When Zero is a Hero. Why we need the Nought.

The way to signify nothing has always been a bit of philosophical conundrum. You might think that maths is all cold hard logic and just numbers and amounts “doing their thing” multiplying or subtracting. However for our ancient Greek and Chinese Ancestors this was a bit of a bone of contention. First of all, how could you make a symbol for nothing? As soon as you did then you ended up making it something and sort of defeating the object of it. This was hard for the logical Greeks but not for the Chinese whose philosophy of balance enables them to have a midpoint between the positive and the negative. Where does the idea of Zero come from? Accounting is difficult for us now, let alone back then and if you need Accountants in Cheltenham then searching for a professional company is your best bet. Randall and payne are accountants in cheltenham and can help with a variety of accounting needs.. They certainly understand the concept of Zero.

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The first real use of Zero dates right back to the ancient Egyptians. They had already decimalised themselves and the symbol “nfr” starts popping up in their accounting and architecture calculations. It means beautiful and you’ll see it as an illustration of where the base of a pyramid was and the measurements out from it.  One thousand years later in 700BC the Babylonians start to get the idea as well. The first we know of is where the writer Bel-Ban-Aplu puts in three hooks to indicate a Zero. Before that they just left a gap between their numerals. It was not a true Zero you had to know what the text was about before you could understand what the position of the three hooks meant. This made it a very specialist operation.

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The ancient Meso-American civilisations like the Olmec’s, Toltec’s and the Maya were more than happy to have a zero. It was easy to spot as it was a gap in the knots on a cord that they used for counting and measurement. It was not so over on the other side of the Atlantic and down the far end of the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks decided that zero shouldn’t have a digit because if it  did then it would be something and this was absurd.  If you went back and told them that we now follow the Chinese and use negative numbers, oh and by the way, zero is an even number they would have pulled up the togas and lost it with you. Luckily for western civilisation the Romans were quite happy to put in a zero going with the Latin nulla or nihil for nothing and using the letter N in Roman numerals.

How to Love Your Garage Again

Nice weather naturally brings up thoughts of beautifying your yard, patio and garage area. If you’re dreading the dirt, the dust and the sneezing that comes with getting your garage into shape, you’re not alone. The garage is usually one of the most ignored areas for tidying up. Fortunately, there are solutions that will make you want to spend a lot more time in the garage instead of hiding from it.

A Shining Epoxy Floor

If you’re new to the world of epoxy floors, think of what you see in an auto dealer’s showroom. That same type of floor can be put right into your garage. Coming in a variety of colors, the best garage floor epoxy can brighten up and give an instant boost to the look of your garage. It also seals against damage from moisture, is fade-resistant and extremely durable in high-traffic areas.

Creating a Cleaner Area

Putting in an epoxy floor automatically makes your garage cleaner. No longer will you be breathing in dust because the epoxy bonds with the concrete creating a seal. Simply sweep or mop up any dirt that gets tracked in. Plus, with this type of floor, you can easily wipe up liquids and car fluids. No more unsightly stains soaked into your floor.

How to Install an Epoxy Floor

The makeup of an epoxy floor is different than other types of floors. After it’s applied, it needs to be cured. Since there’s a special way to prep your original floor and install this coating, it’s best left to the professionals. You want to ensure that the coating bonds correctly to the concrete so it will last for years to come. Experts are specifically trained in epoxy floor application.

Not Only for Garages

Epoxy floors are fantastic for garages, but can also be installed in commercial work spaces such as factories or showrooms. The smooth surface provides ease for gliding equipment with wheels. In a busy workplace with lots of employees, a scratch-resistant floor is optimum in the case of high traffic or falling objects. Epoxy is stronger than other types of floor and will not peel like paint.

Enjoying Your New Floor

Seeing a clean, neat space especially in an area as spacious as a garage can make a huge difference in getting your things organized. You’ll be inspired to use it to its maximum potential. Not only will your completed floor look fantastic, but it will protect its integrity for years to come.