The importance of social media marketing

Social media marketing has become an important platform to help bring in new business to many companies with the platforms providing a potential market of millions of people. Many industries are now trying out social media marketing to see how they get on and one that has seen a large rise in website traffic since doing so is UK casinos accepting credit cards with many other news options that are also seeing a positive impact from social media marketing.

How to send relevant emails? Thanks to segmentation!

The mailing list should no longer be conceived as an indistinct set of email addresses, but as a composite system, layered inside, constantly evolving.

The Email Marketing has evolved, as well as the approach has evolved mailing list , no longer regarded as a fuzzy set of email addresses, but as a composite system, laminated on the inside, constantly evolving.

Consumers have high expectations for customer service in social networks

Social networks have become a very important part of life of consumers. This statement, often repeated in all articles analyzing how social networks have changed the lives of consumers and how they have changed the structures of social relationship, is not, however repeated less valid or less necessary to remember. Social networks have had a direct effect on consumers and what they say and do. Now we share everything, we mean everything and we all, or so it seems, and above all, we hope that the conversations and relationships are different. We assume that our friends share photos virtually anything on social networks and we assume also that brands will be there all the time waiting to receive our messages and decided to respond.

And that’s where a stress point is created (and one very high) between brands and consumers. Some do one thing, but others expect much more from them. Or what is the same: the expectations placed on what will happen on social networks are very high (at the end of the day, have introduced elements as immediate and speed everyday consumer) while what happens is quite far from that reality (the brands are not able to be so immediate and so fast).

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