has the time to go through this learning process, and that your goal is not to become a campaign specialist at Google, we will guide you through the rudiments to schedule a small and simple campaign:

Take the time to read the documentation

We do not want you to get into three courses with official certifications or to sign up for online classes. What we ask at this point is that when you create the account in Adwords you take the time to read a little Google documentation. Fortunately, they have their information very well organized and will guide you through all the available options within the tool. Do you want remarketing strategies? Or better some add-on? To know where you are going to invest your money you will have to read a little about what options there are and which best fits your budget and your expectations.

Create a simple strategy

Google Adwords has two interfaces, which can be a bit confusing. The first one is the screen you enter once you have created an account and the other is a campaign editor that you can download. For those who will do small campaigns and who are starting, it is better to limit yourself, in principle to the online interface.

Once you walk through all the tabs of the app you should have a little clearer your strategy, but to specify it we recommend you to be very clear about the following data

Daily budget – how much you are going to spend per day is important. Keep this clear and limit it on the tool.

Network – what kind of ad will you program? Only text? Advertising with display?

Time of day / Day of the week – At what times do you want your ad to be displayed? In what areas?

Selecting the words (a very complicated job)

You are paying for this, so you have to minimize all the possibilities of risk. For this it is important thatyou select the correct words. This will be much easier if you are already doing SEO strategies and you are clear about which words have worked for you and which have not.

Google will recommend you use a broad relevance of the words, but this could be a problem, because if you receive a lot of clicks, but may not be relevant to your business. The best thing is to limit the search a little.

Cut the keywords, use only the most relevant. It is not necessary to include as many as Google recommends. For this you have to understand very well the concordance that you can configure in the words.

Make changes based on the data, but one at a time

We recommend you to gradually adjust your strategy based on the results, however make one change at a time so you can see if the change worked or not. It will be very difficult for you to understand and interpret the analytics if you make several adjustments at the same time.

Track all the sources of all your searches

It may seem that you are having many visits and no type of conversion. Maybe you are doing it on the other hand, for example you may be receiving calls thanks to the announcement. You have to do a comprehensive monitoring of the results to understand if it is working or if you are not doing it. If, for example, you were receiving calls following the announcement, perhaps you should consider including the contact number in a more visible place.

Why is silicone so popular in the marine industry?

There are many countries that produce vast amounts of pure silicon for a range of industries – and recently it has become very popular in the marine industry.

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The use of silicone rubber in the marine industry

Silicon is the second most common element that can be found in the Earth’s crust, and silicone is currently a very popular material for the marine industry. One of the main reasons why is because silicone is so resistant to deterioration, and this even applies in extremely harsh, cold conditions – which most marine equipment is used in.

Another huge advantage of silicone rubber is that it is waterproof, making it perfect for an industry that revolves around water. For instance, most marine companies use silicone to waterproof keypads, gaskets and seals, and due to extended lifespan of silicone, the waterproofing will last for years or even decades.

So we know that the main reason why silicone is used is because of its waterproof, durable properties – but that isn’t all. Another advantage of silicone rubber is that it is both resistant to hydrocarbons and non-reactive, so it won’t be damaged by exposure to oils or solvents.

It is also a non-conductive insulating material, which means that it can be used to protect electrical equipment from water damage. This is very important for most types of marine equipment, as the equipment is extremely expensive but can easily be damaged by water, so silicone can help to reduce the chance of having to replace damaged electrical equipment.

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If you are looking for high quality silicone hose manufacturers, check out Goodflex Rubber, a premium silicone hose manufacturer, to to find out more.

Custom Silicone

Silicone is the perfect material for the marine industry, and businesses can choose from custom silicone models or off-the-shelf options from their silicone hose manufacturer. One of the main benefits of off-the-shelf options is that they are normally made to fit generic sizes, so you can be sure that they will be the right size if you have standard marine equipment.

On the other hand, if you have custom marine equipment, you may need to invest in custom-made silicone that will work with your equipment. You can get custom-made silicone using liquid silicone injection molding, a service that many silicone providers offer to their customers.

BMW M3 CS with 460 HP of power could be a reality in 2018


BMW M3? Just a few months ago BMW surprised us with a BMW M4 CS production, a beast that hides under the hood a BMW M TwinPower turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder inline  inherited from the BMW M4 Coupe, which develops  460 hp maximum power and 600 Nm of torque. The thing is that already in their day they warned us that it would not be the only model with the surname ‘CS’ that we would see, and now from Bimmer Today they point out that the Bavarian brand could be working on a BMW M3 of these characteristics.

What is a pre-clinical trial?

Humans have such a huge variety of drugs these days for the treatment of anything from cold and flu to cancer. While preclinical research can give some indication of a drug’s safety, it’s no substitute for real trials on how it the drug will interact with the human body.

At the beginning of the trial, drug developers will determine that they want to achieve for each of the various stages or ‘research phases’ of a trial. The goal of these developers is produce a new drug for the market with solid, proven therapeutic benefits. There are still high numbers of drugs that never make it to market, with less than 10% of those entering clinical trials ever being approved by the relevant regulatory bodies.

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Trials are only a small part of what is involved in developing new medicines. Life-saving drugs of the future must first be discovered, made, purified, explained and tested in laboratory conditions before it ever reaching the phase of human testing. This is where many compounds fail and never reach the human testing phase.

Pre-clinical studies include monitoring the drug’s effect on cells. It’s a long, difficult and slow process which can take between 10 to 13 years from lab to regulation. During the pre-clinical phase, it is vital to determine the safest dose for the first introduction into human testing. This applies, not just to drugs but also devices, diagnostic tools and gene therapy solutions. Only one in every 5000 drugs or devices put forward in pre-clinical development will make become an approved treatment.

Often pre-clinical trials are not large, but they must incredibly detailed, providing in depth information on toxicity and dosing levels. After the pre-clinical trial has taken place, researchers have the opportunity to review their findings before deciding to take the process to the next step and begin phase 1 of clinical trials – introducing to human subjects. For more information on Adaptive Phase 1 Studies, visit

What does pre-clinical research involve for:

Drugs – must go through a process called pharmacodynamics (how the drug effects the human body)

Pharmacokinetics (how the body effects the drug)

Toxicology testing to determine safe dosage

Studies of which organs are affected by the drug and any possible long-term toxic or carcinogenic effects or any impact on the reproduction in mammals.

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Medical Devices – any that don’t have a drug attached to them will not need to go through the above testing but may move straight into lab testing to ensure safety. Some devices for use inside the body will undergo biocompatibility

Is Car Leasing Right for You?

You might not have considered car leasing as an option before but it’s a very popular choice. In the U.S, 25% of cars are leased. So, why are so many UK drivers still taking out expensive car loans or hire purchase to get their hands on a new motor? Mostly, it’s a lack of knowledge about the benefits of leasing so, here are some reasons why you should consider it when you need to replace your vehicle:

Get a better deal

When making an important purchase, like a house or holiday, most people invest a great deal of time and effort into researching the best deals. When it comes to cars, many of us decide on a make and model we want and neglect to research the best options properly. However, spending a little more time on choosing the right car finance can have a significant impact on the cost. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better prepared you are and the more able you are to negotiate a better deal.

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If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it

As soon as you drive off the forecourt, your new car is depreciating. Therefore, taking out car finance, you’ll be paying a set amount for a number of years for something that is losing value. With leasing, you pay a monthly fee over a set time and then hand the vehicle back to the leasing company. Monthly repayments are often less than those with a loan and only a small deposit is normally required.

Better Car

The biggest attraction of leasing for many drivers is the chance to drive a car that would otherwise be out of their price range. There are no large up-front costs, outlay or loans to sign up to for years on end.

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For driving with increased peace of mind, most leased vehicles will come with a manufacturer warranty that covers the period of the lease. Maintenance issues are often covered, and road tax is included too.

What makes a good lease car?

As with any market, factors like the season, supply and demand, the car’s value and the economic environment will all affect what makes a car a good option for leasing. Leicester Car leasing companies like offer all the most popular makes and models.

The price of monthly leasing is calculated by looking at the difference between the purchase price and the estimated value at the end of the lease period. Mileage and condition also need to be factored in, as well as an element of profit and VAT.