4 Issues That Are Preventing Your Site From Generating More Leads And Selling More

4 Issues That Are Preventing Your Site From Generating More Leads And Selling More

The traditional shopping cycle has changed. In the old days, the seller ended up controlling all this process, especially because of the difficulty of finding a lot of information about a product or service without interacting with someone from the company. But it does not happen that way anymore. Much of the purchase decision is made even before contacting the company.

This is mainly due to the amount of information available on the internet and the proactivity of the users themselves, who are already looking for information before talking to salespeople to ask more specific questions.

Therefore, more than ever, the company’s website plays a vendor role, especially in more complex selling products (such as service providers). In such cases, the customer must first study the real need for the solution, the benefits it may have, how much energy it would need to apply to get good results, etc.

A good site can stimulate interest in potential buyers in your company / solution and get them to “tell you” that.

4 Issues That Are Preventing Your Site From Generating More Leads And Selling MoreGenerating more leads with your site

Regardless of how your site is today, know that you can generate more leads for it. The difference is that in some cases, small changes can make a big difference, and in other cases, more energy is needed to get the same results.

Let’s imagine the following: an accounting office has a website and receives a thousand visits per month. Within the site it has a “Contact Us” area, and through that area, it receives 10 messages per month from potential customers.

That is, it has a conversion rate of 1%.

For this office to be able to receive more of these messages from potential customers per month, there are basically 2 ways to do this. The first: it can simply invest in increasing the number of visitors (from one thousand to 2 thousand hits for example). Theoretically you will start receiving about 20 messages per month.

The challenge is that it is not so simple and not so cheap to double the amount of access from day to night (option 1).

The second option is not to worry so much about increasing the number of visitors, but rather optimizing the site to start making better use of the visitors you already have. That is, it is working on the website and creating new devices to increase the conversion number from 10 to 20 messages per month. This is usually a much cheaper way to start generating more leads and sales.

4 Issues That Are Preventing Your Site From Generating More Leads And Selling MoreConversion rate

The work of optimization itself is somewhat complex and to be well done requires a series of tests and statistical analyzes. However, there are some indisputably useful good practices that already greatly improve the performance of your site.

We’ve made a list of 4 issues you may have on your site that are preventing you from generating more leads and selling more.

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Problem 1 – Few contact points on the site

Most sites have only one way of potential customer contacting the company. It is usually an area such as “Contact” or “Contact Us”. This can make life difficult for the visitor, who will need to take a bigger route to get to you. As it is interesting that the visitors contact you, it is important to simplify these steps as much as possible.

For this, it is essential to put other call-to-action throughout your site and encourage contact with you in different ways: budget request, get in touch to ask questions about a particular subject, see demo, request a test, contact More general, etc. In this post we teach to call-to-action easily in Power Point.

For example: in this case we have some contact options. This way we have been able to attract visitors with very different interests – free trial, see software demonstration or take a free trial. In addition, we also have the area of ​​talk with us plus a series of calls-to-action throughout the site.

Sample RD Station Website We put on the RD Station website (our marketing automation software) 3 different ways to contact us.

Issue 2 – Not having content on your site

In more complex selling products and services (such as hiring an accounting firm or a consulting firm, for example), the visitor is not only looking for a price, but a company that solves their problem of truth.

That’s why he starts to research a lot about the solutions he has found. By having content on your site, you can trap the visitor through education on the subject and gain more trust from him. This moment is ideal to make small and subtle insertions throughout the texts, encouraging readers to contact you, ask for a quote, ask a question, etc. This ends up increasing site conversion rates.

This content can be done through a corporate blog or at least through some articles on the site.

Important:  content should not be about your company itself or just news from the industry, but about the problem that your company solves. For example, the accounting office we gave the example at the beginning of the post could write about “how to register company” or “what is needed to change counter”. In this way, it helps those who are with this problem, and at the same time it is one of the solutions to help in this process.

In addition to this issue, content today has a very important role for a good positioning in search engines. This can even indirectly increase the number of site visitors. We talked more about the benefits of content production in this post.

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Templum website example

In the case of the image, Templum invested in producing enough educational content on their product (sales of consultancies in ISO standards).

4 Issues That Are Preventing Your Site From Generating More Leads And Selling MoreProblem 3 – Have Direct Conversions Only

Undoubtedly, the best Leads are those who already look for the company with a very clear demand and already wanting to hire. These are what we call direct conversions (contacts, budget requests, testing of a tool, etc.). However, the share of Leads with this profile and interest is certainly very small compared to the total number of visitors.

In practice, most visitors have not yet decided whether to actually invest in solving that problem at the moment or have not yet been able to identify very well what the solution to their problem is. So if you focus only on the public already in the final stage of the shopping cycle, you will be wasting a huge amount of potential customers.

The ideal in such cases is to insert one more step, something less objective. That is, start attracting and also talking to those who are in the process of finding out they have a problem and what is the solution to that problem. If you help the Leads in this process, you can greatly increase the number of opportunities for sale.

This additional step can be done through content (eBook, mini-course, and guide) to serve as bait for visitors. You offer this free content in exchange for visitor information such as name, email and other information relevant to you. Addressing this Lead in the future will be easier because it already knows your material and in a way has already demonstrated that it has some need in the subject that you work.

To summarize: While the office was only related to the 10 visitors who sent the message, the idea now is to get the office to get in touch with more visitors who are interested in your content. These new visitors are not as prepared and determined by the purchase as those who have contacted you, but you can filter and greatly increase your potential to generate more sales.

This is done here in the Digital Results itself through our free content.

Problem 4 – Take campaigns to the home of the site

Many companies have already done or intend to do paid advertising campaigns like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. This really is a great way to get visitors to almost immediately get to your site.

However, companies often make a very common mistake: capturing the ad (making it attractive) but not worrying about the destination URL of that ad (ie, where you’re going to send the visitor). When this is done, you are causing the user to have to figure out the path within the site to find the information they are looking for. And that ends up causing you to lose efficiency in the ads.

The best option is to send the visitor to a page that has exactly what it is looking for and that has perfect relationship with the ad. Usually for a product page, service or even an article on the site explaining something. This type of improvement usually generates much more results than simply sending the user to the main page.

If you want to know more about how to make a good adwords ad, take a look at our post:   How to create a good ad in Google Adwords.

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These are 4 extremely basic but very common mistakes to be seen. When doing a work to improve these 4 points, you will notice very significant changes both in the number of more direct contacts and in the possibility of new clients.

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