How To Engage In Bloggers Communities

How To Engage In Bloggers Communities

It should be noted that blogs, until recently, were only considered an online platform that could be used as a digital personal diary by Internet users. With its growing popularity, the focus of users has changed.

Given the increase in the acceptance of blogs as a serious business, many brands have taken advantage of this platform for various communication purposes. Taking the popularity of blogs into consideration, brands are also taking advantage of space as an integral part of their marketing activities.

Next we will indicate several aspects that brands should keep in mind when associating with bloggers for different marketing initiatives:

How To Engage In Bloggers CommunitiesCreate interest groups

The main objective of brands is to select the right type of blogs in their media plans. Once you have selected the blogs on which you are going to advertise, it is important to generate interest groups together with the authors of the page. This will bring two things; in the first place, brands will create a niche presence in a social network that is already very busy. Second, and most importantly, this will help brands get focused results.

The ‘Meet ups’ work better

Many restaurants and food advertisers are betting highly on blogger encounters. An interesting example of this would be the latest campaign that Philips India led to promote its Philips Saeco Poemia Coffee Machine.

The brand partnered with a renowned food blogger, Kalyan Karmakar , for a couple of activities in social media. He also led a camp where he talked about the world of coffee and much more. These meetings not only create networking opportunities, but also bring productive results.

How To Engage In Bloggers CommunitiesCreative freedom is necessary

Brands must look for ways in which bloggers can have creative freedom, and not be dictated as to what they should write.

Focus on the generation of content of interest

The biggest advantage of associating with a blog is the opportunity to create rich content. Brands should stop looking for just one review post by bloggers. There are several ways in which brands can place their trust in them for interesting content associations that may be beyond the text.

How To Engage In Bloggers CommunitiesIntegrate with social networks

Brands must understand that it is very important to integrate each of their marketing campaigns with social networks. Nowadays, even if brands seek to create niche content, it is necessary to make noise about it, not only for public relations purposes, but also to strengthen its digital presence.

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