Secret Tips for Moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience that many look forward to for many years. Most people are focused on big-ticket items, such as new furniture, redecorating and getting a home inspection, but there are many small, important items that tend to go unnoticed. These items are crucial when buying and moving into a new home, so be sure to check them off your to-do list before unpacking those boxes!

Change the Locks

You don’t know how many people had access to your new home before you signed on the dotted line. Family members, friends or significant others of previous owners could have had several sets of keys that they still possess. One good thing to do before officially moving in is investing in a lock rekeying service Orlando so that you can ensure your locks are new, safe and unavailable to sets of keys still floating around strangers back pockets.

Prepare to Deep Clean

It’s generally easier to just unload and settle into your new home, but you cannot guarantee how clean the previous owners or the home-staging team truly left the home. Rather than chancing it, deep clean your home before you start unpacking. You should disinfect every appliance, run your dishwasher and washing machine empty at least once with hot water and a safe, approved soap or disinfectant and scrub in-between areas like baseboards, door frames and windowsills. Not only will it look cleaner, but it will be safer to begin your move!

When you make the decision to move, it is a large commitment not taken lightly. Make sure that you are enforcing the safety and cleanliness of your home by changing all of the interior and exterior locks, as well as planning to do a deep clean prior to moving all of your new furniture inside.

3 Things To Consider When Remodeling A Home

If you are thinking about remodeling the home you live in or buying a new home to renovate, there are a few things you will want to consider. Some upgrades and renovations can’t be avoided; plumbing and electrical are good examples. These sorts of things have to be functioning properly in order for you to have a home that is comfortable to live in. They also have to be up to code, so you will want to check all of your local housing requirements and hire a contractor to do any repairs and upgrades. Other than the essentials there are many areas in your home in which you have a great deal of flexibility.

Tips for a Successful Home Remodel

Planning a home remodel is an exciting time, as it gives you the opportunity to truly design the home of your dreams. If you’re preparing for your first major home remodel, there are plenty of considerations to remember to ensure the process goes smoothly and you’re happy with your end result. Before you pull out the tools and prepare for demolition, read these helpful tips to keep in mind as you begin your home remodel.

consider engineered wood floors

Have a Goal

You should have an overall goal for your remodel. Is your family growing and you need to expand to accommodate your expanding needs? Perhaps you want to design a home that will allow you to age in place as you grow older. Or, perhaps you simply want a change and want to update your home to meet your style. Whatever the reason, you should always keep your goal in mind when you go through the remodeling process.

Keep a Budget

Having a budget is important for any home improvement project and especially rings true for a major home remodel. The last thing you want is to run out of funds in the middle of your project. Your budget should cover everything from materials to your home remodeling contractors St Louis MO, so there are no unpleasant surprises along the way. As a general rule, you should over budget your project to cover anything that may come up along the way which can add to expenses.

Pack Away Belongings

To keep the project moving along smoothly and avoid any accidents, pack away your belongings so they don’t get in the way of the contractors. This not only protects them from avoidable injury, but can also keep your valuables from getting broken due to being present on a job site.

With some preparation and a clear goal in mind, your home renovation process can be an overwhelming success.

5 tips to plan the decoration of a space

There is a very special moment in a creative interior design process, one in which you observe the characteristics of the place after a time of transformation. But before this later phase comes, you focus on the planning that shapes this visualization that dresses the space with the desired image. We give you five tips to plan the decoration of a space.

4 tips to redecorate open spaces

Even before starting to furnish a space, it is possible to identify some individual characteristic that differentiates that place. This is the case, for example, with the spaciousness of the open decoration that significantly links the kitchen and living room, establishing a relationship of continuity between these common coexistence rooms. After that first moment in which you shaped this creative purpose, you will live other moments in which your main objective is to redecorate this set to achieve a new objective. How to redecorate open spaces? Here we share some ideas.

1. Lamps and lighting products

One of the strengths of a space with these characteristics is the feeling of spaciousness it provides and the use of natural light that reaches from one point to another without finding the limit of a wall that prevents its passage. Lighting products complement this source of natural light. Therefore, when rethinking the decoration of this place you can put the point of attention in this specific section.

Symmetrical lighting is frequent, for example, on the kitchen island. But you can also choose a new table lamp for the living room. These are just a few ideas. Reinterpret this suggestion noting what the needs of this place are that are so important to you.

The most important thing is that you enjoy this creative process, not only of the final result, but also of the own experience of moving towards that goal that you visualize in the present.

2. Define the objective that motivates this change

Given the desire to redecorate a room, a specific need arises that should be taken into account. This need offers an answer in a new present time. And what is the purpose of this process? Determine what your answer is and design the action plan to achieve this expectation that you are going to transfer to this plan of an open decoration space in an approximate period of time.

Reflect not only on the decorative goal, but also on what it means to you right now.

3. Differentiate each space

In the open decoration style there is a constant balance between the whole of this environment seen as a whole and each individual area that is dedicated to a specific objective. Therefore, in this redecoration of the space some factors will change, but it is advisable to continue maintaining this balance between the whole and each of the parts.

This differentiation of zones can also help you contextualize in a more concrete way the objective of redecorating a place that is part of this whole. For example, the environment next to the dining room table. In this way, you limit the scope of action to the chosen surface.

By viewing the open space it is possible to identify each individual area within the main set.

4. Do not saturate an open space with multiple elements

One of the advantages of an open space is that it enhances creativity in decorating a place that grows in breadth thanks to this perspective. It is necessary to occupy the space looking for the balance between the practical vision that brings the usefulness of a product, and the aesthetics of a concrete design. But one of the possible errors is to recharge the place or, on the contrary, to leave it too empty.

Find this balance to achieve a warm, comfortable and emotional environment that keeps an order with your own inner well-being. Open spaces, by their very essence, reinforce spaciousness. But this amplitude is not infinite, but the limits of the house define what is possible. Do not saturate an open space with multiple elements, this allows you to choose each detail more carefully.

What other proposals to redecorate open spaces do you want to add?

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How to Love Your Garage Again

Nice weather naturally brings up thoughts of beautifying your yard, patio and garage area. If you’re dreading the dirt, the dust and the sneezing that comes with getting your garage into shape, you’re not alone. The garage is usually one of the most ignored areas for tidying up. Fortunately, there are solutions that will make you want to spend a lot more time in the garage instead of hiding from it.

A Shining Epoxy Floor

If you’re new to the world of epoxy floors, think of what you see in an auto dealer’s showroom. That same type of floor can be put right into your garage. Coming in a variety of colors, the best garage floor epoxy can brighten up and give an instant boost to the look of your garage. It also seals against damage from moisture, is fade-resistant and extremely durable in high-traffic areas.

Creating a Cleaner Area

Putting in an epoxy floor automatically makes your garage cleaner. No longer will you be breathing in dust because the epoxy bonds with the concrete creating a seal. Simply sweep or mop up any dirt that gets tracked in. Plus, with this type of floor, you can easily wipe up liquids and car fluids. No more unsightly stains soaked into your floor.

How to Install an Epoxy Floor

The makeup of an epoxy floor is different than other types of floors. After it’s applied, it needs to be cured. Since there’s a special way to prep your original floor and install this coating, it’s best left to the professionals. You want to ensure that the coating bonds correctly to the concrete so it will last for years to come. Experts are specifically trained in epoxy floor application.

Not Only for Garages

Epoxy floors are fantastic for garages, but can also be installed in commercial work spaces such as factories or showrooms. The smooth surface provides ease for gliding equipment with wheels. In a busy workplace with lots of employees, a scratch-resistant floor is optimum in the case of high traffic or falling objects. Epoxy is stronger than other types of floor and will not peel like paint.

Enjoying Your New Floor

Seeing a clean, neat space especially in an area as spacious as a garage can make a huge difference in getting your things organized. You’ll be inspired to use it to its maximum potential. Not only will your completed floor look fantastic, but it will protect its integrity for years to come.

How To Choose Paving Slabs?

Today one of the most popular building materials is paving slabs, best suited for paving suburban, park and pedestrian areas. Wear-resistant, helping to translate into reality a wide variety of design ideas, it is characterized by a variety of colors, shapes, types and long-term use. However, acquiring this wonderful building material and determined in the vast choice provided by the domestic market, you need to know how to choose paving slabs and what should you focus on before buying?