Every time we are all a little more aware of what it means to accept an inheritance because, with the possible benefits that we can obtain from the deceased, we are also accepting any burden or debt that it has. That has caused hundreds of inheritances to remain in the air each year, that is, we renounce them and, therefore, it is the State that keeps those benefits (unless a second successor wants to take charge of everything).

What Do We Talk About When We Say Floor And Mortgage Clauses?

All at some point in our daily lives, whether in a conversation between friends, family or in the media, we have heard the words clause soil. But do we really know what it is about or what is behind it? By floor clause, it is understood the minimum interest that the variable interest rate that a consumer or a bank client pays for the mortgage loan contracted with a bank. According to studies conducted a third of the mortgages contracted in Spain included this clause between the agreed conditions. If you have problems with this, you can go to the specialists of the law firm Duran and Duran.

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