Some biblical Jewish heroes

It’s easy to read about Jewish biblical heroes, their story is laid out in the Old testament, a collection of some of the oldest tales ever told. They form some of the basis for the Christian religion and are a record of the beginnings of the Jews and their faith. From the traditions of the Passover and the Bar Mitzvah, of which the sending of Bar Mitzvah Cards, like those from are commonplace, this is an established old religion but it needs its leaders and figureheads, here are a few.

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  1. Moses. The last of the great heroes, he was the man who led the Jews out of bondage from Egypt. Growing up in the Pharaoh’s Palace he spars with his brother for all the freedom of his people. He pronounces the seven plagues, even the last one which has a devastating effect.
  2. Solomon. A King of Israel and deemed to be very wise. His judgement, in legal matters and that of the state, for fairness is still upheld and referenced today.

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  1. David. Chosen by God, the diminutive warrior’s first appearance is when God tells him to leave his flock and go and fight the Philistines. He is instructed in taking on Goliath. Goliath is a giant of a man and super soldier. Nothing can stop him. However David, using his sling, fires a stone under Goliath’s helmet that kills him. He then becomes the King of the Jews.

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