Getting ready for a big house move

In this day and age of uncertainty, especially when it comes to moving home. The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has put the housing market in a state of flux. Recent changes by the government regarding stamp duty has helped to ease the pressure but there may be some circumstances where you have sold your home but there is a long wait before the chain completes. One of the worst parts of moving home is how to move all of the many items, both large and small, plus your personal effects. If you have lived in a property for a long time it’s a very good chance that you will have accumulated a vast amount of items. What’s the best plan of action to make sure all of this is moved with a purpose and that none of it is damaged?

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Ask anyone who’s been through the whole house move process and they will tell you this, moving and moving in is the worst aspect of the process. There are a lot of considerations that you need to think about. Do you want a professional removal team to sort it all out or do you want to hire a van and do it yourself? With any house move, there is a degree of mounting costs. Solicitors fees, and surveys for example,¬† can start to rack up the number of costs that a house move incurs.

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However, all do agree that planning ahead is the most important element of a successful house move. Making sure that everything is packed and boxed ready for the move is crucial. Before the big day make sure that everything is in a container and that the container is labelled with where you want that box to go. If the movers can see that a box needs to be in a bathroom or a bedroom they will do it for you.


If you know that you’re going to sell and want to get ahead of the game you could look at starting the packing early and use a Self Storage Dudley based holding area like https://www.anchorselfstorage. With everything stored away, you can start with a blank canvas on moving day and the movers can simply go to the storage area and take it all and transport it to the new home without having to negotiate your old home.

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