Three Problems That Can Happen With a Boiler

In order to keep us warm and comfortable, we rely on the central heating in our homes. With winter still holding on despite the fact that we are technically into Spring now, many of us are still having to use our heating in our homes to keep warm and help us battle the chilly conditions outdoors!

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When something goes wrong with our central heating system, this is a really big problem, as it is not only heat that we need but also hot water too. When we have a problem with the heating system in the home, it shows us how dependent we are on the availability of heating and hot water, for health and hygiene.

When something goes wrong with this system, it is important that you get a professional like this boiler repair Cheltenham based company to come out and have a look at it for you. Your boiler is certainly not something that you want to take on yourself, as this can be very dangerous when you do not have the correct training and qualifications to do it, and could lead to much larger problems.

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Some boiler problems are more common, and these are some of the most commonly reported boiler problems that you might encounter…

Pilot Light Out – This is typically a more likely problem that will occur if you have an older boiler. When this happens, it is usually due to the parts that are used to keep the pilot light running having sustained some damage or developing a fault, so it is likely that they then will need to be replaced.

Noises from the Boiler – When there is something going wrong inside the boiler, often one of the tell-tale signs of this is hearing unusual noises from inside the boiler that you don’t normally hear. It could be a humming sound, often meaning that the water pressure is too high, a bubbling sound which is known as kettling, which means water is heating too quickly, or gurgling, suggesting there may be some trapped air somewhere.

Low Pressure – If you have no hot water, this could well be the reason for it. Have a look at the pressure indicator on the boiler, and if it is down below the 1 bar, then it is likely to be the case that your boiler has lost pressure. This could be caused by a leak, or from air in the system.



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