Normal Nuptials? Not a chance….

Consider yourself to be a bit of an edgy couple? Looking for a wedding venue that’s most definitely not a church or registry office? Then, take a look at this list of wacky, alternative places to get hitched.

For Nature Lovers – if the thought of exchanging your vows out in the sticks does it for you then you’ll love Camp Katur in North Yorkshire. Set deep in the lush woodland, all your family and friends can party together and stay in the camping or glamping options available. There’s a rustic barn, a tipi and a yurt to take your pick from.

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For the Sci-Fi Lovers – fancy celebrating your big day in a post-industrial, steampunk setting? The Rum Warehouse in Merseyside features massive windows, exposed brick walls and steel frames. You could really go to town with decorating such a raw and dramatic canvas.

For the History and Ghost Hunting Fans – just listen to the name and it tells you everything, The Crypt at Bleeding Heart, seriously spooky. This London venue is a 600-year-old crypt where Henry VIII held a wedding feast for three days back in 1531. With original beamed ceilings, stone floors and stunning stained-glass windows, your wedding photos will blow people away. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit

For Art Deco Lovers – if the roaring twenties float your boat then book your nuptials at The Earl of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Extremely decadent, the venue boasts a superbly rich décor with fancy art deco detailing and deep luxurious colours. This is the place for making a real style statement on your big day.

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For those who just want somewhere weird – well, it’s not weird to be in a museum but it is slightly odd to get married in one, standing under a giant replica of a T-Rex, for example. If you like the sound of mixing nuptials with a little education, then head to the Great North Museum at Hancock, Tyne and Wear. A perfect alternative venue option and ideal for dinosaur enthusiasts – who might all be 10 and under!

For a Fairy Tale Wedding without being twee – you won’t go wrong with Le Petit Chateau in Northumberland. It’s stunning and beautiful but not over the top. It could be straight out of a story book, but a sophisticated one which will make a fantastic setting for your big day and your photographs.

For Art Lovers – how many people can say they’ve taken their vows surrounded by world-class art work? If this sounds like your cup of tea then take a look at the Turner Contemporary in Kent for a day with a difference. You’ll even have access to a balcony overlooking the North Sea so you’ll have the benefit of incredible things to look at inside and out.

For Sea Lovers – have a naval connection? Then head to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Hampshire where you can get hitched in a sub! Marry aboard the HMS Alliance or inside the contemporary John Fieldhouse building and have some wonderful harbour views as the backdrop for your photos. This venue should guarantee that nobody gets that ‘sinking’ feeling!

What Is The Best Workspace For A Freelance?

More and more workers are betting on having their own business and establishing themselves as self-employed. As the beginnings of all autonomous are hard, one of the questions that are most insistently made when it comes to a business plan is: where is better to work? Answering this question is not an easy question and it opens up three aspects: do it from home, do it in an office or look for a shared site or, as it is now known, a coworking.

Understanding the Laws Surrounding Vehicle Tracking in the UK

Tracking vehicles using GPS systems can improve business efficiency by improving performance and reducing the cost of insurance, and can make fleet management much easier. Typically the tracking systems will record information such as times, date, location and speed. This information may be analysed immediately or when the journey is over, depending on the type of tracking system installed. This allows employers to review their employees’ daily efficiency.

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However, it is imperative to ensure that any tracking system implemented is compliant with the law. GPS tracking systems can contravene the Data Protection Act 1998, or the Human Rights Act if not implemented correctly.

The Law Explained

This Act applies whenever collecting data that is considered personal. If the data has an impact or could have an impact on the employee personally or professionally and can be linked back to them, it is personal. Personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully, should never be kept for longer than necessary and should only be obtained lawfully. The data that is collected must be relevant to improving business performance or it may fall foul of the Data Protection Act.

Employers must discuss their plans to implement tracking devices on vehicles with their employees, and obtain their prior approval for the system. It is extremely important for employers to ensure that their employees are aware of the tracking devices being installed, what data is being tracked and for what purposes.

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Employers can legally install a tracking device on business vehicles that are also used for private purposes, but the Human Rights Act means that those tracking systems must have a privacy button which allows the individual to turn off the data collection outside of working hours.

Reducing Fleet Costs and Performance Legally

Tracking systems can only be used to help companies increase their revenue and prevent accidents. They are not a tool to track employees or their activities. They can assist with the reduction of accidents and reduce fuel costs due to the ability to carry out better route planning and evaluations. There are a number of different products on the market providing a wide range of choice, such as

Tracking systems are an invaluable tool for many companies, but employers are obliged to ensure that they are legally compliant.

4 Issues That Are Preventing Your Site From Generating More Leads And Selling More

The traditional shopping cycle has changed. In the old days, the seller ended up controlling all this process, especially because of the difficulty of finding a lot of information about a product or service without interacting with someone from the company. But it does not happen that way anymore. Much of the purchase decision is made even before contacting the company.

The Characteristics That A Good Marketing Manager Must Have

Being a good Marketing Manager in my opinion today has become a more complex task than a few years ago, if we want to undertake a project in which we want to locate as a principal beacon in Marketing or face with guarantees a job interview for This post must be taken into account that some factors have varied quite a lot as can be the type of training, preparation and skills that we need:

Fotoswipe: Share Your Photos In An Incredible Way

Fotoswipe is one of those applications that catch the eye as soon as you see them. We know that you know several ways to share your photos with friends and family; the options are multiple and of the most varied, some simpler and others more complicated. Fotoswipe will love you to see how it works; is original, very functional and simple.