Replacing your boiler vs Repairing your old one

The stress of heating a home has become an increasingly common issue for homes across the UK. During winter months, the boiler is essential to providing us with not just a warm and comfortable home but giving a lot of us our home comforts such as hot water bottles or baths! Not only can an unheated home lead to mould and dampness, but long-term effects can develop into unpleasant and avoidable health problems. With the uncertainty of a faulty boiler threatening the health and comfort of our homes, it is important to know when it is time to say goodbye to the old and in with the new!

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There are benefits of keeping and repairing your boiler, but these are only the case if maintained such as having an annual service. Boiler servicing is often a requirement among a lot of companies, and although this may seem unnecessary, the servicing itself can take as little as one forty-five minutes visit annually. The service enables the boiler to have a longer and healthier lifespan as well as giving you a sense of ease, not having to worry about the risks such as leaks or dangerous fires that can occur if it is not correctly maintained.

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The upkeep of your boiler can feel like a hassle, however, the best approach is to report a problem to your local boiler service such as Boiler Repair Cheltenham before it is broken completely. Catching the problem early means that you can leave the queries to the experts without the stress of the unknown. This is especially relevant in winter, where what can seem like a small problem could lead to an uncomfortable dilemma that could have been avoided.

Alternatively, if you are unsure whether replacing your boiler for a new one is going to be worth it, something to consider is energy efficiency. Each year a boiler loses efficiency, where more gas is lost, draining our costs without a lot of being aware it’s even happening.

The benefits of a new and efficient boiler stretch beyond just money saving. Other than the ease of use of modern boilers in comparison to older ones, by installing a new healthy boiler you will be reducing the carbon emissions from your home. Therefore, installing a new boiler not only gives you peace of mind but helps you do your bit for the planet!

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