The Hospitality Sector and why some choose to diversify and work with specialist Business Finance Professionals during the Covid Pandemic

At the end of 2019 the first reports of a new deadly disease were beginning to circulate and by the 11th of March 2020 Covid-19 was declared a Pandemic!  The United Kingdom alongside the rest of the World was advised to stay at home and isolate and all Hospitality Venues were told to close their doors to their loyal customers.  The World was in a state of shock and disbelief as thousands of vulnerable people succumbed to the deadly disease. Having to shut their doors to customers meant the Hospitality Sector had to diversify and many who managed to survive choose to work with bespoke Business Finance Professionals such as who specialise in sourcing Finance For Pubs.

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Having a trusted, experienced Financial expert to source an unsecured loan for their hospitality venue during these extremely difficult times gave these businesses Peace of Mind and stability throughout the bleak years of Covid. Many took their Brands on-line and set up take-away stations from the back doors of their Pubs.  Some managed to take their businesses outdoors and keep customers at the allowed 2m distance whilst their staff wore protective masks.

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New slogans were brought in by the Government to try and remind everyone to stay safe, “Hands, Face, Space” became the mantra for many venues that tried to maintain some normality as the Worldwide Vaccination programme began.

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