How Is An Australian CV Different To A British One?

If you are coming to Australia to work, you will need to create a CV for applying for jobs. However, it is important to know that CV formats vary between countries and the way you present your CV in Australia will be different than the way you format it in the UK. It is crucial to format your CV in the right way before you start submitting it to jobs in Australia.

So, what are the differences between an Australian CV format and a British one? Here are some of the key differences.

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How Long Should It Be?

The short and concise format of the UK CV is not the same as the traditional style in Australia. An Australian CV is expected to be longer and more detailed, with all your job history, education and qualifications provided. If all this information is not provided, an Australian provider will assume that there is a gap in which you didn’t do anything.

Australian CVs will generally be up to 3 or 4 pages long and they can sometimes even be 5 or 6 pages long for a senior role. You should also list two or three references at the bottom of your Australia CV, with their contact information and email addresses.

Providing Contact Details

One difference that you might notice is in the contact details that are provided. In both the UK and Australia CVs will include important details such as an email address, home address and mobile number. However, CVs in Australia might also include social media links if they are relevant to the role – such as your Twitter and your LinkedIn profiles. This might mean that you must be conscious of your social media presence and the professional image that you project.

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Job History

Often in the UK the CV will only include the job history that is relevant to the position that you are applying for. However, in Australia it is more common to include a full and comprehensive history of all the jobs that you have had. Gaps in your history can be a red flag and can raise questions with potential employers. So, make sure that you include all of the relevant details, no matter how many pages it takes to fulfil this. Of course, there can be many reasons that you are looking for a new job, from a change of career path or you may be in dispute with your current employer. If this is the case, you can always contact Ascot solicitors companies such as Parachute Law.

Educational Qualifications

Another area in which CV formats in the UK differ from other countries is whether you will need to put down all of your educational qualifications. Australia and the UK are similar in this regard, as unlike other countries both cultures expect that all your education should be noted on your CV.

Describing Your Personality

In the UK you are expected to talk about your personality in a short blurb or in your cover letter so that the employers will know whether or not you will get along with others in the workplace. However, in Australia this is not expected so it can be somewhat of a waste of time to include it on your CV. Instead, you can let your personality shine through when you speak to the employer on the phone or at the interview.

One area in which CVs in the UK and Australia are similar is that the layout and format should be simple. Don’t go too crazy with fancy fonts and styles, it is better to make sure that your CV is clear and easy to read. When you go overboard with the fonts on your CV you will distract the attention away from the details and your qualifications, which is the important part. Keep the CV formatted neatly so that it is easy to read and use plenty of space and bullet points.

These are some important pointers that you should know when it comes to applying for a job with your CV when you are migrating to Australia. Make sure that you tailor your application to suit the job so that you can stand out from the crowd and have the best possible chance. When it comes to applying for your Australian Skilled Visas and getting all of the paperwork in order so that you can emigrate, a company like The Emigration Group can really help.

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