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It is quite hard to believe it now but from 1985 to 1992 the show that had us all laughing and following it religiously was about 3 mature ladies growing older relatively disgracefully in Miami. They were Southern belle Blanche, the seemingly slightly dim but also extremely wise Rose and divorcee Dorothy with her fiercely independent mother Sophia. All three come together to share a house and then get into a lot of misadventures. In the process they discuss life, love and the trials faced by women in their position, seen as “passed their prime” but feeling that they still lots to give and lots of love to share. It is the kind of relationship that you would expect to see blossom in Park Homes Gloucestershire like the ones you can see at

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The relationship between them is what made the series fly. The most interesting was the barbs but respect between Dorothy, bitter from divorce for a long marriage she had invested in, and the happily married Blanche who, suffice to say, had enjoyed life a bit. Blanche’s determination to carry that on annoyed Dorothy who was really quite jealous. To make matters even worse for Dorothy an “accidental” fire at her Mothers nursing home resulted in it being burnt to the ground. She has no choice but to move her mother in the home that the three girls share. The result being that her scheming, opiniated, critical, but ultimately very loving Mother is there in a weird re run of her teenager years, except now she’s in her 60’s. Finally, there is Rose another widow she is the middle ground. There are suggestions that she’s been around a bit, but she also finds herself coming out of a long marriage that she thought would go on a bit longer but for the untimely death of her husband. Rose is very happy with her friends and imparts what she thinks is wisdom with her tales of her youth and life in St Olaf Minnesota, where she certainly challenged her Norwegian roots.

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The Golden Girls is a wonderful tale of women seen as being almost rejected by society. No longer young and beautiful, not wives anymore. The programme showed that life was certainly not over for these feisty, intelligent and resourceful women who were going to make damn sure they lived and enjoyed this later stage of their lives. The show also set a template for some of the greatest era of American sit coms as its witty snappy dialogue was an influence on Friends and Frasier and Everyone Loves Raymond that followed.

Wellness in Office Design

Wellbeing is a big trend at the moment and more businesses are striving to create an environment in which employees are content and motivated in the workplace. It is true that a happier workforce is a more productive one. Here are some ways you can incorporate the ideas of wellbeing when you next redesign your office space.

What is wellbeing in the workplace?

Wellbeing is a concept that covers both the physical and mental state of people. Aspects of physical wellbeing include access to plenty of natural daylight and a comfortable working temperature. Mental wellbeing includes having the ability to relax, de-stress and even socialise. Giving these elements consideration when designing your office space can help provide more productive employees.

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Where to begin?

Before getting started, it’s important to identify what your motivations are, what you want to achieve and how you will measure the results. Are you interesting in investing in wellbeing for:

An increase in employee satisfaction

To improve morale?

To help the retention of staff?

To boost productivity?

To improve absence rates?

To build better relationships between staff and management?

To save money?

Finding out what the staff want will also help you when you come to design the new space. For help with all aspects of redesign, contact Office fit out companies like Mobius at Work

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The first step will be to make sure any design meets the basic physical needs of your staff. This means staff don’t have to worry about environmental issues, technology or anything else that is keeping them from being productive.

In terms of physical wellbeing, is it possible to include exercise equipment onsite for staff to de-stress and keep fit during the day? Perhaps a partnership with a local gym if there is no space for onsite facilities. Cycle schemes are another good idea, so you might want to consider bike parking and changing facilities.

Giving staff access to an outdoor area is important, so they can get fresh air and vitamin D from the sun whenever possible. A little bit of nature and a feeling of not being trapped inside a building for 8 hours will go a long way.

When it comes to considering mental wellbeing, an important aspect is a time-out or thinking space for a bit of peace and quiet and no distraction. Collaboration areas are also important for those who want to work together, whether in a formal or informal manner. This space will bring staff together, whether for a quick catch-up or team meetings.

To help your employees with focus and concentration, think about installing artwork and plenty of greenery. These things have proven success in helping people feel calmer and more motivated. This is also a great way to develop your company culture by highlighting history and heritage through artwork, murals, employee picture wall or design.



Terms Of Storage Of Breast Milk

When it comes to the graduation of the most useful food for newborns, the palm always and certainly gets breast milk. None of the most innovative blends can replace this natural and extremely useful product. In mother’s milk, there is a whole list of useful substances, as well as unique antibodies that help the crumbs in the formation of strong immunity. The question of the organization of proper storage of breast milk may be relevant in such cases:

Licensed conveyancers v conveyancing solicitors: the differences

In practice, there are few differences between a licensed conveyancer and conveyancing solicitor when it comes to the legalities of a property transaction.

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Similar in price and fully qualified to conduct property transactions, there are pros and cons to hiring either type of conveyancer, and generally, it comes down to your personal situation.

Regulatory bodies

Any firm conducting legal work of any kind must be authorised and accredited by a regulatory body.

Licensed conveyancers must adhere to the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), whereas conveyancing solicitors answer to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Although separate entities, these bodies both have the power to regulate firms conducting the relevant work. The CLC oversees firms providing conveyancing or probate work, while the SRA regulates all legal work a firm may deliver –

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Qualifications and training

Another difference between licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors is the training each has gone through, although a solicitor can become a licensed conveyancer if they wish.

A solicitor will train in multiple legal fields and have completed a law degree followed by a 2-year Legal Practice Course (LPC). After the LPC has been obtained, solicitors must complete 2 years of training in a firm before they fully qualify.

Licensed conveyancers, however, have a much simpler route, with a number of exams to pass which can be completed while they work in the sector.

Pros and cons

The benefit of a solicitor is they are trained in a wide remit of legal disciplines, so understand multiple legal issues which arise during a transaction. That said, the variety of work say conveyancing solicitors London may undertake, can mean busier firms which are harder to contact.

On the other hand, licensed conveyancers study property law only. Despite having less training in wider legal disciplines, their rigorous examination process and wealth of experience from hands-on legal work means they’re specialists in their area.

Which do I need?

In theory, either a licensed conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor should be suitable for your property transaction needs and should be similar in price, so it’s really up to you. A company such as has a conveyancing costs calculator for a quote.

Make sure whichever you choose is properly regulated and check their online and offline reviews to ensure you get the best representative.