Tips for hiring your first virtual assistant

So, you have made the important decision to hire a remote worker who you can delegate work to? How do you go about making that first step and hiring your first virtual assistant? Here are some tips:

What do you need?

Firstly, consider what tasks you need help with as fine tuning will enable you to communicate more clearly. Generally, a virtual assistant can help with tasks like diary management, administration, accounting, marketing, research, project management and customer service, for example. Find out more about working with a Remote PA by visiting Get Ahead VA.

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Define the position

Think about when you will want the assistant to be available to you and also what kind of budget you have. Will the Remote PA need any training? Are there specific policies they will need to adhere to? It’s helpful to have this information set down for both parties from the beginning.


Before they begin work, you need to ensure they have access to all the tools for them to be able to complete the tasks. You may need to provide access to software, email accounts, databases, cloud accounts and processes.

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For a healthy and beneficial working partnership, it’s important to trust your VA and have faith in their abilities. Micromanaging them will hinder this relationship. They will require a degree of freedom to work to their best ability and regular communication, appreciation and trust will go a long way towards making this a fruitful partnership for both parties.

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