Gloucester City, its magnificent Cathedral and regenerated Docks.

Standing proudly in the North of Gloucester City centre with its beautiful Gothic Spires towering over the skyline is the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral.  Originally, the Cathedral Church of The Holy Trinity and dedicated to St Peter in the year 679.  The stunning stained-glass windows are an integral part of this Holy place of Worship, hope and peace and provide visitors with a true feeling of awe and wonder. Visitors, tourists and locals to the area are genuinely moved and definitely feel a sense of connection to God when spending time inside the Cathedral. If you are lucky enough to be moving to Gloucester City to live, then definitely spend some quality time at this wonderful location.

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With all the stressful parts of moving taken care of you can explore the area and check out the regenerated Docks in the City.  Located at the Quays, with a large designer retail outlet at discounted prices, with plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars, this area of the city is definitely popular.

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