Best Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Smartwatch Whilst Doing Exercise

Over the past couple of decades, the entire world has been totally transformed into a digital powerhouse in which we are now dominated by technology in our everyday lives. The main concept behind this has been the smartphone revolution but in recent times, we are seeing smartwatches become the perfect company to go with your smartphone and so today we look at how you can get more out of your smartwatch whilst exercising.

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One of the main ways that you can get more out of your smartwatch is by watching your average steps that you are doing per day. It is reported that the average UK citizen walks approximately 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, which in hindsight, probably isn’t enough. However, once owning a smartwatch, this will enable you to track how many steps you are doing a day and will enable you to focus on increasing this to improve everyday fitness and health levels simply by increasing your step count. 10,000 steps is the ideal amount of steps that the NHS recommends and is certainly achievable with a smartwatch.

Another great way to get the most out of your smartwatch is to challenge yourself and your friends as you hook your devices up together to see how your fitness and exercise levels are comparing via your smartwatches. Smartwatches are now able for you to link with your friends and compete with each other that have similar devices. Why don’t you challenge your friends and family to see who can do the most steps?  Or even who can burn the most calories within the day? The best thing about this feature is that it is highly motivating and will certainly make you want to beat your friends and family at everything you do.

And finally, using the pre-set work out that many smartwatches that have pre-loaded onto their software’s is a great way to get the most out of your work out. There is now a workout for everything, including running, cycling, swimming and many more will be able to enhance your workout and ensure that it is tracking your workout perfectly and is tailored to each workout. This would not be possibly without the rapid rise of technology over time, and it isn’t the only industry that has bene able to benefit, with online casinos with many here now showcasing one of the highest quality sites within the industry. They showcase a wide variety of game play, promotional deals for all new customers as well as the promise that your gambling will never be limited by gamstop – something certainly worth checking out for.

Dry wash at home

Natural methods for dry washing also include doughs with lemon juice and salt. For the skin, on the other hand, white clay with water is very effective. The do-it-yourself washing kit.


The laundry, the washing and dry cleaning of suits, costs, and not a little. The washing machine is unsuitable. What to do? The best solution, both from the point of view of savings and for the positive effect on the environment, is to carry out dry cleaning at home.


With very simple methods and alternatives, and by replacing perchloroethylene, the chemical solvent generally used by laundries, with natural products. Let’s see which ones:

  • First, read the label of the garment to be washed, to find out if dry cleaning is allowed and if there are any useful suggestions. Then cover the work surface with an oilcloth, spread the dress to be removed on top. Prepare a mixture of sparkling water, baking soda, and white wine vinegar and mix until you get a cream. Dip a cotton ball in this thick paste and dab on the stains until they disappear. Then, clean with a white, damp cloth and finally hang the garment out in the open air, possibly in the sun, so that it dries well.
  • Another effective method involves using a solution made of lemon juice and salt mixed together until a thick substance is obtained. Then pass this paste on the stain and leave it on for half an hour. Then remove the cream and clean the dress with a wet white microfibre cloth: the result is guaranteed.
  • Take a cotton cloth soaked in alcohol and wipe it on the stain to be treated, rubbing well. Then sprinkle with talcum powder (or rice starch) and let it act for a few minutes. Then brush with a fabric brush and the stain will disappear.
  • In supermarkets, you can find real dry cleaning kits, also totally biodegradable, therefore free of chemical solvents. The large distribution kit requires that you also have a dryer at home. In the kit you will find a pre-treatment to distribute on the stains. After using it, you have to put the clothes in the special bag supplied and put everything in the washing machine, together with the absorbent sheet that captures the colors, also present in the kit. At the end of the wash, place the bag in the dryer and run a program of about thirty minutes. Finally, after drying, remove the bag, take out the clothes and hang them on a drying rack. Always keep in mind that the kit cannot wash leather, suede or fur garments.
  • If you have a habit of using the pats soap of Marseille, strofinatene someone, dry, on the stains to be removed and eventually proceed with normal washing.
  • If you have to clean a leather jacket, take some white clay and mix it with water; then rub the paste obtained on the jacket, always proceeding in the same direction, from bottom to top. Finally, hang the jacket where there is no direct light and let the pasta dry; then shake the jacket and brush with a clothes brush.

Quince jam: the recipe for a simple and delicious jam

The quince jam is a delicious winter jam, made with these particular fruits from the lumpy shape and slightly acidic flavor. To make this exquisite grandmother’s recipe you will only need quinces, sugar and lemon juice: you will get a sweet,  aromatic, and very fragrant jam. Once ready, you can consume it with sweet or savory dishes. Enjoy it on rusks, use it to fill cakes and pies or in combination with fatty meats, especially poultry and game. But here are all the steps to make it and enjoy it throughout the winter.

Can you freeze mushrooms

Mushrooms have always been a great source of debate in the food sector. In fact, if not consumed carefully they can be potentially dangerous, especially if collected independently. In the world, there are many different types of mushrooms, among the most popular are the champignons, the porcini, the Chiodini, the portobello and so on, they are all found in the supermarket, both fresh and frozen, or in fruit and vegetable shops.

How to make up almond eyes

Thanks to their specular shape this type of eyes lend themselves to being made up with infinite shades. And for those who don’t have them, there are some easy make-up tricks that give an elongated look “a la Beyonce”.

It’s the perfect eye, so all make-up artists claim. Its specular cut, in fact, means that this shape has nothing to correct. Indeed, it is ideal for creating very imaginative make-up: “We can take advantage of the symmetry of this type of eyes to apply the eyeliner perfectly, just follow its shape and come out a few millimeters to emphasize their natural elongated line”.


To characterize this make-up is a line that follows the natural crease of the eye, emphasizing the eyelid. We apply a golden pink eyeshadow all over the mobile eyelid, which will give brightness to the eyes and make the eye appear larger. Now with the pencil draw a black graphic line, in the natural crease of the eye between the mobile eyelid and the fixed eyelid, blending it upwards. Then we blend a brown eyeshadow following the line drawn with the pencil always upwards. In this way, we will obtain a clear division between the lower lid and the upper lid.

A TWIST FOR THE DAYHow to make up almond eyes

“To create a quick and fresh day make-up, we apply a metallic copper eyeshadow in cream on the entire mobile lid and on the lower lid and emphasize only the final part of the eye with a slightly shaded black eyeshadow that will give three-dimensionality to the eye “.


It only takes two steps to transform this day make-up into an impactful and evening trend, simply by applying two colors of eyeliner. The first black that follows the upper rim of the eyes and the second green exactly above the first. The application of “double” eyeliner will accentuate the elongated shape of the almond-shaped eye.

BEAUTY TIPS TO LENGTHEN THE EYES How to make up almond eyes

“To get a cat-like look typical of the almond-shaped eye starting from around the eye, the secret is to highlight the final part of the eye just apply a light satin pink color on the entire mobile eyelid and with the metallic brown eyeshadow, create a dark half-moon, blending outwards without rounding it up too much. We can further lengthen the look with a line of eyeliner, following the natural inclination of the eye by lifting it slightly only in the final part. Finally, apply the mascara on all the lashes, but insist on the final part of the eye.


It is important to use dark colors only on the final part of the eye, otherwise, the eyes will appear closer and less elongated. Above all, do not overdo the dark on the lower eyelid, otherwise, we will optically get an even more rounded eye

American breakfast: Ingredients and Recipes

Nobody can resist the American Breakfast, a rich and abundant breakfast, with both sweet and savory ingredients.

The buzzword for American breakfast is variety. In fact, anyone who wants to try to prepare at home this traditional meal in the United States can indulge themselves in the choice of ingredients and opt for either version sweet and for that salt, or directly to both! The idea of such a hearty breakfast dates back to the early twentieth century, when in the morning it was customary to eat the leftovers from the previous evening, who managed to satiate for most of the morning. Over the years, many recipes for American breakfast have been invented, based on the concept that breakfast represent the most important meal of the day and therefore must provide the right energy to face it.

What Not To Do If You Want An Uncontested Divorce

You may be upset when the bombshell of divorce gets dropped into your lap. You may want to lash out with a fury few have ever beheld in the history of the Earth. You may even want to strike in a way that will have damaging consequences for years to come. However, if you want to settle the divorce in an amicable way that won’t hurt the children, take a step back and think again. Here are some dirty tricks you do not want to engage in if you want an uncontested divorce.