Medieval Castle in Wales

There are many Castle is Wales but few are as impressive as Conwy. It was built by Edward the First who was fed up with invading wales to keep it his every five minutes.  He decides that it would be a good idea to build series of fortifications and fill it full of soldiers loyal to him. He also extends the town of Conwy at an astronomical cost of Fifteen thousand pounds. That might not seem like a lot nowadays but back then it was a King’s ransom. Literally, as Edward stumped up the cash.  Admittedly he nicked it from the Welsh and Scottish people he was looking to subjugate. It didn’t always belong to Edward. Madog ap Llewellyn tried to take it and failed. Richard the second hide there for a while and, which would have really ticked off Edward the first, Owain Glyndwr held it to marshal his forces as he attempted to take Wales back for the Welsh. It was emblazoned with battlements. Not that they got a good reception for the TV there. A TV Aerial Installation Swansea company might be needed like the one at

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The place kept the peace for many years after that insurrection failed and it was a turn around again for the castle when the Civil war began. Wales, bizarrely, found itself on the Kings side and stood firm for him until 1645 the very end of the war. It surrendered to the Parliamentarian troops and as with every other castle that was held by the King it was slighted. At least it didn’t fare as badly as Corfe in Dorset or Nunney Castle in Somerset, they were blown to bits. It did have its iron and lead nicked though. The worry for the Parliamentarians was that even if they kept beating the King he would still be King. He was always likely to be able to get an army together and he fortified base would really come in handy. Once the lead and iron had gone and been sold the castle had outlived his usefulness as a military site.

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As it slowly descended into ruin, its dressed stone stolen to make farm houses and walls for cattle pens and field demarcation, it found a new leash of life from the romantic Poets and Artists that were determined to rediscover Wales. They wandered the harsh and remote landscape observing the rugged hills and people in a place that was seen as being pretty backwards compared to the rest of the country. Conwy’s ruined castle was the perfect backdrop. History was forgotten and here was the perfect set up for a Camelot or just the improbably picturesque scene the ruined castle created.

Visitors and tourists began to take an interest in the Castle and slowly the visitors swelled fuelling the local economy. Conwy had had come to save Wales again bring in much needed tourist cash. CADW the Welsh assembly organisation now runs and protects it. The site is also a UNESCO World heritage site.

School bus safety tips that all children should know

Many children go to and from school by bus. It is vital that the bus service is safe for them to use; however, it can be hard for children to know how to act around buses to keep safe. Here are some safety tips that children should know about using buses.

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Cross at the front of the bus

Children should be taught to stay away from the back wheels of the bus, as it is hard for the driver to see them. When crossing in front of the bus, they should move at least 10 feet away from the front of the bus before crossing the road and wait for a signal from the driver to be sure they have been seen.

Wait away from the kerb

When waiting for the school bus, children should stand on the same side as the bus stop, several feet behind the kerb. Children should always wait until the bus has stopped and the doors have been opened before approaching. They should then board in single file, using the handrail.

Helpful technology

Using a school bus booking and management system from a provider such as is a great way to add to the safety of bus use. This can tell parents about any cancellation or delays, inform users of lost property, book children onto journeys, and even enable children to scan on and off a bus for tracking.

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Never run after a bus

Another important thing to remember is that children should not stoop to pick up a dropped item near a bus. They should only pick it up once the bus has moved away or once the driver has indicated it is safe to collect it. If a child forgets and leaves their bag on the bus, they should not run after it, as this can be very dangerous. A lost bag isn’t the end of the world and will probably be waiting in lost property.

Be careful with drawstrings and straps

One danger of drawstrings in clothes is that they could get caught on the handrails, causing the child to fall or be dragged. Look for Velcro fasteners and buttons instead. It is also important to be careful with scarves, loose belts and rucksack straps, as these can also get caught on handrails and in doors.

Living with your adult children

If you find yourself welcoming back adult children, who for whatever reason are having to return to live at home, you might be wondering how you’ll cope. A completely new dynamic comes into play and it’s not at all like when they were children. Here are some ways to make life a lot more bearable when your 20 or 30 something child becomes a lodger again:

  1. Set rules from the outset

Be clear from the start with any rules or expectations so you both know what to expect. Is there a feasible deadline? Will they be able to move out when they have saved up or found a permanent job, for example? Discuss things like rent payments or contributions before they move in. By getting all the important stuff clear from the outset, it will help prevent any bad-feeling, overstepping of boundaries or outstaying their welcome.

  1. Respect your kids

You might not agree with some aspects of their existence, but if you’re going to live together peacefully, respect their choices and their independence. Just make sure that respect is reciprocal, and you’re not expected to do their laundry!

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  1. Be firm about belongings

If your child has previously lived away from home, they might be expecting to bring everything they own and the kitchen sink with them. Unless you live in a mansion, chances are you’re not going to have the space for additional furniture and wardrobes full of clothing, for example. If they have a lot of stuff, tell them to put into storage or insist on having a good clear out before they return home. For Skip Hire Swansea, visit

  1. Avoid slipping into old habits

It’s easy to slip back into old habits and patterns that reflect life before your kids left home. However, your relationship has evolved. You are not there to serve them and look after them like you did when they were little. You’ll need to establish a new set of rules and interactions, shared duties and more independence for you both.

  1. Don’t blame yourself or your children

The current economic climate is being incredibly tough on the younger generation. This generation faces far tougher challenges in the job market, getting on the property ladder and paying off student debt than the generations before them. Try not to blame your children or lecture them on how you’d have done things differently – that doesn’t help anyone and will only result in a stressed-out household.

Swim Spa, One Of The Best Acquisitions

One of the acquisitions in wellness and wellness products that have gained popularity over the years is the swim spa (in future installments we will also talk about the benefits of the outdoor Jacuzzi ). This type of article is one of the best elements that can be used in the fight against stress, causing a large number of complications on an emotional, physical and mental level, so it is necessary that somehow the side effects can be diminished of worries and anxieties, being the swim spa a product that achieves it in an effective, fun and pleasant way.

Interior Of The Apartment In The Attic Floor

Until quite recently attics were used only to store unnecessary things. Today they are converted into cozy and bright attics, the advantages of which were appreciated by many. But the non-standard constructive solution of the apartment space on the attic floor requires compliance with certain rules for decorating the interior. Today we will talk more about them.

10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

The Internet is full of appeals: “summer, do not rush.” Feels a common joyful mood. But the joy and euphoria of being in the sun can result in disappointment and even hospitalization. Have you guessed what I’m driving at? Sunburn of the skin – that’s what lies in wait for frivolous vacationers.

According to recent studies, eating foods containing high amounts of carotenoids, vitamins C and E, polyphenols can significantly increase the protective resources of the body. Roughly speaking, eating a product we help our body to build its own protective shell, protecting from dangerous sunburn. And yes, such products must be consumed all year round, and in summer it is worth to increase their consumption. Here, as in folk wisdom – prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart – in the winter.

4 Mom Phrases That Can Improve Finances Today

Moms play an important role in our lives, they usually spend more time with us. After all, they did not take us for 9 months. Still, its main purpose is to prepare us for life.

Mommy phrases to improve finances

Incredibly you can apply the most famous phrases that our moms used to tell us about our finances. Do not hesitate to apply them or give them the necessary sense to improve finances

1. Do not waste everything on one thing

This advice was applied when they gave us the allowance and advised us not to visit the neighborhood store and spend everything.

In adult life, it is applied through intelligent planning and spending. Having well identified the necessary expenses of the whims can make you allocate your money to the correct concepts.

If finances are not going through the best time, regular evaluations and budget restructuring is a great solution.

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2. If you’re not in that room turn off the lights

Of course, our mom was worried about the electricity bill and family finances. here you can improve finances. So maybe I could have money to use on something better. It works the same for us now that we have become independent. If you are not using any appliance or are in a room, turn off or turn off the lights.

Being able to save those expenses means that we can make smarter use of that money. From fulfilling dreams and goals, start making savings or retirement funds.4 Mom Phrases That Can Improve Finances Today

3. Stay away from bad friendships

This phrase we surely heard a couple of times during our adolescence. Our mom did not like any of our friendships or because they were the bad influence.

In our current age, it works in the same way when “friends” invite us to go out to eat or shop and we do not have much money. Also when they give us savings or investment advice based on personal experiences. Be careful when you are invited to a new way of saving or investing and it could be a pyramid scam.

To know saving or investment tools go to professionals.

4. Look before crossing the street

Mom was interested in us taking precautions before making decisions. In that case, it was crossing the street.

Applied to modern life we can protect our finances by saving emergencies and insurance. So if the car breaks down you should not borrow. If you get sick you should not suffer until you feel better.

Ensure that money is deposited monthly to your emergency fund by adding it to the budget. Similarly, it is recommended that it be equivalent to at least 3 months of what is earned. As for insurance, if you go to the doctor more than twice a year you may have to consider hiring a health provider.

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Whenever you use money from any of your savings funds do not forget to replace it when the situation has passed. See it as a loan to yourself.