What is compression moulding?

Compression moulding is the process by which products are created by heating a raw material until it becomes pliable and placing it into a mould. There, it is subjected to pressure whilst it cools and hardens into the desired shape.

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Why choose compression moulding

Compression moulding is often used for the production of medical devices, rubbers and other composite materials. It is a fast and reliable process that results in a strong, durable and repeatable output. Often, materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polycarbonates are used as they are readily heated, manipulated and hold their shape well once cooled.

Compression moulding takes longer than injection moulding and critics suggest that imperfections in the finished product are more likely. However, this reasonably priced process is very accessible, does not require large amounts of specialist equipment or tooling and is therefore as suitable for the DIY-er as it is for the expert.

Whether you are looking to take up compression moulding as a hobby, or on an industrial basis, it is heartening to know that many businesses such as www.meadex.co.uk/rubber-moulding/ choose this process to deliver flame retardant, water and food safe products that comply with all applicable regulations and standards. This highly versatile process is well-suited to a variety of industries and applications. When performed to rigorous quality standards, it is hard to beat.

In opting for rubber moulding UK firms are recognising its ability to deliver a high quality, repeatable outcome. It is unsurprising that more individuals and businesses are utilising this process to develop and produce a wide range of items, from medical supplies and food processing seals, right through to vehicular diaphragms and o-rings.

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Compression moulding offers an affordable solution to mass production, making it the ideal solution for new or upscaling businesses that are looking to develop their product more quickly in order to meet demand or satisfy orders.

Choosing a specialist

If you intend to outsource your compression moulding needs to a specialist business, you should select one that has experience in your particular field, is readily accessible and has the flexibility to adapt its processes and timescales to support your business to achieve its aims. You can learn a lot about companies by checking their online reviews or seeking word of mouth recommendations but, as with any decision, you should also trust your instincts when making contact.

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