15 Tips To Save Gas On Your Travels

15 Tips To Save Gas On Your Travels

The holidays arrive, and are already expensive enough to be spending a lot of money. What can you do to spend less? Keep reading and we’ll give you the best 15 tricks to save gas.

Before leaving:

Believe it or not, pre-trip events can save you a few euros in the long run, thanks:

  • If you travel on the weekend, leave the deposit full the previous days: The price of gas goes up a lot at the weekend and usually goes down on Tuesday or Wednesday, so you can save money by filling the deposit one of the key days.15 Tips To Save Gas On Your Travels
  • Go to gas stations with a lot of customers: The continuous activity of a gas station supposes its continuous recharge; therefore this gasoline will be fresh and recent, which can make more efficient the same.
  • Avoid road stations whenever possible, they are much more expensive than those in town.
  • Do not overload the vehicle: We know that in the summer cars go to the top of things, but surely many of them are not necessary. Evaluate your luggage and reduce your weight, your pocket will thank you. In addition, the use of elements such as the roof rack increases the normal consumption of gasoline up to 30%.
  • Compensates loads: Carrying a lot of weight on one side of the vehicle, and little on another not only will make us consume more gas, but will cause our car to decompose and have more wear on that side, which can generate problems in the future.15 Tips To Save Gas On Your Travels
  • Plan the trip: If you have clear the route will be more difficult to make you wrong and lose minutes (and gasoline) taking a detour to return to the road that you left unintentionally.
  • Check your car a few days before: If the tires are deflated will produce more friction and will consume more gasoline. They will also be less secure, so it’s worth checking for both reasons.
  • Compare the price of gas at nearby gas stations, for this there are applications “Gas All” types that tell you the price of gas stations around you. It will be helpful and save you money.15 Tips To Save Gas On Your Travels

During the trip

  • Driving is essential to save money, a quiet and non-aggressive driving will save you money without stopping, and it will also be safer than a quick and abrupt one.
  • Start without stepping on the accelerator and if you are going to be more than one minute stopped, turn it off. An inactive engine consumes fuel, if we also have air, it will consume even more.
  • Use the motor brake on slopes: With a gear, if you do not step on the accelerator, it will not consume fuel and can help you to reduce the speed without stepping on the brake, while saving gasoline by removing the dead center, which would spend about 0.7 liters per hour.
  • Try to drive in long marches: The gasoline injection that produces the first gear is much bigger than the last one, so the less time you take in short gears, the lower your gas mileage.
  • Air or windows lowered? In city and low speeds, open the window and turn off the air. On the road, you drive with the windows up and the air around 22-23 degrees, because if you do not do the resistance of the air that enters them will make more “effort” your car and will incur a considerable extra expense.
  • Drive smoothly and evenly: Maintaining the speed helps a lot of gas consumption, however, the accelerations and brakes will not only make you refuel soon but also wear your brakes quickly. The most efficient and safe is to drive at even speeds (100-110 km / h).Tricks save gas.15 Tips To Save Gas On Your Travels

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When arriving at your destination

  • Obviously, the less you take the car: the less you consume. Take advantage of the summer to take long walks, to walk everywhere and to do some exercise, thus compensate the beer and the tap, and also save fuel when not using the car.
  • Park in the shade whenever you can: The summer heat and humidity will make it easier to evaporate gasoline. Keeping your car cool will reduce that fuel loss.

We hope you are served these 15 tips, your fast microcredit provider, and enjoy a wonderful vacation.

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