When to repair vs when to replace your windows

Replacing windows can cost several thousand pounds, so you should consider carefully when to repair and when to replace your windows. There are a few things you might want to consider before reaching a final decision.

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How easy is it to repair your windows yourself?

If you want to remove the draughts from your house, it can be quite easy to do without calling in the experts. For example, window film is relatively cheap and easy to install. You simply fix it to your windows and then dry it with a hairdryer. This allows the film to shrink and fit well to your window. This will then reduce your draughts.

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How old is your property?

If you live in a historic property, your windows can often reflect this. If you live in a Victorian house, for example, you might have sash windows; if you live in a Tudor house, you might have original lattice windows. These are great features of the property and replacing them with modern windows could reduce the selling price of your house. You may want to consider asking a specialist to repair the existing windows for you rather than replacing them in this instance.

How secure are your windows?

According to Leicestershire Police, 3156 burglaries were investigated between April 16 and March 17. Many of these burglars entered the property through a window that they had forced open. If this happens to you, the window may no longer be secure. It could be worth replacing the window to give you security and peace of mind. Emergency glaziers Leicester can usually replace most windows within 24 hours.

Would new windows improve your home?

If your frames are rotting or are generally quite old, it may be worth replacing rather than repairing your windows, and emergency glaziers Leicester would be able to give you a quote to let you know how much this is likely to cost. In order to keep the cost down, you could always replace just the front windows and leave the back ones for a later date. However, depending on how long you leave it, the quote from emergency glaziers Leicester might go out of date.

These are a few of the things you might want to consider. However, there may be other options depending on your home.


Tips for restoring hardwood floors

When we picture our home, we think of comfort and warmth; therefore, when we are choosing our household accessories and essential items, such as flooring, this is exactly what we aim to achieve. Adding a hardwood floor to your home not only provides warmth but can also emphasise the character. With so many choices available, it is easy to see why hardwood floors are such a popular option.

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Over time, as with anything, life takes its toll on your beautiful floor and you will find yourself wondering whether you can somehow give it a new lease of life and restore it back to its former glory. The answer is that you absolutely can, so we have summarised some very useful tips for you to help you restore your hardwood flooring.

Before embarking on such an important project, make sure you check which type of flooring you have. Laminate wood flooring or engineered wood flooring can’t be restored, whereas real hardwood flooring can. Attempting to restore any type of laminate wood flooring can cause damage, so do be careful.

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How big a job is it?

This is also something you will need to check. Floors that are looking a little dull and worn can be re-coated, whereas small scuffs should be sanded and coloured with a floor marker. Deeper scratches will take a little more work, but these things don’t need a full restoration.

Take care

Sanding an entire floor will need the right tools for a nice finish and some protective clothing, including dust masks. It is best to keep the area ventilated and you will need to clean thoroughly after you have sanded – don’t be surprised if it takes a few attempts to remove all the dust!

Lay a base coat first to ensure a beautiful finish. It is advisable to use a water-based finish, which is thinner than an oil finish. This dries faster and won’t smell as bad as an oil finish. Stockists of laminate wood flooring are also likely to have products to help you clean real wood

With such a lot of work to do, it is important to remember that restoring your floor to its former glory takes time. It will be worth it, so allow yourself this time and be patient.


Common problems with garden trees

Keeping your garden trees healthy and cared for can sometimes feel like a tricky task. Winter can cause damage to our trees, so it’s important to make sure they are strong enough to withstand whatever wintery storms come our way. You can also finat trees become damaged as a result of gardening activities such as lawn trimming and the use of strimmers. Getting too close to trees with these pieces of equipment can cause cuts and damage to the tree bark. It can also break your equipment leading to the need for Mountfield Parts like the ones you can find at https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield/

Here are some common tree issues that aren’t caused by other gardening activites to look out for in your garden:

  1. Yellow False Acacia

This tree has been suffering recently with the following symptoms: not properly coming into leaf, early leaf fall and brown spotting on the leaves. These issues are caused by several factors including bacterial rot, honey fungus, leaf spot fungus and phytophtora. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done. In some places, the trees come good of their own accord but in other areas, the tree is unsalvageable. If the tree has limbs that are at risk of causing harm or damage if they fall.

  1. Honey Fungus

This is a problem that occurs every year and will result in the need to remove both the tree and the stump. The fungus enters the tree through an open wound and has a more detrimental effect on trees that are already damaged or very susceptible. To check a tree for honey fungus, peel back some of the bark to look for the presence of a mushroomy-smelling cream-coloured residue.

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  1. Powdery Mildew

This is a problem that occurs mainly in summer and can affect maples and oaks. The predominant cause is poor circulation of air and dry conditions. Try to avoid nitrogen-heavy food and ensure your tree is well hydrated after mulching. A tree will normally get over the problem on its own, so you shouldn’t need to use a fungicide.

  1. Bleeding Canker

Horse chestnuts can often suffer from yellowed leaves caused by moths or leaf spots but the real problem that sometimes occurs as well is a bleeding canker. A canker can occur as a result of a wound to the bark and you’ll notice it by the presence of an unpleasant black ooze. Some trees are able to overcome the problem on their own but if in doubt, seek the advice of a tree surgeon.

  1. Squirrels

If you have trees between 20-40 feet tall, you’ll most likely have experienced troublesome squirrels. They gnaw on branches and strip the bark, leading to significant damage and leaving the trees in a vulnerable state. Anti-squirrel collars and traps are possible solutions.

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  1. Aphid Attack

If you have coniferous hedges or leylandii and have noticed browning and die-back, then chances are you have an aphid attack. Avoid cutting your hedge in the autumn, as cut-back hedges have been known to suffer more. It is thought that the problem could be from the use of weed killing treatments being used on nearby pavements and causing issues for the hedge roots.


Kevin Bacon Net worth, Bio, Married, Wife, Children, Age, Height

The effective Hollywood entertainer and artist KevinBacon made a strong stride at 17 years old by leaving the solace and security of his home to seek after a dramatic vocation in New York City. Despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, he never surrendered his fantasy. Presently, over four decades later, he has numerous accomplishments to flaunt including a Blockbuster Entertainment Award, a Boston Society of Film Critics Award, a Critics Choice Movie Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Saturn Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his Numerous commitments in the film business throughout the years, he additionally got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003.

Notwithstanding an effective profession, Kevin additionally has a fruitful marriage. He has been hitched to a similar lady for over three decades. Peruse on for more data about the on-screen character, his net worth and the mystery of the life span of his marriage.

Kevin Bacon Bio, Age

The most youthful of Ruth Hilda and Edmund Norwood. Bacon’s six youngsters, Kevin Bacon, was conceived on July 8, 1958, in Philadelphia, where he likewise grew up. His folks are dead, however, while they were living, his dad was a planner and a notable Executive Director of the Planning Commission of the City of Philadelphia, while his mom was an elementary teacher and liberal dissident.

In 1975, the then-16-year-old Kevin Bacon went to the Pennsylvania Governor’s School of Arts at Bucknell University with a completely state-financed grant for an expression program that endured five weeks. There, he examined theater with Dr. Wonder Van Scott and, because of the experience, he picked up his energy for acting and got more grounded.

Kevin Bacon Net worth

Kevin Bacon has collected a net worth considered at least $ 50 million. From the minute he made his introduction job in the 1978 satire film, House of Animals of National Lampoon. He never eased back down in the quest for his fantasy in any event, when the chances were against him. Today, he has become an on-screen character on the “A” rundown, featuring in numerous monetarily effective movies and, therefore, gaining a huge number of dollars.

Kevin Bacon Net worth

Hitched spouse, youngsters

Kevin Bacon has been hitched to entertainer Kyra Sedgwick for more than 30 years. Conceived on August 19, 1965, Kyra is the little girl of Patricia Rosenwald. And Henry Dwight Sedgwick V, teacher and investor, individually. At the point when he was 3 years of age, his folks’ marriage hit the stones, which brought about a division lastly a separation when he was 6 years of age.

The first run through Kevin and Kyra met were sooner or later during the 70s. At that point, he was doing a play and after the morning introduction. He went to discover something to eat in a shop after the introduction. In the shop, there was a 12-year-old young lady and her sibling, who had quite recently observed the early show. Having told his sibling at first that he enjoyed the entertainer (Kevin), he asked her to proceed to disclose to her he preferred “and that it was Kyra,” reviewed Kevin Bacon, who was welcomed on “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson “. on January 13, 2014.

Kevin, who is seven years more seasoned than his significant other, was 19 when they met and, because of the age distinction, didn’t begin dating around then. It was after they met again in t987 on the arrangement of the film, Lemon Heaven, that their excursion towards spending the remainder of their lives together started after Kyra completed the process of putting on a show it. Around then, little Kyra was at that point a 22-year-old grown-up lady, while Kevin was 29.

Addressing Home Care, Kyra Sedgwick admitted that she had no incredible models to follow with regard to solid relationships. Yet in some way or another, she was persuaded that Kevin was the ideal individual for her. As indicated by her, it was an irrefutable truth about her.

Their relationship advanced quickly and persuaded that they were an ideal accomplice. The youthful couple, who is the remainder of six kids, got ready for marriage. Kevin put the wedding band on a legging and posed the inquiry on Christmas Eve. “Shockingly,” he said while conversing with PopEater in 2010, she consented to wed him.

The next year, correctly on September 4, 1988, they wedded and had their first youngster, Travis Bacon, on June 23, 1989. And their sister, Sosie Bacon, on March 15, 1992. The two offspring of The couple additionally engaged in the acting industry, and Travis likewise progressed admirably. The music business.

With Hollywood relationships defrosting quicker than a frozen custard in the warmth of the business. It is progressively uncommon to discover a couple on list A who has been as one for over ten years. Having surpassed the chances, with over three decades under their belts, Kevin Bacon. And his significant other Kyra Sedgwick would definitely have the correct counsel on the mystery of an effective marriage.

While trying to find this mystery, Entertainment T at night talked with the productive entertainer in 2015. And said “Whatever you do, don’t tune in to famous people for counsel on the most proficient method to remain wedded. That is my mystery.” His better half gave a comparative reaction in 2012 when Piers Morgan of CNN asked him.


The on-screen character has an athletic body and is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall. It likewise quantifies 76 kg (167.5 lbs), has light darker hair and a pleasant pair of blue eyes. It has a chest body estimation: 39 inches (99 cm), arms/biceps: 13.5 inches (34 cm) and abdomen: 33 inches (84 cm).

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