And What Do I Wear In The Gym?

Every time we take care of ourselves and one of the most important parts when it comes to doing it is the practice of sport. And just like we like to go to fashion when we go out, we have to take care of our image when we go to the gym. Not only for going cute (which is important) but also because when it comes to sports wear comfortable clothes and that transpire well, you will be able to facilitate the exercise.

I recognize that the brand Nike I love and offer us fluorine colors that look great. Do you like it?

But there are times, that we cannot make as much expense and if you have to choose, decide for a good shoes and with an H & M shirt you can have a fantastic outfit.

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Do you love to play sports? To motivate you a little more, I leave this photo…… (Why say more)And What Do I Wear In The Gym?And What Do I Wear In The Gym?And What Do I Wear In The Gym?And What Do I Wear In The Gym?And What Do I Wear In The Gym?


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