How to service and maintain your commercial fridge

Keeping your commercial fridge clean and in working order will extend the life of the fridge by years, and it will also reduce the amount of money that you spend on electricity. Despite this, lots of restaurant owners don’t properly service their commercial fridges, which means that they soon break.

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Thankfully it is very easy to properly service and maintain your commercial fridge. Here is everything that you need to know about maintaining your commercial fridge.

Cleaning the line cooler

One of the most important things that need maintaining is the line cooler. All commercial fridges need to expel heat, and most fridges do this using a cooled condenser coil. According to Explain That Stuff the condenser coil is a compressor that is attached to a device, grill like in appearance, called a condenser. The condenser that removes the heat is a small radiator behind the refrigerator.This happens when air is drawn through the coil. Over time this can cause dust and dirt to build up on the coil, which can cause lots of problems if you don’t clean it.

Inspect the condenser coil which is normally behind a cover that is either at the top or the bottom of the commercial fridge. Remove the cover with a screwdriver. If it needs cleaning, wipe the coil carefully with a suitable cleaning product.

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Checking drain lines

You can find the drain lines at the base of the coolers which are normally in the back of the fridge. Some drain lines are also located at the top of the fridge. Clean the end of the drain with a cloth, and then use a straw to blow air into the drain. This should help to clean out any stuck dirt or debris.

This is an effective way to maintain your commercial fridge, but you should also pay a contractor to clean the drain line properly a few times every year.

Checking door seals

Check the door seals to make sure that there aren’t any rips or holes, and then reseal any rips that you find. A small rip will let warm air into the fridge, so your food will go off quickly and you will end up spending more on electricity.

Can oats help to ease sensitive skin?

For many of us, sensitive skin is something that is always present for some, but for others, it’s something that comes and goes and we may or may not understand what causes a flare-up.

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If you’re not prepared for the irritation, you might not have anything ‘official’ on hand to treat your skin and reduce irritation, but fear not, the cure might be closer than you think, right there in your kitchen.


Calamine lotion remains a hugely popular option for people with a reaction of sorts, from eczema through to allergic reactions, but if you or a member of your family is prone to skin problems, it is worth understanding how regular porridge oats could save the day.

The compounds within oatmeal (avenanthramides) have strong anti-inflammatory powers and have also been shown to demonstrate antioxidant properties. They are used in various skincare products now such as the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set available from online stockists like Life And Looks Several reports now published have proven that oats can reduce redness in skin as well as dryness and itching and that they work well for both adults and children.

Full of goodies

Oatmeal is so effective because it is a natural emollient, with plenty of protein, vitamin E, and good fatty acids that combine with other components to provide a moisturising cream that is both soothing and anti-inflammatory. It also acts as a barrier cream.

If you don’t want to use oats topically, use as a bath soak to soothe an itch and lower stress levels.


Using a piece of muslin cloth, place a handful of oats into the middle of a square and tie tightly into a ball. Pop the muslin into the bath and leave to soak. The water soaks into the parcel and then creates a ‘milk’ that is filtered into the bath by the muslin squares and into the bath water to soothe skin.

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Stock up on porridge oats next time you’re in a supermarket, in the cereal aisle, or in a health food shop if you’re passing. If you’re willing to give it a go, oats could soon become your hero product where your skincare is concerned.

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