How knitting can help with dexterity

Knitting is a craft that has been around for centuries and in the past the skill would have been passed down generation to generation. With access to Knitting Kits like the ones fromĀ it is easier than ever to start learning to knit. As well as being a craft that means you can produce beautiful items that can be worn and displayed around the home, it is also one that helps with dexterity.

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As we age we often find that our fingers are not as nimble as they used to be. This can mean that we find it harder to open jars and in some cases it can even become difficult to write. Knitting requires the use of your hands and your fingers in particular and this means that the muscles and joints are regularly being exercised so they remain strong.

In our digital age, we tend to find that our fingers are working constantly in the same way, either typing on a keyboard or swiping through social media. This means that we are not using our hands in the same ways as before, which has led to an increase in issues such as repetitive strain injury and even in cases of arthritis.

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The manual dexterity of hands helps to be able to express ourselves as well as being a vital part of our everyday living. When our fingers and hands no longer work in a nimble way it can be difficult to get dressed and to undertake simple activities such as washing. The movement of knitting helps to strengthen the muscles of the hands and wrists and also helps to keep all the tiny bones in the hands moving freely.

Knitting also requires a good degree of hand, eye,brain coordination. This means that we need the neurons in our brains to be firing in order to send the signals to our hands to carry out a particular stitch. We equally need to be able to remember how to carry out that stitch. Over time the more you complete a particular pattern, the more you will begin to remember what each row of knitting needs to look like. This then helps to improve long term memory and memory recall.

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