Why Learn Coding?

Our worlds are increasingly controlled by digital devices, from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep at night.  Whether we are accessing cloud documents for work, partaking in a video conference or doing our weekly grocery online – we are all interfacing with the invisible language of code. A simple definition of coding is that it’s the means by which you control and communicate with a computer or device. There are several different coding languages that make up the world of digital things. Why would you need to know this language?

Here are some amazing benefits from learning how to code:

Technology is Everywhere

Technology isn’t something that happens in a lab in Silicon Valley, it’s everywhere, every day. You’ll find it in schools, offices, hospitals and shops. Almost every organisation relies on the digital infrastructure and therefore, those who can speak ‘code’ have a lot of opportunities. If you need professional help with your website issues, consider a Drupal Design Agency like https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-design-development-agency

Learn Coding

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In such a tech-focused world, the more tech skills you have, the better for you. Each new skill you develop takes you in a multitude of different directions, makes you more attractive to employers and open new doors all the time.


Jobs in programming are growing 50% quicker than the rest of the job market. This puts you in a highly favourable position when it comes to job-hunting. Tech jobs are the sign of the future, so get one step ahead and then the market is yours to pick and choose over. Tech jobs also seem to come with more benefits than the average job, such as flexible working, remote working and of course, better pay.

Make Life Easier

Knowing coding skills allows you to get a job done without relying on others. You’ll be able to build websites and applications for yourself, working quicker and increasing your productivity and efficiency. You will no longer struggle through admin dashboards trying to find answers and you’ll feel a whole lot more empowered because of it. You’ll be creating things on your terms, making your own content and feeling independent and invincible!

Learn Coding

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Stay One Step Ahead of the Robots

This may sound dramatic but it’s already making the news. Concerns have been raised that robots will take many jobs previously done by humans. Automation might strip through our workforce, but there will always be a need for the coders who programme this army of robots. Knowing their language will guarantee you job security in an ever-changing landscape. Tech is no passing craze, it’s set to remain the industry norm, so whether we like it or not, it helps to be prepared for the future.

Can Wooden Flooring Be Used in Bathrooms?

Nothing is as beautiful as wooden flooring in your home. You might be lucky enough to live in a Victorian house with beautiful wooden flooring lurking beneath those carpets, ready to be restored. Or you might be in the larger group of us, who upon ripping up their carpets discover a layer of uninspiring cement. But fear not – wooden flooring is within your reach.

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The choices now are many, as are the accompanying price tags. The cheaper yet durable laminates look fantastic with a choice of colour-ways. Pale greys and white never fail to look great. Or you can go for composite flooring, which is cheaper than real wood but looks sublime. Or go the whole hog and opt for solid wood.

But we all get confused when it comes to wooden flooring in the bathroom. What are the options? Can it be done or do we need to stick with the lino that we all know (and some of us love but most of us hate)?


Bathrooms are, inevitably, pretty wet places. Engineered wood flooring is made from a layer of real wood attached to an underlayer of plywood. It copes better with humidity than solid wood. A wooden flooring company such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie has a fabulous range.

Caring for your flooring is very simple, and The Telegraph offers some good information regarding this.

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Keep It Thin

Engineered flooring is available in an array of thicknesses – keep it slim for maximum flexibility.

Why Use a Lap Tray or Desk Stand?

Staying connected with friends, family and colleagues is part of the modern world we live in today, and that is why many people prefer to use a laptop rather than a PC; there are, however, a number of health risks associated with this. In this article we explore the benefits of using a laptop stand and the solutions it provides.

Lap Tray

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So What Exactly Is a Laptop Stand?

In essence, a laptop stand is a portable fixture on which you can place your laptop in such a way that it doesn’t affect your posture.

Better by Design

Experts suggest that the screen of a computer should be at eye level and shoulders should be upright. However, doing both of these at the same time is impossible and your posture will be affected. Laptop stands or lap trays are designed so that the screen can be placed at eye level and, as an added bonus, you can keep your shoulders straight at the same time.

Desk Stand

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Production Output

Without using a lap tray, users can become tired more quickly than if they use one. Poor posture and eye strain are the reasons behind this. Using a laptop stand – and there are plenty to choose from at https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays – drastically improves both, which eliminates tiredness and maximises output.

Keep It Cool

Laptop stands can come with integrated cool pads which ensure your laptop remains at a consistent temperature and won’t overheat and slow down, with the resulting knock-on effect on your productivity.

Ease of Use

One of the best things about a laptop stand is its simple and straightforward set-up; there are no complicated instructions or challenging gear to manhandle. And as it’s portable, it can be easily stored using little space.

Extra Features

You can also customise your laptop with a few quirky little extras, including integrated cushions and cooling pads and lights.

Carry on Carrying

If you carry your laptop around with you on a regular basis, you are most likely going to need a laptop stand that can travel with you also. Fortunately, there is a variety of portable laptop stands just for this purpose.

Sleek and Smart

Laptop stands are not only ergonomically designed – they have a modern design as well perfectly match your sleek laptop.

Riding on the “Obby” Oss

May Day is seen as the official start of the summer proper. The cold winter days have truly gone, and the unsettled spring ones have departed too. There are many strange and wonderful events in the UK around this time. The Obby Oss tradition in Padstow, Cornwall is certainly one of them.

The Oss itself is made from an oval frame which is painted black and covered with a black skirt. The ugly head is of a small horse that has a snapping mouth. The Rider parades ahead snapping at spectators and generally having a go at them. Around the Oss prances the Teasers brandishing a white club. Behind the Oss are a merry band of drummers and accordion players hammering out the Day Song. At times they slow it down and the Oss “dies” only for the band to strike up again and for the Oss to regain its energy. The Men of the town dance about to this and the Oss attempts to “capture” passing maidens, or at least those it thinks are maidens, under its skirts. Apparently, this is good luck for a Maiden.

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These fictional horses are much easier to maintain and care for then their animal counterparts. Sweet itch is one of the many problems facing horse owners these days. Take a look here for further information https://www.stinky-stuff.co.uk/sweet-itch

It’s thought that the tradition dates back to the 18th Century so it’s not that old but its origins are certainly seen as having older Pagan “Celtic” roots. Then again if you see the words Celtic and Pagan describing something that generally means “we don’t know”. The whole thing starts at Midnight on May Eve when everyone assembles outside the Golden Lion Inn to sing a rousing rendition of the “Night Song”. This is basically a song about how, on the 1st May, the men of the town are finding their mojo and will be preparing to tempt the young maidens of the town with their manliness as it’s spring. It also contains a line about how this job will be easier should they get a free beer and has nothing to do with the fact they’re outside a pub when they sing it.

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In the morning the town is festooned with Flags and flowers to welcome in the new season and the end of winter. The Maypole, itself a sign of fertility, is made ready and then the Obby Oss procession can proceed. Actually, it’s two processions each one led by an Oss (so I suppose it’s Obby Ossi?) One starts from one end of the town and one from the other. The overall objective is to parade through the town until both reach the Maypole. Two very important points to note. Firstly, you can’t just turn up and join in, you or your family have got to have lived in Padstow for at least two generations. The other one is that this whole process takes about 12 hours to get to the Maypoles so it’s very much a long haul.

By late afternoon the Maypole is reached, and a dance around it is done. The Oss’s dance together!

Tessa Jowell Sparks Debate on Cancer Treatments

When former cabinet minister Baroness Tessa Jowell stepped into the Houses of Commons in late January, she did so to speak on a topic close to her heart, a theme found so often throughout her political career.

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In May 2017, Jowell was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare brain cancer affecting under 3,000 people in England annually. Like other brain cancers, little is known about it. Just 2 per cent of UK cancer research funding is spent on tackling brain tumours, and over the past 50 years there have been no breakthrough advances in brain cancer treatments.

Fighting back

While many would have sat back and wallowed following a bleak diagnosis, Jowell stated earnestly that she is not afraid. Instead, she requested that more be done to help NHS cancer patients access cancer treatments quickly. She spoke with a wavering voice, requesting those present in the House of Lords to allow more cancer patients the chance to take part in adaptive clinical trials.

The benefits of adaptive trials

These trials, like the paid research studies performed at St Georges Hospital and London Bridge by http://www.trials4us.co.uk/ enable flexible, multi-branched studies. This allows researchers to offer different treatment types to patients depending on their reaction to each treatment. If a patient is given a drug that is not working for them, they can be switched to another method during the trial, increasing their chances of a positive outcome.

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Because of the multi-branched approach used during adaptive trials, they can be completed much faster than typical clinical trials. This is promising for scientists who currently run through a 10-to-12-year process to get a cancer drug from inception to licensing, providing the drug is suitable for the market. In 2014, Yong Zang and J. Jack Lee wrote a paper entitled Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs in Oncology, which stated that between 2003 and 2010, just 9 per cent of trial drugs and interventions for cancer were successfully approved and released to the public.

There are also added financial benefits of adaptive clinical trials. Testing multiple drugs at once requires less spending on equipment, labs and staff, freeing up money for developing new drugs. As Baroness Jowell finished her address, her former colleagues and the medical profession were given food for thought. What they intend to do with her efforts, however, remains to be seen.

Signs that it’s time to change your industrial cartridge filter

Industrial dust extraction is an essential to maintain a safe and comfortable working environment. It ensures that dust particles are removed from the air before they can be breathed in by employees and cause health issues. But extraction systems need to be looked after in order to ensure they continue to do their job effectively, and one of the main tasks is changing the filter. This is the component that traps unwanted particles and is designed to be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. But how do you know when it’s the right time to change the filters in your system?

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When Does The Filter Need Changing?

Most systems use a cartridge filter. The good news is that these are easy to replace, but over time they inevitably get clogged with dust. A sign that this is starting to happen is reduced extraction efficiency. You may also notice that fans are having to work harder and thus become noisier over time.

Some systems have airflow indicators fitted, and these can provide a good early warning that the system’s efficiency is in decline. A reduced airflow rate is a sure sign that the system is becoming clogged and you need to change the filter.

How Often Do I Change the Filter?

How often you need to change the filter really depends on how hard the system has to work and the volume and type of dust it has to handle. Fortunately, replacement filters are readily available from suppliers like https://www.dustspares.co.uk/filters/, so changing them needn’t be a chore.

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Some extraction systems have a self-cleaning option that ‘pulses’ air through the filter cartridges in the other direction to keep them clear. However, while this can prolong filter life, even this type of system will clog its filters eventually to a point where they can no longer be cleaned and need to be replaced completely.

Depending on the type of dust being extracted, the frequency of changing filters may vary. Some types of fine dust will clog filters more quickly, leading to the need for more frequent attention. There’s also an issue that certain particles are abrasive in nature and can cause wear and damage to the filter over time, so they will need to be inspected and changed more often to keep extraction working effectively.

Great Some Ideas For Your Baby’s First Birthday Cake

The baby’s first birthday is undoubtedly one of the most special for the family. It is a moment worth celebrating because we celebrated the first twelve months with our baby and we have seen him grow and develop over the course of a year.So That’s why baby’s first birthday Cake will be Special.

Something you cannot miss to celebrate the first birthday of your baby is the birthday cake, so we share some ideas.

The Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

In just a few decades, real estate has been so successful that it is now taking over the world market. The vital need for large cities but also a major player in the “good bills” of the economy, real estate remains a “down to earth” sector but which guarantees a rapid enrichment. Focusing on the implementation of a policy of good stewardship and the modernization of modernity, real estate is not limited to a single framework. Although present in all cities of the world, some of them enjoy a status at golden prices: luxury in its entire splendor. Where the price indicates the high-end, we present you the list of the most expensive cities in the world for the luxury real estate.

Here 11 Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate.

MonacoThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

City of the principality of the upper Monegasque society, it was well known that the agglomeration of the great millionaires was a rich city. The French city, however, surprises with the price of real estate. The accommodations are of such a high standard in Monaco, we do not only rub shoulders with luxury, we live and it’s normal. With a figure that shows between 43,000 Dollars and 48,000 Dollars per square meter, real estate is not given in Monaco.

Indeed, the luxury of the principality has become a new trend. The status of the city has also played a key role in this rise in real estate prices. Luxury residences and luxury apartments do not skimp on the means for owners to enjoy an aristocratic life that borders on excellence, refinement, and objects of great value. We can also refer to the scarcity of real estate and tax evasion as the origin of this place of Monaco in the real estate sector. With a rise of 2%, the real estate of Monaco is luxury among the luxuries. A fame that makes the city includes very rich people.

Hong KongThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Second world GDP, China puts in the spotlight Hong Kong in the price of the luxury real estate. With a considerable rise in economic development, the city has become the center of the largest business in the world.

Real estate, especially occupied by professionals, the city records a price of 37,100 Dollars to 41,000 Dollars per square meter. With an innumerable need for a larger and more luxurious structure, the city of business is turning to a flawless modernity and more valuable products than the others.

LondonThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Entering the list of elites, London has a price of 30,000 to 35,000 Dollars per square meter. With a rise of 8.70%, the sober and classy city puts in front of the stage the luxury. Always favorite of the better-off, the city of the United Kingdom knows no doubt its success among millionaires thanks to its monarchical status.

GenevaThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

The big city of Switzerland is 24,000 Dollars per square meter. Switzerland is still a country with power, its largest city still attracts greed and allows investors to enjoy a growing economy. A point that allows anchoring more and more in luxury real estate and can thus display very exorbitant prices.

ParisThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Becoming in a few years a flagship destination for people, Paris has also turned into an ideal city to live. The requests then went far beyond the offers. With world renown for refinement and a luxurious taste, real estate can barely handle the demands. As a result, the big capital knows a price rise from 19,100 Dollars to 21,000 Dollars per square meter. The origin also comes from the atypical taste of the city which makes a return on the row the love of luxury and things of great values.

Also listing buildings and residences that date back several centuries, real estate plays on the beauty of local heritage and tends to let owners enjoy many priceless things. However, it should be taken into account that foreigners wanting to live in the city contribute to this status of the luxury real estate in the big capital.

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SingaporeThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

This second city of China has a price between 19,000 and 21,000 Dollars per square meter. This is mainly due to the economic activity of the country. With demand skyrocketing, the real estate sector is booming. Luxury is not only related to this high demand but also the type of customer who wants to have a residence or apartment in the big city at all costs. The presence of wealthy individuals also plays a role in this inflation. The demands are increasing, but the rich youth of the agglomeration is also raising the numbers.

MoscowThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

Even with a warm climate, the city is talking about it with a figure between 16,600 and 18,300 Dollars. For years, we know that many Russians are rich, immensely rich. On the one hand, we can say that the demands of local Russians are contributing to rising prices with increasingly luxurious tastes. On the other hand, it is not to be excluded that the city’s renown on many levels (mainly cultural) means that the city is looking more and more for luxury.

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New YorkThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

With a population that is skyrocketing, generally, the city of New York is experiencing a boom in the real estate sector. The city of all dreams, however, displays a price between 16 400 and 18 200 Dollars per square meter in luxury real estate. The cause: the unusual and excessive taste of luxury in the city. It is especially the apartments that are the most sought after, the view at the top of the floors being the most popular. But more than the real estate in question, the choice of the neighborhood also plays a crucial role in the price displayed.

SydneyThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

The Australian city enters the ranks with a price between 16 400 and 18 100 Dollars per square meter. A price that luxury real estate seems to appreciate given the value of the city, its success and its reputation especially with wealthy young people.

ShanghaiThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

China is still talking about it with its second city included in luxury. Displaying up to 18,000 Dollars per square meter, Shanghai rubs shoulders with luxury with a golden youth that is anchored more and more in modernity and Western styles. The refinement of the requested raw materials is also the cause of this price and the luxury status of the local real estate.

PekinThe Most Expensive Cities In The World For Luxury Real Estate

China’s third largest city with luxury real estate up to 13,800 square meters, Beijing is blazing the sector with a growing concentration of demands. Beijingers are numerous to be wealthy besides the numerous foreigners who rush to the city for business. Playing a crucial role in economic development, the city is also a major player in the country and attracts wealthy businessmen willing to invest and live.