What Is The Best Workspace For A Freelance?

What Is The Best Workspace For A Freelance

More and more workers are betting on having their own business and establishing themselves as self-employed. As the beginnings of all autonomous are hard, one of the questions that are most insistently made when it comes to a business plan is: where is better to work? Answering this question is not an easy question and it opens up three aspects: do it from home, do it in an office or look for a shared site or, as it is now known, a coworking.

What Is The Best Workspace For A FreelanceHome or office?

Many freelancers choose as one of the first options to work from home. It is a good alternative because it is cheap and because thanks to it you have it easier to reconcile professional and personal life. However, things are not what they seem. And it is that living enclosed between the four walls that are at the same time your home and your work center can become annoying when you discover things that until now in your daily life you have not noticed: annoying noises, doors that open, Neighbors who argue on the landing, works … and you add that in your house you cannot receive customers, unless you intend to offer a very familiar treatment and have a room suitable to show it as if it were your office.

So, the second option is to rent an office. It really is the best of options because it gives you an unbeatable image for your client, although it is almost always an unreal option since most self-employed people do not have the necessary means to carry it out. That is why many of them are betting to apply for the right credits. The request of the same is fast and in addition can be done through the Internet, with the advantage that this credit does not have to be with a very high amount. To this we must add that there are few small offices in the market, for one or two positions, and are almost always more expensive than the big offices.

What Is The Best Workspace For A FreelanceCoworking

Is it coworking for you?

The third option is office sharing. In this option we find two variants.

The first is to find a professional from your branch and have the option of renting a space to share expenses and also benefit from a work of collaborators and also exchange knowledge. In addition, if you look at it from the perspective of attracting customers is a very good alternative, since it is possible that if one of you has a client interested in a job, so it can be in the other that is what you are offering.

What Is The Best Workspace For A FreelanceThe second variant is to look for a coworking, a very large office in which you can rent a job temporarily or temporarily with very low costs. Within this rental are some services such as water, electricity, telephone, Internet, use of meeting rooms … In addition, if your activity is compatible with the rest of the coworkers can serve you, just like the previous variant , To attract customers. Of course, it is only suitable for those who are able to work in an environment with a lot of activity because, after all, each one carries a different rhythm and that is necessary to get accustomed.What Is The Best Workspace For A Freelance

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