The importance of sanitisation

The invention of several sanitisation technologies and processes that enable us to get access to clean, fresh water and to have our wastewater removed and then processed has helped us to keep a number of waterborne viruses and diseases at bay. It has also helped us to improve our overall health and has had a hand in the increased life expectancy of people in the West. Unfortunately, there are countries that still lack access to even the basics of sanitisation and clean water. For these countries, illnesses such as cholera and typhoid are still a real problem. The bacteria and viruses can rip through entire communities as they have little means to keep their homes safe and clean.

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One of the ways that we can reduce the instances of waterborne illnesses is through the use of waste pipes and sewer systems. These pipes take away the used water and waste products from our homes and channel them out into the streets. These pipes then culminate at water plants where the wastewater is treated and made safe. When issues occur with the sewer pipes, a Drain Lining Company like Wilkinson Environmental can use the latest technology and equipment to repair any damage and, in some cases, without having to dig up entire areas to access the pipes.

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Another way that we can improve the health of people across the world is with access to fresh running water. The freshwater needs to be flowing in one form or another or kept sealed to help prevent it from becoming stagnant and susceptible to bacteria. This can come in the form of flowing water through the pipe systems we are used to in the West, or it can be through wells and water bowsers. Bottled water can also help people to stay hydrated and is much healthier than them accessing stagnant dirty water.

When water is left to settle, it can cause issues such as legionnaires disease, which is one of the reasons that commercial shower facilities and swimming pools need to be regularly tested to ensure that they do not show signs of the bacteria that causes the illness.

There is a lot more we can do to support developing countries with their access to clean water and to help them remove wastewater and products in a safe way from their homes and communities. By doing this, we will help to improve their health and wellbeing and reduce the instance of outbreaks of waterborne illnesses. In some cases in these developing countries, a stomach bug that we might fight off with a couple of days rest and fluids can be fatal for the elderly, young children and expectant mothers.

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