How to check the identity of your clients

If your business pirates in a regulated industry such as medical, education or financial service there may be a number of different requirements imposed on you to ensure that you check your clients identity. There are a number of different ways that you can achieve this. You can use a manual process where you ask for relevant documentation to be sent into your business or you can use KYC software such as that offered by

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There are a number of different documents that you can check to ensure that your clients are who they say they are.

National Insurance numbers – these can be used if you need to check that someone has a right to work in the UK and if you work in financial services.

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Passport / Driving Licence – in order to verify someone’s physical identity you can use a passport or a photographic driving licence to check that the person signing up to your services is who they say they are. You can also use these to cross reference any address information that they give you.

Address check – this is most often done by asking for a copy of a utility bill, council tax statement or bank statement. It needs to be an official document that is sent in your name and to the address that you reside at.

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