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How to Safely Remove a Stuck Ring from Your Finger

Sadly, a ring can become stuck on your finger for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to inflammation from a bite or sting or the swelling of tissue which can occur in sufferers of arthritis. For some a ring simply becomes stuck as a result of putting on weight over time, which happens to the best of us. Whatever the reason your ring became stuck, try not to panic, and follow our steps for safely removing a stuck ring from your finger, which will relive the discomfort whilst also saving the ring.

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Four-Step Guide to Ring Removal

1. Have some lubricant, floss or thread and ice ready.

2. First, you need to loosen things up. You can do this by spraying or dousing the area around the ring with lubricant. You can use anything at your disposal, but ideally some window cleaner, soap or detergent will all do nicely.

3. Take some ice from the freezer and place it next to the swollen area, if necessary wrapped in a small cloth. With the ice touching the area, hold your arm in the air for around five to ten minutes, allowing the swelling to drain.

4. Use dental floss or fine thread for the next step by first threading it under the ring, leaving a longer piece of thread towards the fingertip. Then wrap the floss around the finger from the top of the ring, all the way to the knuckle. Then simply pull at the end that is coming from under the ring, unwrapping the threading as you go and forcing the ring over the wrapped thread or floss.

5. Once you have removed the ring, you can take it to an experienced jeweller for a refit. Take note that certain types of ring metal cannot be refitted, such as tungsten carbide and titanium.

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Getting the Right Size to Start With

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Hopefully, these simple steps will help you remove that stuck ring without the need to have it cut off.

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