Five tricks to be a good leader

Have you ever wondered what the biggest problem in people management is today? It is now known that for the average worker, being always super-busy is a point in his favor. And, on a leadership level, the obligation to be perpetually busy is accompanied by the need to understand if one’s collaborators are (or are not), in their turn, super-committed.

The result? Meeting on meetings: leaders spend 35% of their time in meetings, while for top management the percentage rises to 50% and on average an employee dedicates 4 hours a week just to prepare for meetings.

Clearly, it is necessary to go beyond routine one-on-one meetings. To put it simply, here’s what you need for good five-point management …

1) Establish the demarcation between being “friends” and being “friendly”: Your colleagues are your peers as collaborators. But once you have assumed the role of leader, the balances within the work teams will inevitably be destined to change, because who was your colleague before will become your report. Here, then, it will be necessary to help him enter the new role, which is not easy to do if those who must report to you consider you friends before they are superior. Of course, you are not required to abandon the friendly attitude, but you will need all good qualities of leadership to move very carefully and manage relationships with the utmost caution. As a leader be friendly and sincere, at the same time ensuring you earn the respect of others and be mentors and confidants for your employees, not just colleagues.

2) Be clear: Good leaders help people realize their full potential. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that roles, responsibilities and opportunities are perfectly clear. Indeed, the clarity of the expectations from the management is a primary need of the workers and it is essential to achieve good performances. This is why it is essential to help people set performance goals and provide timely and accurate feedback. Then, always try to communicate without judging.

3) Learn the art of management: Each newly appointed leader will be exposed to strategic aspects and objectives and key results of which he was previously unaware. The transition can be complicated, but don’t worry! You will only have to get used to performing the tasks related to your new role. On the one hand, to share information with your direct superiors on the performance and concerns of your team and, on the other, to transfer to your team punctual information on company vision, performance and priorities so that they are not ignored.

4) Ask for help: You will inevitably find yourself in situations that you will not know how to manage, but do not panic: this is a sign of growth, not of weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your boss, colleague or new leader like you. Even high-level executives sometimes (and continue to happen) sometimes find themselves in difficulty, which is why you should not be ashamed of asking for help from those who have already faced the same problem before you.

5) Act: Once your role and expectations are clear and defined for everyone, you will have to feel empowered to act. Don’t be afraid to make decisions, even if the risk of making mistakes seems to be around the corner. Sometimes, making mistakes is the best way to improve. And if you have built solid and trustworthy relationships with co-workers and superiors, they will be there to make sure that all the challenges that your team will face will be managed with enthusiasm.

Joining management essentially can be intimidating: you will have the responsibility of a group of people and, in addition to worrying about your professional growth; you will also have to take care of the career paths of your closest collaborators. But if you strive to be sincere, communicate clearly and win the trust of others, you will immediately be in the best position to succeed!


Bringing home the right kind of memories

Holiday season is upon us and airports across the country and filled full of families, couples and groups of friends all heading off to enjoy some time in the sun. If you are looking to vacation in Florida, look no further than the Orange Lake Resorts. With so many fun-filled activities and fine restaurants, you could easily spend days here. But if you do seek to venture out, you could not pick a more convenient spot. Orange Lake is situated just three miles from Walt Disney World. It is also a mere 17 miles from Universal Theme Park in Orlando and 13 miles from SeaWorld.

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A Bird’s Eye View

You can see for yourself the amazing spread of theme parks in the area by taking a ride in a hot air balloon and getting a bird’s eye view of Orlando. Or else explore on the ground level to get closer look at the unique ecosystem of Florida by taking a nature walk through the Orange Lake environs with a naturalist tour guide.
Rooms are located within walking distance of the lake beachfront. Splash around in the surf or go out into the deep to partake in the various watersport options, such as jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, fishing and more! In addition, the resort offers a huge waterpark that contains four swimming pools, a lazy river and multiple waterslides including The Hippo, the world’s largest inflatable waterslide. There are courts for tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, even shuffleboard. Check out this evaluation by travel specialists from Canada and USA to find out about more the resort and its facilities.

And while the kids play, mum and dad can hit the links on stunning 54-hole championship golf course. Or better yet, why doesn’t the whole family shoot a few holes? Kids under 16 golf free at Legends Walk 9-hole lighted golf course. There are also two different 18-hole miniature golf courses to practice your putting skills.

Sunset Over the Lake

After a day well spent in the sun, you and your family can relax and watch the sunset over the lake at the Breezes Restaurant and Bar. Enjoy live performances of classic beach tunes while sipping on signature drink specials, both virgin for the kids and including alcohol for mom and dad.

There is so much to see and do at Orange Lake, you will be hard pressed to get it all done in just one trip. Many choose to participate in a shared vacation ownership, so they can return to Orange Lake regularly. Groups of friends often visit this location as a way in which to celebrate finishing their exams or graduating from university. Once the fun, sun and in some cases alcohol starts to flow, many find that their inhibitions and sometimes their reasoning takes a bit of a hit. It is important that you follow the same safety precautions that you would do here in the Uk regarding your personal safety and physical health. If you return from holiday and are concerned that you may have put yourself at risk you can confidently contact who are an STI Testing London company.

The Orange Lake Resort is a wonderful place to stay during your Florida vacation. You’ll be in an ideal location centrally located to many of the area’s major attractions, including Mickey Mouse for the kids! Whether you want to play, relax or explore, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Come to the Orange Lake and make vacation memories to last a lifetime.

What You Should Do To Prep Your Air Conditioner For Cooling Season

Now that summer is here, everyone is seeking out the best air conditioning tips to help them stay cool when the temperatures rise. Well, here’s your first big tip from your friends at Bradley Mechanical: Make sure your air conditioner is ready for the start of the cooling season.

And the best way to do that is to take some precautionary steps towards auditing your equipment and helping it work safer and more efficiently when those dog days of summer are barking the loudest. The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down when you need it most and prepping it ahead of its busiest time of the year can ensure that your system is fully operational at all times.

Change Your Air Filter

Many homeowners don’t even realize their HVAC unit has an air filter that needs replacing. Unfortunately, some of them come to discover it exists far too late, like when their unit has shut down and won’t start back up.

The air filter is an essential component of an air conditioner because it works to filter out all of the airborne hazards and contaminants so they don’t get recirculated in the home. But when your air filter is dirty and clogged, that can make it much harder for the air conditioner to work properly. Air flow is imperative to any air conditioner and without it, the system takes longer to cool the interior of your home.

When the system runs longer and works harder, it puts more stress and strain on the equipment allowing it to break down quicker and more frequently. Repairing your unit is a lot more expensive than buying air filter replacements.

As for changing the filter, do it every two to three months based on the degree of usage and the amount of contaminants that need to be filtered out. Homes with pets may want to do this more often than those without due to the amount of fur and dander that can find their way into a filter.

Eliminate the Debris

Go outside and take a look at your compressor or other outdoor components. Be sure there is no debris, trash, or unkempt landscaping blocking the equipment or hindering air flow. When the air can’t get into the outdoor unit of your system, you’re just asking for trouble.

Anything that’s in the way should be cleared out entirely. This includes tree branches, overgrown shrubbery, and any fallen detritus that may be lying around.

Reduce the Warmth

Windows that get direct sunlight on them when the sun is at its peak are going to let in a lot of heat. That can make your air conditioner work overtime. There’s no need for that to happen, not if you’re smart about choosing the right window coverings and using them at the most opportune times. Installing heavy curtains and thick shades can prevent the heat from getting in, making it cooler and preventing the AC from working longer than need be.

Factors To Consider Before Selling Your Business To A Competitor

Selling your small business is never an easy decision. You put all of that hard work into building something that you wanted to see succeed and whether or not you were able to reach that goal, stepping away from it can be a tough choice to make.

However, who you sell to can make a hard decision even more difficult and, sometimes, your best bet is to sell your business to a competitor. That can also stir up a lot of emotions about the step you’re about to take in this entire process, but while it may seem like selling to the competition is the wrong road to where you want to be, it’s actually a very smart option that can end up being a lot more lucrative than you might expect.

True Value

When you’re planning to sell your business, whether you’re doing it alone or you’ve hired a business broker chandler, you may want to actively seek out potential buyers who are in your chosen field. They are more likely to know what the business is truly worth and their offer may be more akin to what you were hoping to receive in the first place.

Selling to a buyer who is unfamiliar with your business or the industry as a whole may not have a solid enough grasp on how things in your chosen field operate or they might be woefully unprepared to give a true analysis of the company and its various assets. That typically results in a lower offer than what the company may actually be worth.

Reasons to Sell

There may be many or you might just have one. In any case, the decision to sell can be rough. Doing so to a competitor can be even harder but once you’ve made up your mind, you now need to find the right buyer. During this process, you will likely be asked on more than one occasion why you are selling.

When asked, always be honest. You’re ready to retire, you want to try something new, you’re just bored. Whatever the case, be up front and explain your standpoint. It will make the buyer feel more comfortable about the transaction.

Big Offer

Maybe you’re not quite ready to sell but a competitor has reached out about purchasing your business at a rather handsome sum of money. You may be a fool not to take it, this is a large expenditure we’re talking about here. When you’re in the driver’s seat with a possible sale of a business, you get to call the shots instead of the other way around. You have something someone else wants and now it’s up to you to decide if you should sell or hold on to the company.

Of course, only you can make the ultimate decision here. Here’s one thing you should never do, say yes or no as a knee-jerk reaction. Carefully consider your time, your family, what advantages selling might have and what disadvantages might come with a sale, especially to the competition.

Facts about the fire service and fire safety

The origins of an organised fire brigade in England go back as far as 43 AD as the Romans were conquering. After a particularly bad fire in Rome, the Emperor Augustus ordered the organisation of the ‘Vigil Corps’. The brigade would act as fire control officers for some 500 years.

Laws regarding fire have been around for a very long time. As the Normans conquered England after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, one of William the Conqueror’s first laws was that house fires could only be put out at night!

One of the most notorious fires in history was the Great Fire of London which started in the early hours of the morning on September 22, 1666 and lasted for four days! The only form of fire extinguishers was buckets full of water, very basic fire trucks and water pipes.

By1667, a law had been passed that states London had to be sectioned into 4 parts, each one with 800 buckets, 60 ladders and 40 shovels. The law only specified the equipment that had to be stored and nothing about who might be using them.

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Today, firefighters wear fire-resistant jackets, fire-resistant trousers, safety shoes, special hoods, helmets, glasses, insulated gloves, and t-shirts with their station names on them. The combined weight of this clothing comes to almost 60 pounds!

Firefighters must attend special training schools that teach them everything they need to know about fires such as how they can start, why they keep burning and how to extinguish them. They must also be able to work in teams and regularly train to help them learn how to deal with fires!

Firefighters are often among the first on scene at accidents or emergencies. They treat people who are injured or sick, both during fires and in other situations. Many of their calls require medical care. Training doesn’t end when they formally become firefighters, they must practice fire drills regularly.

Some firefighters operate in and rural areas where fires are known to occur and cause problems. Specialist firefighters known as smoke jumpers combat forest fires, parachuting from airplanes into remote areas.

Firefighters and fire supervisors work to prevent fires by carrying out building inspections, ensuring that fire safety regulations are followed and frequently visiting schools to teach about fire safety. Fire investigators examine fire to see how they started. They gather evidence from the fire scene and speak with witnesses.

A fire truck today will have a fire hose installed and a ladder used to save people from tall buildings. The truck will also have a rescue net that looks a bit like a trampoline. You’ll notice the distinctive markings on the rear that provide high visibility. For more information on these Chapter 8 Chevrons, visit

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When on shift, firefighters live in fire stations most of the time and stations contain bedrooms, kitchens and living areas. In an emergency, an alarm sounds and they must respond immediately. Amazingly, it just takes an average of 1 minute and 18 seconds for a firefighter to depart their station.

It takes an average of 56 minutes to put out the fire!

The average length of time to answer a 999 call is 1.5 seconds!

Firefighters not only extinguish fires, they save people and animals trapped during floods, earthquakes and natural disasters.

Why You Should Really Consider Replacing Old Windows In Your Home

Buying replacement windows for your home isn’t just one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of the home, but it’s also among the top five most advantageous in terms of increasing its value and getting the most return on your investment.

But there are many reasons why you should really consider replacing old windows in your home, the following benefits are what give the home that increased aesthetic and resale value, not to mention helping you save money for as long as you own the home and live in it.

In fact, installing new replacement windows in a home can be a much better option for energy efficiency than adding chesterfield va siding to your exterior or even having your HVAC system upgraded before the summer months arrive.

Reduced Energy Costs

Lowering your monthly electric bill can be a very attractive offer for anyone. This is especially true for those regions of the country that are at the mercy of extreme swings in temperature. Those states that get bitter cold winters and the regions that see high temperatures in the summertime often find their denizens paying through the nose to keep their homes perfectly climate controlled.

But for anyone paying high utility prices just to keep their home comfortable may soon realize they are literally throwing money out the window. Replacement windows are the perfect solution for lowering energy costs because older windows don’t bring the level of efficiency that new windows offer.

Keep the Outside From Getting Inside

That’s right, replacement windows can also be very effective at preventing everything from outside being felt or heard inside. Homes that are located in areas that receive higher than normal rainfall totals will sometimes discover some of that rain falling into the home through cracks and leaks due to old windows that have settled or shifted in place.

Sometimes an old window just isn’t functioning correctly anymore, it doesn’t open and shut completely allowing rain to seep in (and costly climate-controlled air to escape at the same time). Water spilling anywhere in the home can lead to water damage that can also cost an arm and a leg if you don’t stop it from happening fast.

Besides precipitation, noise can also be an issue. Homes situated near busy streets, highways, and pedestrian thoroughfares may find themselves dealing with elevated levels of noise pollution on a routine basis. Replacement windows can dramatically reduce if not eliminate the effects of noise interference altogether.

Safeguard Your Belongings

Not just your belongings but the entire interior while you’re at it. That’s because replacement windows come with features that can greatly reduce the amount of UV light that gets into the house through your window panes. Too much intense UV light can bleach your things, fade your carpets and wall color, even damage your furniture and other valuables that you left in the path of direct sunlight.

But with replacement windows, you need not worry about any of these things happening in your home.

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Corporate Event

When it comes to small business event planning, what you don’t know can really hurt you. No matter what type of event you have in mind or the size of the shindig, there are certain essentials that must not be overlooked or you run the risk of complete and total failure. That can be very difficult on any company, big or small, because it can make everyone look bad in the eyes of employees, associates, clients, and the marketplace as a whole.

Bad news travels fast. But you can avoid all of it by planning your event so that it all goes off without a hitch. Here are the most important components to consider:

Selecting the Right Venue

This is the most critical thing to keep in mind because without the right event space durham nc, your party is sure to have problems. There are many factors that need to line up just right in order to have the perfect party spot. You must make sure your chosen facility has a large enough capacity space to accommodate everyone you plan to invite.

If it does, you need to then find out if the venue is available for the date or dates you need and be sure it fits in with your party budget.


So what type of event are you planning to put on? Is this an all-day affair or an evening dinner. Regardless of what it is, you need to decide on what your guests are going to be doing while they are attending the event. Do you want to put on presentations or seminars throughout the day? Will there be guest speakers involved? Who and how do you plan on getting them to say yes to attending your event?

If it’s a dinner, will there be appetizers, an open bar, maybe some entertainment? You want this event to succeed and you need to do everything possible within your power to make it shine.


Be careful not to overlook this critical aspect of any good event. Just be sure you’re not making it difficult or intimidating for your guests to attend the bash. Hiring good security can never be understated, however, you may not need armed guards stationed at every point of ingress to the venue.

But if the guest list calls for it and your attendees will feel a whole lot safer with enhanced security measures in place, you might have patrols moving along the perimeter of the facility. The most basic levels of security in today’s world typically involve bag checks and magnetometers to see if anyone is holding a weapon of some kind.

Just don’t skimp on your security because doing so could lead to something terrible if not downright tragic occurring which can put you and your company, even your associates, in significant legal trouble.

This is one of those areas where it’s better to err on the side of caution. Hiring a highly-qualified security company with a sterling reputation in the industry may cost a little more but you will be far better off in the long run.

Dismissing The Most Common Myths About Indoor Air Quality

We asked tulsa hvac companies to give us the lowdown on the truth about indoor air quality. It turns out there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. So we’re going to debunk and dismiss the most common myths about indoor air quality that are currently swirling around out there.

After you read the following, you’ll not only know what’s what about improving your indoor air quality, but you may even pick up a few air conditioning tips as well.

Controlling Indoor Air Quality

If you have an HVAC system in your home, you are able to perform two very important functions with it. The first, of course, is to regulate the interior temperature of the home. When it’s too hot outside it gets to be even hotter indoors, until you switch on your air conditioner. In a short period of time, it’s going to get much cooler inside.

The other is to regulate the quality of your indoor air. This is where things get to be a bit more complicated as you can’t just flip a switch to improve the quality of air. There are other steps you need to take in order to do that, but not all homeowners know what those are…until now:

Removing Foul Smells

If you detect a bad stench coming from your system, eliminating it won’t necessarily increase the quality of your indoor air. Sure, it’ll smell better when you run the system but there are other concerns that must also be addressed.

If the inside of the home is excessively humid, that additional moisture in the air can promote the growth of mold and mildew in places you likely haven’t even looked much less considered as a resource of detrimental contaminants in your air. For homes with high humidity, it makes a whole lot of sense to start running humidifiers. This will actually improve your indoor air quality.

The Dangers of Carpet

Many consumers believe that installing carpet into a home can have a significantly negative impact on the air quality of the home because so much dirt, dust mites, allergens and other contaminants can get caught in the fibers and backing material and remain there, only to trigger one allergic flare-up after the next.

This is only half true, or for the most part, inaccurate. While it is true that carpet does attract and catch all of those harmful elements, the carpet is actually doing you a service by acting as a filter for such things. The result is airborne contaminants being removed from the air to increase the level or indoor air quality.

It’s only when the carpeting is not properly maintained that the carpet can, in fact, make you sick by allowing too many of those contaminants to build up and accumulate, only to be released into the air en masse when someone steps on the fibers. That’s why routine vacuuming and professional cleanings are essential for removing all of those nasty elements.

Air Conditioners Can’t Clean the Air

Much like carpet, air conditioners are excellent at removing airborne particulate during the cooling process. These units have air filters that get the most common things like dust and pet dander. But they’re not an end all, be all solution. A good air purifier should be used in addition to your AC to give you the best indoor air quality possible.

5 Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen cabinets for the home, you have a whole range of options before you. But perhaps, the first thing to consider before you make any other decisions is whether to put in new cabinets or refinish what you already have installed in your kitchen. Each of these options brings with it certain advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before you dive in with your contractor.

1. New vs. Refinished

Installing a brand new set of cabinets can make any old, worn out kitchen look and feel completely brand new. However, depending on the size of the kitchen and the scope of the project, this could run you a substantial amount of money in material and labor costs.

But if you would rather refinish cabinets that currently exist in your kitchen, you can still enjoy that updated aesthetic that new cabinets offer, but at a much lower cost. However, refinishing the cabinetry in the home may not be ideal for every situation.

It all depends on the condition of your existing cabinets and how much damage you might find that needs to be repaired.

2. Cabinet Condition

So, you’re leaning towards refinishing your cabinets and that means you need to ensure they have a clean bill of health in order to have that work performed. Although many do it yourselfers are all too eager to perform refinishing work themselves in a bid to save some extra money, it might behoove you to have a Cabinet Refinishing Service In Corona do the work for you.

In either case, an inspection of the cabinets is essential. The doors and drawers must be fully functional and the cabinet boxes need to be intact, without any cracks, holes, or other discernible damage.

3. Replacing Cabinets

You’ve done the damage assessment and it turns out the cabinets are beyond repair. That means you need to put in all brand new cabinetry. When you start shopping, choose products that come with a Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association certification. The KCMA puts every product it endorses through a rigorous trial by fire, so to speak.

With a KCMA certification, you know you’re getting a top quality product that will withstand the type of wear and tear every kitchen cabinet is expected to sustain.

4. Improved Functionality

When you’re installing the new stuff, you will find there are many features that today’s new cabinets offer to consumers. Things like roll-out shelves and wider, deeper drawers that can accommodate all sizes of pots and pans. You can even find bigger, more effective storage options for things like wine and dry goods.

5. Complementary Aesthetics

Whether you’re putting in or refinishing older cabinets, always consider the size and décor of the kitchen so your cabinets won’t clash or affect the appearance of the room. Smaller kitchens should go for lighter colors and woods to make the kitchen seem larger, while choosing a darker cabinet color or stain can bring contrast. Just be sure your colors match or at least complement what already exists.