Advantages Of Being Financially Free

Advantages Of Being Financially Free

How many months could you live without reducing your spending level if you left the job today? To answer the question is enough to do a few calculations, but surely you already have an approximate figure in mind. The answer will give you the measure of your financial freedom, which is your security cushion to face unforeseen or to make relevant decisions in your life such as starting a business or seeking a professional change.

When your financial freedom is small, just six months, your safety net so is and any unforeseen can mean the difference between having or not having money to maintain your standard of living or having to change drastically. The pressure of not having financial freedom is huge and limits your ability to act. If you throw yourself and you are wrong, if they throw you out of the company or if you have any problems, your finances will not be able to withstand the challenge and you always live with the fear of “And if …”.Advantages Of Being Financially Free

Things change when your financial freedom is several years old. The pressure wanes and you are freer. But do not confuse financial freedom with having lots of money. Financial freedom goes further. The money will allow you to buy things like one or several houses, range cars, and even yachts or private jets. But when you buy and you have many things you also have many expenses associated with your life train. That’s why there are so many celebrities who make a lot of money but who also have big financial problems and big debts. Think of Michael Jackson or the elite sportsmen who went bankrupt despite making big fortunes during his career.

The Advantages of Financial Freedom

Being financially free is better than having a lot of money because it means having the freedom to choose, to make, to decide … These are the ten great advantages of having financial freedom.

You work on what you like

We spend at work half the day, almost more time than at home if we add the displacements and subtract the hours of sleep, and their impact on our life and perception of happiness is enormous. Even so, many continue to reluctantly, forced by the need to collect a salary at the end of the month and with the fear of being fired. When you have the financial freedom the thing is quite different.

As you know you have a financial cushion can work only on what you like and you’re not obliged to say yes to all projects or jobs that have you. In other words, you become more selective because your finances allow you to be so and you are also more aware of the jobs that you really like because you can stop to think about it. Work ceases to be an obligation and becomes a motivating element.

Here you can see the case of Marta Larrea, who has been able to follow her entrepreneurial dream thanks to the Financial Freedom.Advantages Of Being Financially Free

You enjoy more professional success

When you have financial freedom you are more yourself and less your fears and more proactive in working rest because you’re not thinking about what can happen if you mess up or please your boss, but do the best you know and give the best of yourself. Even if you are your own boss you will see how your ideas flow more and better.

You live where you want

When you have financial freedom fear of change disappears. If you have the opportunity to travel to another country for work you can do it because you have a safety net that guarantees your decisions. You have the margin of error and you are free to try. Your current job does not determine where you should live.

In addition, as you live the quieter, you have a better view of your true needs in terms of housing. In other words, you are able to really know what you have to live in one place or another. Juan Rodriguez, for example, bought a house far from the capital, in a region cheaper than Madrid, as a formula to increase his financial freedom and to be able to move there if it were necessary. You can see their history and know your way to financial freedom.

You do not have stress or fear of losing your job

When you have financial freedom you depend on your work and this is an added burden that can weigh as a slab. If you lose your job or the company closes you will have little margin to fix things and soon you will see everything very black.

When your financial freedom is several years, you know that you have the time to search and even to train and change sectors. In other words, that fear disappears.

You can launch into your dreams

Embark, take a sabbatical to find yourself, change the professional sector … Financial freedom allows you to pursue your dreams and look for what really matters to you in life.Advantages Of Being Financially Free

Are you insured for a golden retirement?

Having financial freedom means being able to maintain your standard of living without income and this also affects retirement. You can build the retirement of your dreams because you know exactly what you need and because you are walking part of that path with each day of freedom that you continue to gain.

You can take vacations when you choose

Financial freedom allows you to disconnect from work at any time and do it as you like. If you need a gap year, you can have it.

The trust that your security network gives you is also transferred to a professional and professional level.

You never suffer money problems

Having financial freedom is much more than having money, this is no longer a problem. You no longer have to look at your checking account because you know what your financial mattress is, but also the slab that can mean not having control of your finances.

Ensure the future of your children

If you have done your calculations well, your children will be part of your financial freedom and will be able to study how and where they choose. You can give them the best education and make sure they have all the alternatives open.

But the most important thing is that they have lived with a healthy and sustainable money management model where capital is not an end, but a means and where there is no place for over-indebtedness, among other things.

You enjoy life more

In the end, financial freedom cuts short the fears related to money and without this worry in your mind, you can focus on what you really like and what you care about. The effect is that you enjoy life more because you are not thinking about money or what it will be in economic terms. If your mind is free to dream, so is it to be happy.

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