What Things you Should Think About Before Deciding to Run your Own Pub

Running a pub is something that many people find an attractive idea. For those that love being in a sociable and busy environment, and have good people skills, a pub can definitely be a great business to run.

There are lots of ways of going about running a pub, but before you make the leap, there are also lots of things to consider as it is a big change to your lifestyle and some things may come as a shock if you hadn’t thought about them beforehand.

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First of all, you are running a business, so you need to be able to make money to afford to live. When you first start, as with any business, times may be tough so having a bit of money tucked away to support you is a good thing.

It is at this time that you also might find you have a lot of expenses to cover and work that needs doing – there are companies like this https://www.specialistbusinessfinance.co.uk/hospitality-finance/finance-for-pubs that provide finance for pubs so look into this beforehand.

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Something else that you need to consider is living at the pub. Living where you work can sometimes feel claustrophobic to some people so having a space that is yours that you can retreat to is important.

Holidays can also be problematic, as you will have to make sure you have staff who are able to cover things whilst you are gone. Having lots of holidays is rarely an option when you run a pub, so do think about whether this is something that will suit you.

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