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There are many benefits to crafting, including improved mental health, motor skills and wellbeing. Another benefit is the potential financial advantages to starting a so-called ‘side hustle’, that is, setting up a small business to sell crafts.

More and more people are taking up side hustles in these financially straightened times to help ease cost-of-living increases and mortgage rises. Many people are turning to skills they have to supplement their income, from freelance writing and baking to translating and crafting.

If you enjoy making crafts, why not get paid to do so? However, be aware that the government recently introduced a tax crack-down on side hustle income,, so make sure you know your tax liabilities. If you are still game to make a bit of extra cash through crafting, here are some business ideas to try.

Fashion Items

Two areas in textile crafting that have recently seen a boom in growth are macrame and crochet. This is thanks to both featuring in catwalk shows of major designers such as Chloe, Alberta Ferretti and Dolce and Gabbana.

Crocheted granny square skirts are easy enough to make and are popular amongst festival goers. And macrame can be used for lots of items but makes great skirts and waistcoats for a boho look. If you are new to either craft, you can buy a crochet or macrame kit from an online retailer such as Wool Couture that will contain everything you need to get started.

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Take a brief look at retailer Etsy and you will quickly see that there is a huge market for personalised handcrafted items. From embroidery to hand-whittled wood, there is demand in this market, and if you do a good job and receive good reviews then your business could quickly take off. Look after your customers and they may become repeat customers or promote your business through word of mouth.

There are lots of options when it comes to personalising, including embroidery, acrylic transfers on items like Christmas decorations and water bottles, pet portraits and carving or crafting personalised Christmas decorations.

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