Who invented stainless steel?

We are so used to stainless steel in our homes and in so many aspects of industry that it seems surprising to find out that its invention really only occurred just over 100 years ago in 1913. Prior to this, there were various attempts to create stainless steel, but none were successful.

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Stainless steel in history

English scientists Stoddard and Farraday discovered in 1820 that iron chromium alloys offered improved resistance to acid attacks, but they only used alloys with a low chromium content in their research. Later, in 1872, two more English scientists, Woods and Clark, patented a new alloy that contained between 30 and 35% chromium. This could be regarded as the first patent of stainless steel, but a new alloy containing lower amounts of carbon was proposed by a French scientist, Brustlein, three years later.

In 1895, a new process for creating carbon-free chromium was developed by the German scientist Goldschmidt. In 1904, Leon Guillet, a Frenchman, carried out further research into iron-chromium alloys but was unaware of their corrosion-resistant properties. By 1909, Portevin in France and Giesen in England were both working on what we would now consider to be 430 stainless steel. In 1911, German scientists Monnartz and Borchers found that levels of at least 10.5% chromium boosted corrosion resistance significantly.

The contribution of Harry Brearley

In 1912, a manufacturer of firearms gave Harry Brearley the task of finding a steel that was resistant to erosion as gun barrels were eroding too quickly. Brearley experimented with different alloys, attempting to create one that was erosion-resistant rather than corrosion-resistant. This resulted in the creation of a steel made from 12.8% chromium and 0.24 carbon. This is generally accepted as being the first stainless steel. According to the British Stainless Steel Association, it was Brearley’s friend, Ernest Stuart, who actually came up with the name “stainless steel”.

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Today, we are very familiar with stainless steel grease traps and other waste management items for commercial kitchens that are manufactured from stainless steel. These can be obtained by going to sites like https://www.ukgreasetrapsdirect.co.uk/stainless-steel-grease-traps, where you will find a range of accessories made of this material.

Harry Brearley was not the only person to be considered the inventor of stainless steel. Over the last 100 years, many more grades of stainless steel have been developed.

Car Care Tips to Save Money and Ride Safely

Maintaining your car is essential for keeping it on the road. For those who don’t spend a lot of time under the hood, car maintenance can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Our basic car care tips can help you keep your car running in peak condition – even if you’re new to the garage.

Here are 8 car care tips to properly maintain your car that will allow you to ride safely, without breaking the bank!

Reasons to use Corten Steel

Corten steel is a type of steel that is designed to look weathered. It develops a layer of rust a s a protective measure when exposed to the elements. This is why it’s a popular choice for exterior installations. Corten A is mostly used in architecture, while Corten B is impact tested and used as a strengthening agent in structures. There are many advantages to using Corten steel and here are just a few:

  1. It’s anti-corrosive

Corten steel has special anti-corrosive qualities that give it a big advantage over other types of steel. The rust that occurs naturally helps to give it a longer life and is a useful cost-saving measure for that reason.

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  1. Less need to paint

The natural protective layer of rust that forms on the weathered steel comes as a result of exposure to moisture and oxygen over time. This means it doesn’t need to be painted. This avoids some of the negative issues that come with the use of paint, such as damage caused by organic compounds found in some paints.

  1. Good for heavy structures

Corten B is incredibly durable and strong, making it an ideal choice for use in large, heavy or load-bearing structures.

  1. It looks attractive

When the steel begins to weather, it develops a distinct and attractive reddish-brown colour that is favoured among engineers and architects. It is often used for artistic installations such as sculptures because of its ability to fare well outdoors. For Corten Metal Garden Sculptures, Review Corten Metal Garden Sculptures online at http://www.afsculpture.uk/portfolio_page/corten-metal-sculptures/

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  1. Low maintenance

Corten has great architectural qualities and it’s also low maintenance, requiring very little upkeep or after care. Its chemical configuration means it can withstand high temperatures without further corrosion. As such, it is often used for lining chimneys, fire pits and log burners.

Corten is often used for large architectural structures such as bridges and roofing and such structures have been known to last for up to 120 years with little maintenance required, such as inspections or cleaning.

  1. Popularity

Corten steel has enjoyed favour among design engineers, architects and artists thanks to its versatility, durability and interesting appearance. Its many benefits include the ability to withstand heavy use and exposure for long periods of time, minimal maintenance and useful strength. It makes an excellent building and artistic material, thanks to its unique patina of rust that protects it and makes it visually striking.

How to Prepare for an Interview with a Psychologist

  • Why does the employer offer job seekers an interview with a psychologist?
  • How to behave in such an interview?
  • What types of testing are used in the selection of specialists?

Interview with a psychologist is now conducted everywhere. And increasingly, this selection method is used when applying for a job. Large companies prefer multi-stage interviews, in which applicants have to communicate with several HR-specialists, managers, psychologists.

3 Ways To Easily Enhance Your garage

Your garage doesn’t have to be a boring, bland space where you just store your car and items that don’t fit in your house. You can easily enhance your garage to take it from bland and boring to impressive and interesting.

Build a Loft in Your Garage

For a simple way to improve and add to your garage space, consider building a loft within your garage. Small lofts can easily be created by building a small frame that you can firmly affix to the wall, and then covering the frame with drywall, plaster and carpet or simply adding in a cushion that fits your loft size.

You can combine function with fun by having built-in storage installed in your garage with a loft on top. Have the contractor build the storage halfway up the wall. He can then reinforce the top of the storage, add a ladder for access, and voila instant loft. Smaller lofts that exist within a garage are a great place for children to play, for secret storage, or a private hideaway.

Enhance the Space With Lighting

Lighting really makes or breaks a room, and a garage is no exception. There have been studies conducted that show the lighting of a space has a negative or positive impact on mood and emotions. If your garage is dim, you probably avoid spending as much time in there as possible.

Instead of having just one giant overhead light, which can over-light the whole room, make sure you have multiple smaller sources of light. This allows light to naturally and seamlessly blend and gives you greater control over lighting levels. Having multiple sources of light allows you to easily diffuse light, by using a lampshade or lighting covers, that might otherwise be too bright.

When thinking about a lighting makeover, be sure to stay away from fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs contribute to increased eye fatigue, the last thing you want if you are working or hanging out in your garage.

Dedicate a Space to Your Hobby

If you plan right, you can have space in your garage for your car, tools, and storage, and still have room for a dedicated hobby space. From home brewers to hobby model enthusiasts, there are some things you can do to create a dedicated hobby space.

You can easily install a shelf, table height, to one of your walls which creates an instant workspace. Add in cubbies and floor to ceiling storage cabinets to keep your supplies organized. Create additional storage on either side underneath your built-in workspace for easy access to all you need for your hobby.

These few things are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to ways you can makeover your garage. If you can dream it, there are professionals out there who can help you achieve it. Don’t let your garage languish in mediocrity. Figure out what enhancements you would like to make and get started on your garage makeover.

The beauty in the French countryside

When looking for a place to visit for a summer get away or even just for a short weekend you can find some beautiful countryside landscapes in France. If you enjoy the French landscape and are looking to either move to France or have a holiday home of your own you could take a look at http://www.frenchpropertysearch.com/ who can help you find Property for sale in France.

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France is just a short hop away from most places within the United Kingdom and your options for travelling are also very varied including the traditional flight across, ferry trip and even using the channel tunnel in one of two ways either as a foot passenger on the train or by driving your vehicle onto one of the train carriages.

Once you arrive in France you are just a short trip from some of the most spectacular scenery. Here are just some of the areas you could visit:

Normandy. The North of France and home to so much history in relation to our own country we are indelible linked to this part of France. There are also so many ports such as Cherbourg and Le Harve which provide quick and easy access to this part of the country. Just consider what you can see. Pegasus Bridge the vitally important position to ensure that D Day was a success, the very beaches themselves and the remains of Mulberry Harbour. It’s further back than that though there is Honfleur where Henry the Fifth urged his troops unto the breech or there is Caen the home of William the Conqueror. A trip to the Bayeux tapestry is also an absolute must.

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The South of France. Whilst it might be a longer journey the Mediterranean coast is not that far away. There is the legendary St Tropez to explore and of course there is Canne and the film festival there. The landscape of France is very different it is not as lush and green as the North making it a striking contrast. Not only that if you’re feeling really rich you could pop along to the principality of Monaco.

The Massif Central is a very beautiful part of France located in the centre of the country. Everybody usually gets excited by the Alps, but this range is also worth a look for its rising peaks and plateaus. This is caused by the long dormant volcanos that formed the region. It’s also where Volvic water comes from. The range would be part of the Alps but he river Rhone valley separates the two where a large glacier cut through the rock.

We have only scratched the surface here, it’s a beautiful country and well worth a look.

How HGV cameras help Highways England to combat dangerous driving

In an unprecedented move, Highways England has declared that it is to fund three unmarked HGV cabs to help catch dangerous drivers.

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This follows the success of a single cab being involved in identifying over 4,000 incidents of poor driving during the first two years of operation.

Flashing lights

The drivers pulled over have been subject to a range of penalties, with police action ranging from verbal warnings to prosecutions.

The new cabs will be used on motorways and major roads and will use in-cab cameras to help spot unsafe driving. The cabs can travel at up to the legal speed limit, as they have a derestricted speed limiter. Flashing lights have also been fitted to help police forces in emergency situations.

The new cabs allow filming of unlawful behaviour, and errant drivers are subsequently stopped by police cars.

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A total of 28 police forces have participated in the initiative, with over 5,000 offences being recorded during the first two years of the trial. Mobile phone offences made up almost two thirds of the violations.

Recently, the government doubled the penalty for this kind of offence. Illegal mobile phone use now attracts 6 points on the licence and a £200 fine.

Such penalties have a major impact on insurance. This is particularly the case when it comes to HGV insurance.

All HGV drivers and operators take their insurance cover seriously and often check the availability of cover on sites such as https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance.

Dangerous driving

Other offences almost beggar belief. One driver was found to have sent 10 text messages in just one hour. Another was spotted brushing his teeth and one using his knees to steer while eating his lunch.

The reaction to the new cabs has been positive across the media and drivers alike, with the consensus being that dangerous driving has been spotted and potentially prevented, as drivers are more aware that they may be filmed. The cabs are not there only to prevent speeding, but to highlight dangerous driving which is a peril for all road users.

Most HGV drivers are aware of their responsibilities and carry out a crucial role in the country’s economy. The role of the new cabs in highlighting transgressions by potentially dangerous drivers only enhances the reputation of the majority.