How to Get Your Business Signage to Stand Out

In a world where customers are bombarded with signs, banners and billboards every day, it’s crucial that your signage gets noticed. The good news is, that’s not impossible, if you follow the simple tips outlined in this article!

  1. Choosing the Right Font

The first step to creating a sign that stands out is ensuring the text is easily readable. This means selecting a font that is clear and crisp. The use of white space (or negative space) is also important. When a sign is too full or cluttered, it can be hard to read. Ideally, 30-40 percent of a sign’s surface should be covered with white space.

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  1. Choosing the Right Colours

The colours of your signage are also crucial. The right colours will ensure your signage is seen and remembered by customers. Avoid using trendy hues, as they can become outdated quickly. Instead, choose classic colours that will be able to stand the test of time. For advice on Signage Exeter, contact a site such as

  1. Including Graphics

Finally, consider including graphics in your sign. This will catch the attention of your audience, as well as add a splash of creativity to your business sign.

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  1. Positioning

Positioning is key. Ensure your signage is located in optimal areas for the best visibility. It should, ideally, be visible whether the customer is approaching by foot or vehicle. Signage should be just the right size so as to attract attention but not distract.

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