Caring for a Fence in the Winter

Winter is a hard time for a garden fence. Here are some of the things to look out for to help your fence through the winter months…

Preventing the damage that water can cause to a fence is most important over the winter. Snow and rain can cause fences to become damp for a prolonged period of time which then leads to rot setting in, which eventually will weaken the fence. If this has already happened, it is likely that you will have to contact someone like this fencing Cheltenham based company to replace the entire fence.

There are products that you can use that reduce the risk of this happening however, so before it gets to this point, treating your fence with a damp protection product is a good way to get it to last longer. Alternatively, if you are going to be replacing your fence, consider using metal rather than wood if you want a fence that is more durable and long lasting.

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Another winter problem for fences is plants. Trees and shrubs that become overgrown can then put pressure on the fence weakening it. Plants also retain a lot of moisture which also then introduces damp to the fence and therefore rotting can happen this way too. Make sure that you keep trees and shrubs well-trimmed at this time of the year.

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At the base of the fence, you should look out for the fallen autumn leaves and also the moss and other debris that can be blown around the garden. Clear this away from the bottom of the fence to reduce the risk of rot here too.

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