Big changes afoot in software testing

2017 is set to be a revolutionary year for the digital and tech industry, with software testing due to develop dramatically over the coming months. Will this be a positive or negative change for those working as testers?


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What will 2017 mean for software testers?

With technology advancing at such a rate, many software testers are beginning to question the security of their roles within the industry. However, the threat of automation doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a shortage of work. Many companies within the sector who have already been benefitting from DevOps, the latest trend in software development, will soon have the advantages of the next generation of operations called BizDevOps. With the introduction of BizDevOps, the role of a software tester will become blurry, to say the least. DZone sets out three predictions for the future of these professionals and assures them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Professional testers will be expected to jump from one role to another just to meet the demands of the fast-growing industry. As a result, software testers will be required to take on a positive attitude and actively acquire a whole set of new skills. After all, with the demand for QA jobs already beginning to lag, testers will need to do what they can to make themselves invaluable to a team or see everything they have worked for during their career turned upside down.

Will there still be a place for manual software testing?

As automation becomes increasingly popular, companies should not lose sight of the value of manual testing. Although automated testing can have many benefits, there is nothing quite like the human approach. One of the best methods of software testing is by opting for crowdsourced software testing, which can be carried out by a range of reliable and professional companies such as Bug Finders ( and enables software to be tested under various realistic platforms to make the process faster, more cost-effective and ultimately more reliable.

Whether companies opt for manual or automated testing, the role of the software tester as we know it is unlikely to remain unchanged in 2017 and beyond. Testers should, therefore, embrace the opportunity to gain new skills and watch as their industry develops and innovates.

New Zealand men and women’s hockey both claim Australian scalps

New Zealand men’s and women’s hockey teams do the double over their fierce rivals Australia. For the men’s Black Sticks, it was their first win over Australian for nearly 50 years. The Kookaburras won the first two Trans-Tasman tests 4-2 and 2-1 but the New Zealand side battled to a 2-1 victory in the third and final match played at the Lloyd Elsmore Hockey Stadium in Auckland.


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Stephen Jenness opened the account to score his second goal of the series and his 61st for New Zealand. Australia found it hard to get behind the solid Kiwi defence but upped their game in the second quarter with Josh Pollard coming close to clinching the equaliser early in the third quarter. Then, two minutes into the last quarter, 19-year-old Sam Lane slammed home a powerful shot to double the Black Sticks’ lead. The 2-0 scoreline was shortlived, however, as Jeremy Hayward found the mark from a penalty corner to give a final score of 2-1.

Women hold on to lead

Kirsten Pearce opened the scoring after just three minutes, with Sam Harrison getting the second in the 19th minute. Australia got back into the game in the third quarter through Georgina Morgan but New Zealand kept on pushing to go 3-1 up through a shot from Olivia Merry. Brooke Peris scored for Australia and they continued to attack but could not get the equaliser, so the final score remained 3-2 to New Zealand.

Why play hockey?

Hockey is a great cardiovascular workout, builds muscles, improves coordination, helps with weight loss, increases stamina, builds teamwork, is good for your mental health and improves communication –

You can join a local team to take part in training sessions. Your coach should be able to add variety into training so that you improve your game and learn new skills each week. You can watch a field hockey drill video, such as those found on, to see best practice, find out about the different hockey positions and discuss tactics.

There are also many social benefits to playing hockey because you will make new friends, have a new interest in life, build your confidence, and learn how to manage your time better. Hockey can also foster a sense of pride and community as you work together as a team.

Gene testing is being used to optimise dosage of Warfarin

Across the UK, gene testing is being used to effectively prescribe doses of Warfarin, a commonly used drug to manage blood clotting. Warfarin saves lives, and staff at the University of Liverpool recognise this. The gene testing initiative involves using a very simple test to examine specific genes that can influence the response the body has to the blood-thinning drug.


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Issues with dosage

It’s the first time in the UK that genotyping by frontline staff is being used to monitor the dosages for patients. By getting the correct dosage first time, this cuts down the need for more appointments. This allows a contract research organization to herald a new era in personalised medicine prescription.

Warfarin is primarily used for the treatment of blood clots. It has also been used in the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation, which is a fluttering of the heart that causes an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can lead to strokes, and as strokes are most common in the aged population, it makes sense that eight per cent of those over 80 years old are taking Warfarin.

Genetic testing

The main issue with Warfarin is if the dosage prescribed is incorrect, the risk of a blood clot that the Warfarin is working against, actually increases. Patients usually need a few appointments before they get the correct dosage. The new research for gene testing for Warfarin follows a randomised control trial in Liverpool, Sweden and Newcastle. Associations such as organise clinical trials that can genotype patients to calculate the correct dosage.

The trials that were performed were proved as accurate and now, clinics like University Hospital Liverpool where the trial took place, are genotyping patients with atrial fibrillation before prescribing the drug, which cuts out a lot of the appointments and ultimately costs the hospital less money. According to recent reports by NHS England, cutting-edge advances can tailor treatments to an individual’s genetic makeup, giving them the right medicine for them to respond to sooner.

The old way of prescribing Warfarin was very hit and miss and with the birth of new clinical trials, Warfarin can be prescribed in a much smoother, more accurate way. Genotyping can and will save more lives, as with the right medicines being prescribed in the right amounts, patients can be kept stable for longer.

FDA to Fast Track Programs for Drugs and Medical Devices

The Food and Drug Administration agency is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety and efficiency of human and veterinary drugs as well as biological and medical devices. The agency has now expedited a range of fast-track approval programs, which means that some devices are approved for marketing before being fully tested. Though this can be a necessity for patients waiting on new drugs and devices to treat health issues, it means that devices are fast-tracked through important safety processes.

Alpha Brain Review: What Users Say about This Nootropic

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Discover If Nootropics Exist and Know Their Functions

When these Nootropics were introduced to the public, there have been many questions that were raised if they really work. Since they target the brain functions, many become hesitant because of the possible side effects that may happen after taking these drugs. However, many scientists through their laboratory results, and extensive research have proven that these Nootropics known as smart drugs actually enhance the brain functions of the users. Find more about nootropics on

Manufacturers have also done their part in distributing the drugs to the public and to all continents just to prove its real existence. Along with the distribution, they have also incorporated brochures that contain information about this brain supplement. They made it sure that consumers would know the contents of the food supplements that they are taking, not just for the purpose of advertisement, but they want their customers to be well aware of their brain health and how the product could help them fix some cognitive problems.

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