Common Website Mistakes to Avoid

Your website is a hugely important digital asset to your company. If you are struggling to know how to get started with a website you might want to consult with a Branding Cheltenham company such as who can help you to ensure that your companies voice, vision and personality comes across in the website. So don’t make these common mistakes when developing this crucial marketing channel.

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It Doesn’t Need to Be ‘cool’

A lot of start-ups make the mistake of thinking that their website needs to be ‘cool’. However, a flashy site may stick in the customer’s mind for the wrong reason – it many look beautiful but not actually position the service correctly or facilitate the call to action.

Design Shouldn’t Overwhelm the Visitor

In a bid to stand out from the competition, some sites go overboard with an excess of on-page information. Stick to three primary messages to encourage readability and understanding. To do this, you must pin down your key messages and know what sets you apart from the rest. Great design and navigation should work to make things easy for the customer.

Test Across Devices

This is a common one. Your website may look great on your desktop PC, but does it work on your smartphone, laptop and tablet? Does it also work as it should across browsers? It’s always best to build a responsive website so that it re-sizes to fit the screen, and most modern template solutions allow for this.

Prioritise That Call to Action

Always ask visitors to leave their contact details on your site. An email sign-up for a newsletter is a classic way of obtaining customer data. Offer free content that is of high quality and relevant to your audience. Use competitions to drive sign-ups if necessary. Don’t allow your visitor to leave the site without giving you some data.

Offer a Taste

If you can offer a free trial, freebie or taster of your product or service, then it is well worth doing so. If the customer is impressed by what they experience, you will have a conversion on your hands. Those unsure customers wavering about a purchase are also far more likely to sign up for a trial rather than risk a purchase on something they don’t know. As ever, make it easy for the user, and offer a compelling case.

How to invest in your team? The 10 best practical actions

How important is it to you to invest in members of your team, your work group or your organization?

In reality, if you are not investing in your people, you are not investing in the future of your business, whatever it is.

When people feel supported and understand that they are investing in them, they have more space to be creative, productive and do their job better, whatever it is.

Driving industry innovation with £11m food technology funding 

The UK government has provided £11m in funding to over 30 leading food and catering solution companies and projects, encompassing a range of functions relating to manufacturing and processing. These funds, when combined with investment from the recipient companies, bring the total value to more than £25m.

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Provided by the Technology Strategy Board – otherwise known as Innovate UK – the £11m in grant funding will be a boon for a great number of individuals and companies, with many confident that this cash injection could be the catalyst for serious innovation and refinement within the related industries.  This could be used for all kinds of new machinery, accessories and Rubber Injection Moulding technology to make manufacturing more efficient.  You can find out more about where to get rubber moulding machinery at links including
Practical innovation

Taking into account the aims of the grant and feedback from politicians and people speaking on behalf of the recipient companies, there are a number of identified aspects of commercially-focused food processing and production that will benefit from this funding. Some of the most notable are product wastage and spoilage, the efficiency of production, and the efficiency of heating and cooling solutions.

Other vital aspects of the industries predicted to benefit greatly from the aforementioned investment include transportation, distribution and logistics. Among the projects proposed as a result of this funding are a number of collaborative initiatives designed to tackle such problems, both from an economic standpoint and with an eye to reducing environmental impacts.

Greater standards

Investors and the government are confident that the possible positive outcomes of this investment in food technology represent a win-win scenario for a number of reasons.

With this increased funding will come improved standards, in terms of both operational procedure and the level of equipment available. This is bound to affect individuals and companies looking to buy food machinery, either as an initial investment or for refitting and updating their existing equipment.

It is worth noting that firms utilising secondhand tech will see a dramatic change in the quality and efficiency of the available products in the space of just a few years.

In addition to increasing profits, or minimising losses, many firmly believe that the economic growth that will ensue as a result of this type of project can have a net reduction on environmental impacts while still being profitable.

An alternative to booking a hotel for family breaks

Birmingham has so much to offer for a family break but if the thought of cramming everyone into a hotel room leaves you cold, then what are the alternatives? Have you ever considered staying in a villa? Kas Villa Rental in Turkey is a great choice if you are looking for something that is a little more home away from home. You can have the benefits of hotel comfort with the freedom of self-catering facilities. Here are some fun ways a villa is the ideal choice for a family stay:

Staying in a hotel means that when the kids need to go to bed, so too do the adults or you run the risk of disturbing and having them tired and grumpy in the morning. A villa will normally offer separate bedrooms from the main living space. Bedtime becomes a lot easier when it’s just like home. You can put the kids to bed in their own bedroom while you enjoy some grown-up time in the comfortable living area. Even the smallest studio apartments will offer separate living and sleeping areas.

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Families often need to pack a lot of items even just for a weekend break, especially when travelling with young children or babies. Therefore, space is crucial, and space is not something you get a lot of when staying in a mid-range hotel. The great thing about staying in a villa is that you’ll have plenty of space for all the things you need like pushchairs, car seats and those essential toys. There’s also lots of room for games and even a spot of hide and seek!

Cook what you want when you want

If you have fussy eaters in your group, eating out can prove testing at times. Maybe you have special dietary needs or want to keep tabs on your weight. Whatever your reasons, taking care of everyone’s individual tastes is a lot easier when you have a fully-equipped kitchen at your disposal. You’ll have an oven, kettle, utensils and a microwave as the minimum. Enjoy the freedom to cook what you want, when you want as you’re not beholden to restaurant opening times either.

Kas Villas as well as those in other parts of Turkey and other countries offer a great base to explore the country and attractions that are available, whilst giving you a comfortable place to come back to at your time and pace where you can then cook for the family and enjoy a nice relaxing evening together.

So, you want to be a Tree Surgeon?

Do you like the outdoors? Did you forever climb trees when you were young? Then, maybe you should consider a career as a tree surgeon. The work of a tree surgeon involves maintaining horticulture and will involve activities such as felling trees, pruning, planting, cutting hedges and many other aspects of tree and plant care. But don’t underestimate the danger levels, it’s a very hazardous profession! Mix heights with power tools and you get the picture.

However, this is a great job for those who like being outside, making their hands dirty and working in nature. Therefore, you must be prepared to be outdoors in all weather conditions. It will not always be bright, warm and sunny! This will get you in the best physical condition because you have to be a confident climber and skilled user of power tools. This is both a very challenging and rewarding career.

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Starting as a trainee without expertise for around three years, you will have the opportunity to get a diploma certificate from the Arboricultural Association. You might want to grow your own business and operate as a sole trader after that point.

However, this work is not just about dealing with trees, and some further responsibilities include:

Meeting customers and listening to their concerns, requirements, and questions.

Preparing quotes, handling contracts, and payments.

Being on time and arriving at the agreed date and agreed time to start working for the customer. For a Bournemouth Tree Surgeon, visit

Carrying out felling, planting, replanting, pruning, waste disposal and other requested tasks. Supervising trainees or team members.

Commitment to ongoing training throughout your career for yourself and employees.

Cleaning the site when you are finished and throwing away the garden trash in the right place.

Preparing invoices and dealing with tax requirements if self-employed. Making sure you have mandatory insurance to cover personal injury and public responsibility.

Some of the skills needed to become a successful tree surgeon include:

The ability to become proficient with the use of power tools and other potentially dangerous equipment.

Be aware of the dangers and take all steps to provide a safe environment for yourself, co-workers, customers and the community.

Work within specified deadlines and remain professional.

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To enter the trade, you don’t need to need pre-existing qualifications. It’s best to start between the ages of 18 and 25, because you have to attend college at some point to advance in the profession. With several years of experience and relevant certifications, many people have switched from working for a company to setting up their own private tree surgery business.

Six reasons why rugby is a great sport for girls

In recent years, rugby has become an increasingly popular sport for girls, with more and more school-age players taking to the field.

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Top international women’s teams have also emerged and regularly face off against one another, with a greater number of spectators either attending or watching the matches on TV or via live stream all the time. Like just about every sport, rugby offers several advantages, and the following are just some of the many reasons why it’s a great option for girls:

1. Promoting equality

Rugby is no longer being seen as a boys’ game, and this is a great boost for equality. By getting girls involved, everyone can see that the sport is not gender biased and that anything boys can do, girls can do too.

2. Boosting self-esteem

Rugby can show a girl just how powerful her body can be, and how she can use it to control a situation. Not only does the game boost self-esteem, it also requires different skills, such as strength, agility and speed. This makes it ideal for all body types and shapes, and as it is a physical sport, it also promotes weight loss and toning, keeping growing girls healthier and fitter, which in turn boosts confidence.

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3. Encourages resilience

Life will knock you down at every opportunity, and so will other rugby players. The important lesson to learn is to get up again, and that is exactly what the sport teaches. It builds resilience and shows that anything can be overcome if you put your mind to it.

4. Fosters a feeling of empowerment

Rugby teaches girls that they really can do anything and that there is no room for sexism or any other gender bias in the world. It builds resilience, which in turn builds a feeling of empowerment.

5. Forging friendships

Teamwork is an important part of rugby and whether it is taking part in rugby drills like those found at, or playing against another team, working together is key.

6. Affordable for everyone

A major plus for this sport is that it is affordable. There won’t be any concerns about who has the best kit, and the equipment requirements are limited. This makes it all-inclusive and easy for anyone to get involved in.


Risk-free investments: Do they exist? What are they?

Investing has become difficult. In particular, there is a shortage of products that can offer a certain return without being risky. Today, those who want to increase their assets must rely on solutions that do not guarantee any certainty. The reasons are numerous and concern both the real economy and monetary policies. In particular, the central banks have taken rather strong initiatives in order to reduce the effects of the crisis and favor the recovery. The reference is to the zeroing of the reference rates, which has depressed the interests a little at all levels. Global instabilities are also impacting, such as those represented by an oil price now falling and now very volatile, and by geopolitical suffering.