The 4 Best Apps to Help You Study and Stay Organized

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If you’re in school, college, or chasing a different kind of qualification, you’ll understand how difficult studying may be. Sitting for hours on end and absorbing information can be both tedious and exhausting so having a few tools on hand might be useful, and you might want to avoid robby riches casino for the meantime.

This is where study apps can be helpful. So, which apps can you use to help you study and get organized?

Study Smarter

Study Smarter is an amazing app for anyone looking for study resources or who wants to create their own unique study sets. Study Smarter allows you to search for study flashcards generated by your college or other institution, as well as any relevant flashcards created by other institutions that may aid you.

You can also create your own study sets with flashcards and documents, giving you a personalized resource to refer to whenever you need to review something. Study Smarter keeps track of how many consecutive days you’ve spent studying and even shows you which relevant companies are hiring.

The premium version of Study Smarter is available through a paid subscription or by inviting friends to the app. The premium version of the app allows you to study offline and avoid adverts, although the majority of its features are available in the free, standard version. You can try playing games from real money casinos in Australia in your free time or leisure.


If you’re having trouble finding documents to study with or reference all of your sources properly when writing a paper, StuDocu may be of assistance. This app has a large database of books, lecture materials, summaries, and tutorial work from which you can enrich your knowledge or supplement your essays. Simply use the app’s search bar to access a variety of resources in your field.

StuDocu recommends documents that are relevant to your field of study and allows you to favourite documents that you wish to come back to later. The app is particularly bountiful with resources on law, so you’re in luck if this is what you’re currently studying!


Brainly also includes a useful database of textbooks covering a variety of mathematical topics, such as algebra, trigonometry, and statistics, with activities to help you become more comfortable with what you need to know.

The premium version of the app allows you to communicate directly with a tutor and removes all ads. If you sign up for an annual subscription, this can cost as little as $8 per month, but you’ll be fine with the app’s standard version if you’re not looking for direct help with your work.


Do you find it difficult to focus for more than five or ten minutes at a time? Milki can assist you with this. Using the groundbreaking Pomodoro Method, the Milki app is meant to offer you timed study windows of 25 minutes, followed by a five-minute break. However, you can change your studies and break windows to make them shorter or longer.

Milki also allows you to see your study window history to see how far you’ve come, and it provides three options for categorizing your windows (Study, Side Project, and Life). By completing more study windows, you can even gain access to other features such as the app’s leaderboard.

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