Why Images Are Important On Your Home Page

In your business decisions are made daily. Whether administrative or related to the development of a product, everything related to your company is organized with the intention of building a brand and selling a product. However, in the process, you can end up ignoring certain aspects, such as the images on the home page of your website. To the surprise of many business owners, this seemingly simple factor can affect the perception of your brand, influence the decision of consumers and improve conversions significantly.

Rotating a Video with Movavi Video Editor

Can you imagine just how annoying it would be if you find that you accidentally held your camera the wrong way while you were recording and so your video orientation is off? Although some media players will let you rotate videos while playing them the feature isn’t present in many players, and so you can’t really rely on it.

Instead your best bet is to fix the video directly, by editing it to rotate its orientation. That can be done a lot faster than you think if you use Movavi Video Editor, and it will only take you a minute or two to learn how to rotate a video.

To be more specific, you can start by launching Movavi Video Editor and adding the video that you want to rotate by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting it. Once it is added it will appear in the ‘Timeline’ section, or you could just drag and drop the video file there to add it in the first place.

Frankly speaking there are multiple ways in which you can rotate your video at that point, but the easiest is probably to click on it in the ‘Timeline’ then press the ‘Rotate’ button located a bit above it as many times as you need. Each time you press the button Movavi Video Editor will rotate your video 90 degrees clockwise.

Assuming you’d like more control, you could click on the ‘Crop and Rotate’ button instead and Movavi Video Editor will let you rotate your video by a specific angle. At the same time you could also crop your video – which can be useful if you need to alter its aspect ratio after you’ve rotated it.

Simply put if you want to rotate your video by 90 or 180 degrees, it is easiest to just use to ‘Rotate’ button. On the other hand if you would like to rotate your video by some odd number then the ‘Crop and Rotate’ feature in Movavi Video Editor is likely to be a better option.

In either case once you’re done you can click ‘Export’ to save your video. Alternatively you could explore and apply the other features in Movavi Video Editor to trim out unwanted footage, merge clips together, apply special effects and filters, add captions, insert audio tracks, or edit it in a variety of other ways.

If all you want to do is rotate your video, it should be clear that Movavi Video Editor will let you do it really, really quickly. In fact once you try it out and rotate your video once, odds are the next time round it may just take you a couple of seconds at most.

5 More Marquee Decoration Tips from the Pros

It’s time to party! You’ve found the picture-perfect location, sent out the invitations and found the ideal marquee hire company. But you need to decide on a theme for your occasion and decorate the marquee in order that your guests enjoy something fabulous and unforgettable.

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In this piece we take a look at some top tips to do just that.

High and Mighty

Marquees are renowned for their grandeur and high ceilings. To create some drama to offset the height, make sure your table decorations are at different levels – for the perfect centrepiece use high glass vases and add items such as apples, hydrangeas and raffia. Add some further appeal by decorating the ceiling with something magnificent – vintage lampshades, old-fashioned parasols or even some stunning candelabras.

Lasting Memories

Photo booths are very much on trend and add to the party atmosphere. Create your own and add some bespoke twists such as paper pom-poms and a vintage fancy dress theme. And don’t forget the fairy lights!

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Lights, Camera, Action

Lighting your marquee can add a sense of theatre as well as a feeling of mellowness and warmth. If you use uplighters, then make sure a dimmer switch is incorporated to create a softer scene. Add in fairy lights to generate some glitter and sparkle. Candlelight adds atmosphere, so think about adding tea lights in jam jars on the tables and decorate them with delicate lace or hessian. Light up the outside of your marquee with fire pits, light the pathways with candlelit lanterns, drape lighting in the trees or add tea lights in holders on the branches. Whether it’s a marquee hire in Kent or Kerala, choosing the perfect lighting – provided by companies such as 2intents – will add the wow factor to your event.

Festoons and Garlands

If you are looking for inspiration, wedding fairs and bridal shows will offer some great ideas. These include adding bunting to your marquee. Gone are the days when it was the reserve of village fetes only, so create some individuality and add ivy and flowing foliage. Not only will it look stunning, but it will smell wonderful too.

That Festival Feel

Offer your guests a chill-out area, and add in vintage seating, old leather suitcases or salvage finds to create a relaxed, cool vibe that oozes authentic charm.

Why you should invest in PPC for your business

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective promotional model that can yield positive results for any business. Not only does PPC advertising attract the largest percentage of search traffic, it also allows for the effective targeting of receptive customers and accurate budget management throughout each campaign.

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Targeted reach and clear goals

PPC provides the flexibility that many businesses require, but often can’t achieve with other forms of advertising. A successful campaign will ensure your business is seen by customers searching for the things you provide, but you’ll only pay if they click through or give you a call. As this Entrepreneur article explains, there are several common mistakes to avoid, but it remains one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase your reach and boost key metrics.

As it will always be clear where your budget is going, you can also set clear conversion goals to help you understand how much investment is required to successfully convert visitors into customers. Additionally, you will be able to use the detailed data available to see which approaches are securing the best results for your business, ensuring you can fully optimise your marketing and successfully scale your spending in the future.

Flexible budgeting

PPC advertising allows you to set a daily budget, but with the flexibility of changing it at any time. If you haven’t advertised your business before, this method can be an ideal way to test the waters and begin working towards achieving your goals without overspending.

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Complement your marketing approach

If you want to know whether targeting a specific keyword will help you to secure additional conversions, running some PPC advertising can help you to understand how valuable it might be for your business.

Positively influence your search engine optimisation strategy

A comprehensive SEO strategy is crucial for every online business, and PPC advertising can effectively complement your organic optimisation strategy. Working closely with a professional London SEO agency, such as www.elevateuk.com, to pursue both angles can help you to outperform your competition.

Your PPC approach will guarantee enhanced visibility immediately and, as your SEO strategy consistently increases your organic visibility, you will be telling your audience that you are a popular and professional business with the means to provide high quality products or services to your customers.

Quirky ideas for an innovative Christmas gift

Socks, lip balm sets and chocolate boxes – we’ve all been there before with presents we neither want nor need. Why don’t you look for something a bit different for your loved ones this year? We’ve rounded up some of the most unique, quirky and innovative gift ideas of the year.

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Virtual Reality Headset

In a few years time, there won’t be a home in the UK without a virtual reality headset, and everyone will remember their first one. Be the one that started it all for a friend or loved one, with one of the many app-compatible virtual reality headsets on the market. They’re now a fraction of the price they were even just a couple of years ago. Get yours early with a Black Friday deal.

Ancestry DNA

An amazing gift for anyone with an interest of science, history or family. This DNA test will give the recipient amazing insight into how they came to be.

ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide ride

Anyone who has taken a train into London since 2012 from the East, will have see the red ArcelorMittal Orbit structure that was built for the London Olympics. The structure now holds a 178 metre long tunnel slide. Pick up a ride for two for under £35.

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Zorbing/Segway experience days

Slightly more ubiquitous than the slide on the ArcelorMittal Orbit, both zorbing and segways have truly entered the mainstream now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few people left yet to try them out. Zorb experience days and Segway tours are available in every corner of the UK, and again, they have come right down in price over the last couple of years.

Original Art

Reproduction art is so passé. Get your friends’ something they will love, cherish and even pass on in the form of a piece of original artwork or sculpture. Unusual but elegant options such as a bronze animal sculpture from Gill Parker Sculptures, will delight any art or animal lover.

An act of kindness

Let’s be honest, much of the money we spend on presents goes on stuff we neither need nor want, whilst many households go hungry and their kids go without presents..both in the UK and around the world. Arguably not ‘quirky’, but certainly different, why not gift a charitable donation this year to your friend’s favourite charity?

A Look Through The Premier

If we had previously announced that Sunday was good football day at Old Trafford, today there is no less, then, to review some alternatives that were experienced not only in that legendary soccer temple but throughout the English league, one of which has been It has won the heart of the fan and today is the exact representation of what many claim to see on a football field. Four days from the end there are still many things to be decided. Among them the champion, although the title seems close to Manchester United.