How can you dispose of confidential waste?

It’s everyone’s responsibility to help prevent identity fraud. But when it comes to running a business, there are also stringent data security compliance regulations to meet. This can make the task of disposing of confidential waste a challenging prospect.

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You can find out your responsibilities as a business owner here. But don’t be daunted. It’s easy to safely and securely dispose of physical files and documents that are no longer needed by your business, and still meet compliance by opting for confidential waste disposal Cardiff.

Check your waste

The process starts by carefully checking through all paper files that are to be thrown away. If the documents contain anything that qualifies as sensitive personal data (e.g. information which could be used to identify an individual person), then you can’t simply add it to the recycling bin – it needs to be properly destroyed.

Furthermore, whilst waiting for the confidential documents to be destroyed, you still need to be mindful of compliance regulations. This means not leaving the files in a rubbish sack or box in an accessible area, particularly if members of the public are also permitted in this space. Always keep them locked in a designated confidential waste bin.

Then have the documents disposed of as quickly as possible. This avoids the risk of the information falling into criminal hands (and your business earning a hefty fine in the process).

Make disposal part of your routine

For less important documents, having a shredder in the workplace can be a useful solution. Choose a model that offers crosscut shredding or particle shredding for the most effective disposal.

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However, expert fraudsters may still be able to reconstruct paper files which have been destroyed in this way. This means that for the most sensitive paperwork, it’s far better to use professional confidential waste disposal Cardiff.

Choosing professional waste disposal services will not only help your business meet data compliance regulations but will also give you valuable peace of mind. Such services are also ideal for disposing of USBs and other hardware which might contain confidential information.

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