5 Benefits Of Video Games For Children

5 Benefits Of Video Games For Children

If you have children, it is likely that more than once you have asked what the benefits of video games for children and what kind of advantages they offer to the children of the house.

Something that is not surprising because there are many children and young people who enjoy investing part of their free time in deciphering enigmas, solving puzzles and discovering paths that allow them to pass the screen; some actions that must be carried out in a wide variety of video games.It is important to keep in mind, however, that if you want your children to be able to take advantage of the benefits of video games for children, it will be essential that they put aside pastimes that include scenes of violence and that they dedicate a maximum of two or three hours a week to this entertainment.It should also be noted that the kids must also combine the use of consoles and computers with exercise, outdoor activities and meetings with friends to enjoy excellent physical and mental health.

And do not forget that physical exercise improves mental health.5 Benefits Of Video Games For Children

Benefits of video games for children

On this occasion, we want to explain what some of the main benefits of video games are for children so that you can know the positive side of this activity that the little ones like so much.

They allow learning by playing

Luckily, more and more companies and entrepreneurs are encouraged to launch video games to stimulate learning.A game to learn English available for free through the computer, the tablet and the mobile phone that is full of color and that motivates the children to know the Anglo-Saxon language.

How? Through an epic adventure where children become protagonists and in charge of rescuing the Kidus, sweet and endearing beings who live in the kingdom and who have been kidnapped by evil beings called Shadows.And, in this beautiful world, wisdom grants magical powers and that’s why the Kidus learn new things day by day. The Shadows, on the other hand, do not want to study and have kidnapped the Kidus in order to seize all their knowledge.

To free them, players must learn the meaning and pronunciation of a multitude of words in English, as they can only save the friendly Kidus by challenging themselves in duels of wisdom in the English language with the Shadows.

We are, therefore, before a video game that encourages children to learn English while playing, which also gives them the opportunity to have a great time in their spare time.

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Improve coordination

Video games are not only perceived by sight but also by touch because the children must use the control, the fingers or the keyboard to take the characters to the right place.

That is why another of the benefits of video games is focused on improving coordination by making children use their eyes and hands at the same time.5 Benefits Of Video Games For Children

Help children sleep better and have fewer nightmares

Although it may seem strange, video games also have the power to improve the sleep of young and old and to help them sleep beautifully every night.This has been demonstrated by Jayne Gackenbach, a writer, and researcher who has focused on the study of the dreams of players and non-players.

His research revealed that people who played video games slept better and had more lucid dreams, that is, dreams where the person who is sleeping knows that he is dreaming and is able to influence the course of sleep, something very similar to controlling movements and actions of a video game character.

It should also be noted that the studies carried out by the researcher Jayne Gackenbach have also shown that people who use video games have fewer nightmares than those who completely ignore them.

Improve reflections

There are many video games in which the player must be very attentive to what happens in order to react quickly to any unforeseen event.That’s why we can say that improving reflexes, concentration and attention span is another benefit of video games for children (and also for adults).5 Benefits Of Video Games For Children

Stimulate memory

In the blog we have given you, on some occasions, several tricks to improve memory; some tips that the little ones can combine with the use of video games.The reason? That this type of hobbies also favor the proper functioning of the areas of the brain related to memories, since players must “record” in their mind endless routes, dialogues, passwords and places to solve the mysteries involved in the adventure.That is why video games can also become excellent tools to prevent mental degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

Do not forget that, if you want your children or students to make the most of the benefits of video games for children, it will be important that they do not spend more than two or three hours a week on these types of hobbies.

In addition, it will also be essential to combine this activity with physical exercise and hobbies that lead them to be surrounded by a multitude of friends.

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