The 4 Most Popular CMS – All You Need To Know About Content Management Systems

In the last 8 years the CMS market has become lavish in a multitude of solutions (there are CMS that we have not been able to mention before like the excellent Traffic, Good Barry, Pligg, Mambo, Typo3, Plone, Drupal, Expression Engine, and a huge etcetera ) Although the essence is the same. But what exactly is a CMS?

Web design, Customer Questionnaire

I will explain why I did this questionnaire web design : once, when dealing with a new customer, we happened several times that he did not know how to explain what kind of website they want us to design them . It is very typical that we say, “I want you to me you design a website that: Exit the logo of my company on the cover, which has the logo of Facebook and Twitter, to leave all my company information and contact details …

soap 2 day