Correctly Wrapping and Packaging Gifts

Firstly, it’s best to use a box which is double walled to pack your items, ideally a brand new one since boxes which have been used before may have hidden damage and are rarely as strong. Since your package will be transported with other parcels, there is the possibility of other items being placed on top of it, leading to problems if your items are not sufficiently protected.

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Use the appropriate quantity of internal packaging such as foam or bubble wrap to secure your items as recommended by the Royal Mail. After packaging your parcel, you can then measure and weigh it.

Clearly write the delivery and return address, including that all-important tracking number in marker pen on your parcel or attach a printed courier label.

Same Day Courier Services

There are numerous companies which offer a same day courier service, such as There are also specialists offering a refrigerated van service for technology, pathology and medical users.

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Most courier businesses will have more than one office or depot located throughout the UK and may offer collection or ‘drop at depot’ services for parcel despatch.

Available Courier Services

If you need same day delivery, firms such as All About Freight have qualified, insured couriers nationwide who operate vehicles which can cater to your requirements, whether a standard delivery or a specialist delivery requiring an electric tail lift. Local couriers can be available as necessary, with no size or weight limits on same day deliveries.

The right courier firm can also arrange overnight or next day deliveries. These deliveries tend to be offered as tiered services, for example, deliveries up until 5:30pm during normal working hours, pre 9am, and pre-noon deliveries. You can choose the service based upon your individual needs.

European and international deliveries are widely available, with next day deliveries usually sent by air. Deliveries sent throughout Europe by road will usually reach their destination within 3 days.

Your chosen courier can advise as to invoices, duty and tax payments. With regard to size or weight factors, members of the courier’s staff will advise as to the most cost-effective approach to handling your shipment.

Whether you are shipping your parcel within the UK, or internationally, your parcel is likely to be subjected to considerable handling so the correct packaging is always important.


5 More KPIs You Need for Better Contract Management

Key performance indicators are an essential part of the contract management process. Without them, it is impossible to spot bottlenecks and identify missed milestones.

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According to the National Contract Management Association, contract management is a vital element of many areas in an organisation. If you get contract management correct, it will have a positive effect on your budget and customer service.

Here are five more KPIs that will assist with your contract management.

1. Obligation Performance

Your systems for contract management should help you to maximize your revenue by keeping disputes to a minimum. Chargebacks and refunds are costly in terms of money and reputation.

There can be severe fines for missing milestones. Also, if you fail to fulfil other contract obligations, you may incur penalties and may not attract repeat business.

2. Trend Analysis

You can use a historical trend analysis to look at tracking results after the contract has been executed. This will reveal if they meet the expected goals. It’s also possible to highlight areas that need improvement.

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You will be able to identify those contracts which have worked well and look for their outstanding features. This will enable you to identity the best contracts to select in the future.

3. Monitoring of Contract Deviations

Perhaps your organisation manages thousands of contracts involving multiple suppliers and locations? You may even use supplier management software such as that provided by to keep a close eye on it all.

It is essential that all parties comply with all the terms and clauses in the contracts. You need a system that alerts you when contract deviations occur. However, you also need to be alerted if changes are made to the standard contract clauses.

4. Auto-Renewal Monitoring

When the term of a contract expires, it could be continued or it could be terminated. Auto-renewals can be a problem because once the contract is activated it is legally binding.

An effective monitoring system should alert executives when they need to step in and negotiate terms or amendments.

5. Security Breaches

The final KPI refers to security breaches resulting in rogue contracts which can be a huge headache for businesses.

Putting adequate authorization procedures in place is vital for you to maintain compliance and ensure that no single manager can exceed their authority.


What travel websites need to feature for success

Putting together a successful travel website takes a lot more effort than simply picking a theme and putting up a few descriptions. You need to give a lot of thought to the imagery and the content.

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Before you start a display on your website, here are some top tips on how your content should be presented.

Images are vital

According to the experts at Digital Marketing magazine, a picture really does say a thousand words. It conveys a message in marketing far more effectively than a paragraph of description.
Pictures of happy clients who are obviously enjoying a destination and making the most of the facilities create a fantastic and lasting impression. This doesn’t mean that you should forget about written content altogether, however. Some well-chosen words are needed to supplement the pictures.

The images should be very high in quality and presented attractively. A slideshow is one of the best ways to present several images in a short time while taking up little space on a web page.

Colour coordination

It is important that you match the colours of the website to your brand colours. A website designer can advise you further on how to achieve this. If you are looking for a website design company Gloucester has many options for you, such as
If your website theme clashes with your brand theme, it will make the website took untidy and unprofessional.

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Logo prominently displayed

This is one of the first things that you need to add to your website. It must be prominently displayed so it cannot be missed by your customers. It must be clear who the website belongs to.

It also needs to appear on every page so the visitor will not miss the logo, no matter how they navigate around the site. Adding a logo to a website is usually very straightforward.

Avoid over-complication

Less is more when it comes to websites. If your site is cluttered and untidy, it will simply put people off. Users prefer a minimalist design with classic lines and a simple colour scheme. This is both easy on the eye and simple to navigate. If a site is aesthetically pleasing, visitors will stay for longer and are more likely to find what they are looking for and make a purchase.


Do these four things to make your home autumn ready

With the colder months of the year in touching distance, many of us will hunker down indoors in the warmth. Before you hibernate, here are four important jobs you should carry out to get your home in good shape for the cooler season ahead.

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1. Check windows and doors

Inspect your windows and doors for any problem areas that may be letting in draughts. Get these fixed to insulate your home properly and keep your heating bills down. According to House Beautiful heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30% of heating energy use.

2. Upgrade your security

Burglars are more likely to strike during the darker months of the year, so reduce the risk of theft to your property by making your home as secure as possible. If you haven’t got an alarm system, now is a good time to get one installed. Alternatively, get an existing alarm system serviced to ensure it’s working properly. Motion sensors placed outside the house also deter would-be intruders, and if you do go out, set indoor timer switches so that it looks like your home is occupied.

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3. Service your boiler

As the temperature drops, you’ll be relying on your heating system more and more to keep your home warm. Before the chill factor sets in, now is a good time to make sure your boiler is fighting fit for the months ahead. Book an appointment with your local Bristol boiler service gas engineer, for example. A good Boiler Service Bristol engineer may also be able to recommend ways to maximise the use of your heating system and keep those all-important costs down.

4. Weatherproof your garden

Don’t neglect your garden when getting your home autumn ready, as many items could get damaged if they’re left outside during wet and cold weather. Store away garden furniture, plant pots and other items such as toys in your shed or garage. Clear debris from paths so surfaces don’t become slippy, and remove any leaves that have gathered in gutters or drains. Now is a good time to visually inspect gates and fences to assess whether they are in good enough condition to cope with potentially stormy weather. Take a look at your trees and shrubs, too, and remove any that are rotting or might be dangerous if the weather turns nasty.

Capsule Hotel: How To Rest At The Airport Without Leaving The Transit Zone

Travelers who often use the airport services are well aware of how difficult it is to spend a long time waiting for their flight. The largest air hubs have found an affordable way to solve this problem – they organized capsule hotel resting places that are located on the territory of the transit zone. Recently, this appeared at some international airport.

Initially, capsule hotels or places for recreation had a not very presentable appearance, and there was no smell of comfort at all, but it was possible to endure the night in them. They were a box for sleeping without windows and extra space, which only contained a narrow bed. But now, given that the requirements of modern man for comfort have increased, then mini-rooms have undergone dramatic changes, and some of them can easily replace a full-fledged hotel room. Designers have created a very system of models of capsules that will help travelers to fully relax, without leaving the transit zone of the airport.

Space-saving hacks for student accommodation

Student accommodation is not known for being overly spacious, so you’ll want to keep your belongings to a reasonable amount so you’re not tripping over things! However, here are some great space-saving hacks to make the most of your new student digs:

Hanger Accessories

You can get more space out of your wardrobe by using hanger connectors. These work great if you have a tall wardrobe, but shorter wardrobes can be still use hanger connectors with clips to clip up longer items.

Drawer Dividers

Rather than live with chaotic and messy drawers, drawer dividers are an effective way to separate your socks from your underwear. You can use these in any drawer types for all manner of different clothing storage needs. They also work well in desks and kitchens.

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Storage Boxes

These are useful for any home, not just for sorting out student stuff. Piles of messy stuff will negatively affect your mood and you’ll probably find it hard to concentrate on your assignments. It’s much nicer and more positive to have clean and tidy spaces to study. By placing items into easily stackable storage boxes, you’ll free up invaluable floorspace. Ensure you buy boxes big enough for what you need to store, have a good clear out and stow away anything you don’t need on a daily basis.

Sticky Hooks

These removable hooks are super handy gadgets that stick to walls and doors, giving you somewhere to hang coats, towels and bags for example. This will help free up space on the floor and in your cupboards. You’ll appreciate the positive energy that comes from a clutter-free Student accommodation Gloucester.

Laundry Basket

Dirty clothes lying in a pile is not very pleasing to the eye and you won’t be getting many visitors either! A laundry basket is a must, especially one that’s tall rather than wide to maximise floorspace. It will keep your dirty laundry neatly in one place and be easier for you to see when a load needs to go into the washing machine.

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Stationery Holders

Having one of these on your desk will ensure you can always put your hand straight on items when you need them and keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Door Organiser

Clever storage means using spaces that might otherwise be overlooked. The back of your door is one such space that you can hang racks on to make a home for things like haircare, books and shoes. This frees up useful drawer and wardrobe space that can be used for other items instead.



Ordering Parts from the Web Will Reduce Your Overhead Costs

Are you concerned about reducing your corporate overhead? There are a thousand ways to cut costs while still maintaining a high level of quality. However, one area where you may wish to focus the hardest on is reducing your parts ordering expenses. This has always been a major source of concern for business owners. When it comes to ordering parts such as stainless steel casters, you need to have a convenient source that can give you an excellent deal for your money.

Signs of Delayed Injuries Due to a Car Accident

Driving is an American necessity which is obvious with almost 270 million registered vehicles and 222 million drivers with active licenses nationwide. But being a licensed driver doesn’t guarantee someone’s a responsible driver. The US Department of Transportation released a statement that over 6 million car crashes occur annually, ranging in severity from a reportable fender bender to a parent’s worse nightmare. Most people walk away from a car accident with little more than a few bruises, bumps, scratches, or a headache. But some accidents are far more serious, resulting in emergency visits, extended hospital stays, and even fatalities. In fact, there were over 40,000 car accident-related fatalities in 2017 alone. The average American is in three-to-four accidents in their lifetime, but many people experience far more. Being able to walk away from a crash doesn’t mean you’re necessarily free from the injuries. Delayed injuries occur, but how can you tell if yours are due to a car accident?

Headaches or Neck and Shoulder Pain

Headaches are among the most common symptoms after a car accident. They could seem mild or just annoying at first, but they can be a sign of something far more serious like a concussion or head injury, whiplash, neck injury, or blood clots. Sudden or ongoing pain in the neck and shoulders are good indicators of whiplash. Stiffness in either could also indicate a herniated disc or other spinal injuries. Never just assume this type of pain is due to stress from the accident alone.

Back Pain

Back pain of any type can be a sign of pulled or damaged muscles or ligaments. But when the pain is specifically in the lower back, that could be another sign of whiplash as well as sprains, a herniated disc, or damage to your vertebrae. Left unattended, it can also lead to sciatic pain and nerve damage.

Abdominal Pain or Nausea

Pain and swelling of the abdomen can signify potential internal bleeding. This is especially dangerous when combined with headaches, dizziness, fainting, and deep bruises. Nausea can be a part of that recipe or indicate something else entirely, including a possible concussion or other brain injuries. Regardless, these issues should never just be blown off as stress. If they’re not treated early enough, they can be life-threatening.

Numbing Sensation or Weakness in the Limbs

A herniated disc or spinal nerve damage can cause many symptoms. One major sign is the numbing, weakness, or even pain in a hand, arm, or leg. In some cases, multiple limbs may experience different sensations simultaneously. These symptoms are not normal stress or exhaustion reactions and should be checked out by a medical practitioner immediately to avoid future, and possibly serious, consequences.

Emotional Changes or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Anxiety is a common delayed symptom after a car accident, but so is depression. Many people, unfortunately, experience mood and behavioral changes due to untreated concussions or head injuries. Even a bump on the head can cause the brain to shake or bruise. In some cases, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can develop and result in night terrors, reliving the accident during waking hours, and a sudden fear of driving or riding in a vehicle. But you don’t have to suffer alone when a competent Michigan auto accident attorney can help you get the treatment you need and the remuneration you deserve.