Product delivery time, key in the e-commerce

Product delivery

The customer comes first. The customer is king. Companies make great efforts to retain customers and invest in care, product, advertising and marketing.

But when it came time to put the finishing touch comes: product delivery, some decide that that moment is unimportant and when discontent and appears the possibility that the delay in receiving your order a customer say goodbye to your e- commerce.

Product delivery
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If the other day we mentioned the dedication by the company in the packaging and how this element is critical to closing a sale and the customer decides to upload a video to the Internet, satisfied, which implies that for promoting company, at the other extreme are those who at this point, forget that person that their money was invested in your product / service.

A few months ago, a company called a client to tell the delivery of your package would not be able to perform at the agreed date.

He had paid the postage, but decided to be understanding. The customer had been good, also explanations and one – day delay would not posed a serious problem.

It is in these cases when we must be vigilant. The next time, the customer who has been sympathetic to the couple empathetic if you make another purchase should not only be well attended but a ‘thank you ‘ not hurt.

But what is striking is when this episode is repeated. That is, customer friendly is synonymous with a client who can be called to warn you that once again will not receive your order?

Confusing understanding with a lousy care is easy. The effort is done: the product is paid, the customer has made several purchases throughout the year … nothing happens. Until it happens.

Goodbye loyalty, customer goodbye, goodbye good reputation, and a warning to close a sale, which goes beyond ‘click’ and fill the basket.

So important are customers leaving our shop before saying yes, as they do with their purchase and we relaxed. Will it be for opportunities to buy your product? For more visit

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