I Do Not Care If Someone Deserts From The Classroom

I Do Not Care If Someone Deserts From The Classroom

About twelve years ago I became quite friendly with a “partner” who had been a consultant for five years in Via Augusta. Yes, for those of you who do not know it, Via Augusta is where the secret services of the Departament of Education were located – yes, then it was still called Education before it was changed by teaching. A site from which the plans for the distribution of computer equipment for School 2.0 were designed and, of course, certain infrastructures and services closely related to ICTs were generated, which, in commissions, should have rented a real pasture because, the costs of Certain things, even to this day still surprise me when I look back. But no, I was not going to talk about squandering public resources or mismanagement of them.

I Do Not Care If Someone Deserts From The Classroom Let us return to the initial argument. A friend who still is still, although sometimes it is a dissimulation, he told me at the time that he wanted to go back to the classroom. The reality is that, oddly enough, twelve years later he continues to perform tasks without having stepped on them again and, because of what he has left in the convent, he feels that he is never going to step on them again. No, it’s not his fault. It is a very thoughtful decision with the pillow, which contributes more to the professional level than to give class and, of course, allowed by the educational administration. Of course, he is very clear that he will never give advice to those in the classroom. And yes, he tells me very clearly … “I have lost all contact with the same to know what is happening and, that is why I would not think of it, as it happens to some of my colleagues who decades ago left them and that, Have managed to remain in the position wading certain political cleansing of the same, now they are dedicated to pontifical about what to do and how to do it. Something that sincerely honors him. Perhaps for that and for many other things it is still someone I usually ask for advice when I have to talk to someone about more technical issues. He is no longer a teacher; he is a very good technician. And, frankly, I’m glad for him.

I Do Not Care If Someone Deserts From The Classroom Another very different question is those who, without having returned to the classroom after being extended in certain “liberated” positions (ie trade unions, consultancies or other endless places for vegetation or other work), forced to return to the classroom on time (Yes, to the minimum that they can resume their distance from teaching) live to pontificate about what we should do in the classroom, manage our training models and are completely isolated from reality. The reality is not to step on a center to give lectures or courses. The reality is to step in a classroom with heterogeneous students, with problems and live in a Cloister where, at any moment, there is some situation to go. That is teaching. That is what allows us to speak, properly – always limited to our own experience –

I Do Not Care If Someone Deserts From The Classroom I have long since ceased to worry about the deserters of the classroom, some archaically called by some very little innovators (my irony), deserters of chalk. It has been a long time since I have cared about your perorates or experiences of expertise. What I am worried about is the stellar appearance of some of those who, walking in the classroom on few occasions and because they have no choice, tries to impose methodologies or tactics so that I can manage my classroom better.

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No, I do not. They do not know what they are talking about because, if they ever knew about it, they have long since forgotten it. That is why they cause me some rejection these characters. Of course, as I said at the beginning, there are some who have very clear their place, have deserted the classroom with all its consequences and,

I Do Not Care If Someone Deserts From The Classroom The problem has never been the deserting of the classroom. The problem has been the belief on the part of some who have not deserted, educational administrations and too many means of communication, that the previous ones are great professionals of the teaching. And when those deserters are those who sell the above … without comments.

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