To rent or to buy, that is the question.

The age-old dilemma of “To Rent or to Buy” is still a hot topic of debate all around the country as young couples, families and singletons struggle to save enough money to put down as a deposit on a home of their own.  Renting is possibly the only way they can afford to live together so then the choice is taken out of their hands.  In most cases it’s always better to own your own property than it is to rent a home, as houses increase in value and when you sell any profits made are yours to keep. It’s a completely different dilemma when it comes to buying or renting a car or van, because vehicles depreciate in value the moment you drive them off the forecourt, in this instance renting makes more economical sense.  A professional company such as Autolyne who specialise in Van Rental Bristol could offer you a great deal on a hire vehicle.

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Renting a vehicle makes a great deal of sense and is a very practical solution when thinking about transport for work or family life.  The vehicle you rent is maintained by the rental company, so no expensive repair bills, the MOT and any servicing is also carried out by the company so again saving you money.  Unlike a house that appreciates in value, the longer you own it, any vehicle quickly depreciates in value, so you always lose money when selling your car or van.  Buying a new vehicle is always a risk, unless you buy from a reputable dealer, never buy from a private seller because you always buy, “Sold as Seen” and there are no guarantees that it won’t break down within a few miles.

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Going back to the dilemma of buying or renting a house, if you can come up with the deposit required then it’s always better to buy. If you rent, the Landlord can increase your payments, have strict rules on no pets or visitors staying and decide to give you notice to vacate when it suits them. You will probably pay as much in rental fees as you would a mortgage, so at the end of the term the house will be yours and you will undoubtedly make a profit when you sell. “To Rent or to Buy ” may be the question, but the answer depends on what it is you are buying or renting.

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