The Characteristics That A Good Marketing Manager Must Have

The characteristics that a good marketing manager must have

Being a good Marketing Manager in my opinion today has become a more complex task than a few years ago, if we want to undertake a project in which we want to locate as a principal beacon in Marketing or face with guarantees a job interview for This post must be taken into account that some factors have varied quite a lot as can be the type of training, preparation and skills that we need:

1- Definite breakthrough of the 2.0 environment. We cannot opt to direct this area only focusing on the more traditional Marketing + Sales part. To this day it would be like working with one arm….

The characteristics that a good marketing manager must have2- Apart from Marketing, there are some matters that are neighbors to say in some way that must be friendly as can be the management or people management, be aware of new business models and that pleases the whole movement of startups Technological developments . If so, we can find a professional who can contribute different things and well valued in Marketing.

Marketing director already entering in matter, the characteristics that must have a good Marketing Director are the following:

– Know and master the different metrics to be able to measure the ROI (marketing ROI) in marketing actions: acquisition costs, life cycles…

The characteristics that a good marketing manager must have– Have some cognitive brushstrokes in finance as it will play touching budgets, profitability. A good marketing professional cannot be oblivious to the numbers.

– Mastering the digital part: Be comfortable with reports from Google adwords, Google analytics, social media etc.

– Advertising creativity, in marketing campaigns, and in conflict resolution

– Proactivity and orientation to achievement: You must be oriented towards the achievement of objectives and always be willing to absorb good ideas or novel concepts for implementation

The characteristics that a good marketing manager must have– Ease of communication: All marketing actions need to have a good interlocutor to the front, and that is you, you are going to have to convince other areas of management of why it is good for the company the actions you are exposing.

– Be a team player: The ability you have to motivate your people can mark the path to success. Have some helped each other; get involved in all the processes to create complicity and commitment to the common causes.

The characteristics that a good marketing manager must have– Tendency to continuous learning: New technologies, new supports, new partners. You cannot sit still thinking that you have learned what is necessary. A couple of years stuck in new knowledge can leave you in unequal conditions with competition.

– Do not be a reservation!: How many times I have seen marketing managers too comfortable and not wanting to “complicate life”, you cannot think that what has always been done is the best. Contexts change and where there were no business opportunities before now there may be.

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– Brushstrokes of “Business Intelligence”: We must know how to transform the amount of data that we have today into productive knowledge. The data is to make smart decisions, and in Marketing as well.

To conclude, the marketing director should, after all, be a professional who perfectly masters the “tempo” to analyze when it comes to the current and future situation, to plan and organize rigorously and to lead the relevant execution.

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