How to train others with confidence

Working as a trainer can be an incredibly rewarding job and there are lots of different ways that you can work in training. It could be that you want to work for a college as a trainer on some of their courses, or you might want to set yourself up as an independent trainer.

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There are lots of subjects that you can train people in. These could be formal skills that people need in order to progress into their chosen career, or they can be soft skills or even skills that you need to carry out a particular hobby.

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One way to decide what you want to train people in is to look at what you already know, what you are qualified by experience to teach and what passions that you have.  Next you can look at ways in which you can gain confidence in sharing these skills with others. Attending Train The Trainer Courses like the ones that are available from can be a great place to start. These types of courses will help you to gain all the skills you need to be incredibly successful as a trainer.

Lastly you should ensure that you practise your delivery as often as possible. This could b e asking friends and family to be practice trainees for you so you can try out your material and make any changes before you start training on real students.

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